Two Level Editor Bugs

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Postby MMDE » 2015.11.24 (08:41)

You can get a lot of extra exit switches by trying to place another exit on the spot where an exit already exist. This one can make your game crash, and I'm pretty sure I can upload levels with it that makes people's game crash as well, but this I have not tested. What basically happens is that the switches are messed up. Some open the door, others are already grayed out, one got grayed out and affected the status of another etc. After a couple of tries trying to figure out the logic, to maybe use it to make some kind of puzzle, the game just crashed. I assume they are all switches for the same exit or something strange, and the switches' logic is all messed up.

When you pick up the switch for a trap door or door etc, you can take it outside the screen. Basically, push the stick up and you will see it drop out of the screen on top and if you keep going upwards, you will end up at the bottom. This may be intentional, but it looks very strange, because where the top ends is not where the bottom start and vice versa. EDIT: This only happens when you pick up lock triggers after having initially placed them. I've also ended up outside the border after copy/pasting.

Just though I'd report the bugs, so you guys are aware of 'em! :) Luckily, these two shouldn't be too hard to fix.

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Postby raigan » 2016.02.12 (14:51)

Thanks for letting us know about these! We'll fix them :)

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