PS4 Global Leaderboard crashes post Steam release

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Postby Mike » 2016.08.26 (03:52)


I'm a PS4 player, and was just glancing at some of the global highscores today (it's the day of the Steam release!), when my game crashed. I've not had this issue prior to today and I view those leaderboards a lot, so the issue seems new.

I've tried looking at the global leaderboards several times now and crashes are pretty reliable at the moment. It could just be a very busy server since the steam release, but it might be a bug.

I hope the servers are just very busy because of the steam release, both because the issue will likely die down eventually, and because it indicates the game is doing well on Steam, and this game deserves to do well.

Just reporting here. Congrats on the Steam release Metanet!

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