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(Written by Blizz.)

General Information

Why did you choose black as the base color for the Forums?

The answer to that is twofold - First, because we wanted a change from the old forum's IPB look and to flex the muscle of the new software. Secondly, we wanted to show that we can have a dark forum theme without making the forums look awful. But we have four themes anyway.

So what's with the old forums?

They have been made a read-only archive since the move.

Who is the new Forum Authority?

Right now it just seems to be anyone who is an administrator or global moderator (you can find the complete list by filtering for it in the "Members" list at the top of the page). We also have custom usergroups and local moderators specific to forum sections that need them.

Will my post count from the old forums be transferred?

We won't be matching post count for members of the old forum.

What!? No smilies!?

That's right. No Smilies. Not ever. Text smilies suffice very well. ;)

What kind of warning system will we have?

Warns expire after 40 days from the time they are issued. This does not mean that you can misbehave once every 40 days - Warns are still cumulative. This is to prevent abuse, and also to ease the workload on Moderators. We are still working on the actual warn system, but we will have more information as it becomes available.

Why no subforums?

We wanted to clean up the complexity of the old forums and implement something more intuitive and much easier for members new and old to understand.

Can I change my username?

Generally, no; please contact an admin about a change.

Why are we moving?

Well, for a lot of reasons: Mostly because we are tired of Forumer and we want something new, more secure, more professional, and more permanent. After the Tetris Takeover, we realized how unsecured Forumer's forums really are, and how someone could damage or destroy the community with ease, and we needed a change.

Secondly, we've wanted to update the forum software with our own features, and with our own forums, we can do that much more easily. We also want the ability to back up the forum data, as well as a number of other features that we're reticent to tell you guys about!

The Forums

You may notice that we've got some new forum organization, and a bunch of new forums. We have four categories now; Community, Metanet, N, and N+. We've moved Community to the top because, well... The community is huge around here. We come here because of the community, and we wanted to bring it to the forefront. Within the Community category, we've put the following forums;

News - Where all community news will be posted. This is no longer a Metanet-specific category - All big news in the community will go here.

Community Projects - Anything the community is working on will go here. This would include things such as Nreality, Legacy, The Dronies, Space Pimp, The Metanet Orchestra, and any fan programs. This forum is made up of the old Fan Programs forum, The Legacy, Nreality, Metanet Orchestra.

Discussion - The Community's General Discussion forum. This is a combination of Off-Topic, This Forum, and General Community.

Debate - The new debate forum. This has replaced Serious Discussion.

Gaming - A place to talk about games, gaming, gaming culture, or big game hunting. Formerly Other Games.

Multimedia - Share and discuss images, artworks, music, and other creative pursuits. A combination of N Webcomics, Images, Music, and Arts.

Fun & Games - A combination of Messageboard Games, Off-Topic, and Tests & Inquiries.

The Metanet Category only has two forums - Discussion and Information. All things relating directly to Metanet go here.

Metanet Discussion - Talk about Metanet, the Company's endeavors, future projects, the blog, or anything else relating directly to Metanet.

Information - A combination of Metanet FAQs, N Help, Developer's Tutorials, N Source Code Speculation, and Suggestions.

The N Category is relatively self-explanatory - It contains forums related specifically to N.

N Discussion - Any general comments about N v1.4 or v1.5 can go here. Formerly General Community.

N Mapping - Share anything about mapping for N, including custom maps, map packs, mapping guides, or anything else relating to mapping. Combination of Custom Levels and Level Packs. - Discuss anything NUMA / here. Formerly NUMA Discussion.

N Contests and High Scores - We've combined the highscores forum with the N Contests Forum - Since both are very competitive, and with Nreality, can go hand-in-hand.

N Troubleshooting - Bug reporting and problems specifically with the game go here. Any glitches, bugs, wonky weirdness, or just plain-crazy things should happen in this forum. A combination of N Help and Troubleshooting.

The N+ Category is specifically used for discussion and help with the X-Box, PSP, and DS versions of N+.

N+ Discussion - Anything relating to the X-Box, PSP, or DS versions of N+ go here. Formerly the N+ forum.

N+ Projects - A place to present any project, map, or pack relating to N+. Formerly X-Box Custom Levels.

N+ Troubleshooting - Having problems with N+? This is where you bring all concerns, bugs, glitches, and issues. Formerly X-Box Help.

Polls & Posting


Polls here are a bit different than on the old Forums. Here, you can choose to have anywhere up to 20 poll options in a given poll. But more importantly than that, you can edit the number of poll choices that voters can choose. Also, you can now choose a particular time frame for the poll to run. And finally, you can now enable re-voting, wherein users can change their votes!


Those of you who are forum veterans will recognize most of the posting options we have here at the new forums. But we have some new ones to tell you about! The coolest thing about these new forums is the ability to highlight a portion of text and simply click upon the tag you want to apply to it, instead of adding the tag to the end of your available text, like Forumer did. There is a 100,000 character limit on what you can post, which is about 30-35 pages of text in a word document. This limit may be raised or lowered as needed.

Flash - The Flash tags are something new to these forums. As of right now, the Flash function is disabled for the forums. Here, you can embed Flash video files from a specific URL into your post. With the flash tag, you input the information for the width and height of the flash video (Maximum 400 x 300), followed by the url location of the flash video, as follows:

Code: Select all


Font Sizes - Font sizes have changed! No longer is the range between -7 and positive 19, the ranges now go from 0 to at least 200. Size 0 text will be functionally invisible, just like -7 text was at the old forums. Here are some examples of the new text sizes;

This is tiny text.

This is small text.

This is normal text.

This is large text.

This is huge text.

Borders - You can add bordered text with the border tags. This will encase the bordered text in a colored box, like so;

Bordered text goes inside the box!

Maps - Now we have a function specifically for N map data! No longer will we need to attach text files for individual map data - We can now simply encase the data in the [ map ] [ /map ] tag! Just put the map data right in the middle!

mp3 - You can also embed mp3 data right into your post! Just encase the url in the [ mp3 ] [ /mp3] tags, and the mp3 will appear right in the middle of your post, like so;


NUMA - You can also link easily to NUMA maps, right in your post! just throw down a [ numa ] [ /numa ] tag, and put the map number inside, like so;

Strikethrough - You can also strike text through with the [ s ] [ /s ] tags.

Colors - When you post, you'll also notice the color palette on the right-hand side. You can also highlight a portion of text and simply click on the color you want that text to be.

Smilies - Smilies may or may not be coming soon.

Notification - This option will add the topic to your subscribed topics in the User Control Panel (Located at the top-right of each page).

We now also have four options for posting important topics - Normal (For Normal topics), Sticky (Same as pinning at the old forum), Announcement (Which will always stay atop all other topics), and Global (Will be posted as an Announcement at the top of every forum).

Attachments - You can now upload multiple attachments in a single post! The maximum file size is 5 MB per file, but you can attach up to five (5) files per post, as well as two (2) files per private message! Attachments will display on the page in descending order, and images above 800 x 600 will be set as an inline text link to the image instead.

You can also save posts as drafts now! Drafts can be managed and found in your User Control Panel (Located at the top-right of each page). And speaking of the User Control Panel...

The User Control Panel

Subscriptions - You can subscribe to topics that you are interested in. Here, you can see whether there are any new posts in any threads you have subscribed to. From here, you can also unsubscribe from any subscribed topics that you no longer need updates on.

Bookmarks - You can bookmark topics for future reference here. The neat thing about this function is that you don't have to clog up your browser's bookmarks with forum topics, you can simply use the control panel here!

Drafts - Each time you post, if you are unable to finish your post right away, or want to save a copy of the post for later, you can manage all of your finished and unfinished drafts here.

Attachments - Each time you upload a file to the forums, it will be added to your Attachments section in your User Control Panel.

Valid File Extensions wrote:gif, jpeg, jpg, png, tga, tif, tiff
7z, ace, bz2, gtar, gz, rar, tar, tgz, zip
c, cpp, csv, diz, h, hpp, ini, js, log, txt, xml
ai, doc, docm, docx, dot, dotm, dotx, odg, odp, ods, odt, pdf, ppt, pptm, pptx, ps, rtf, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx
swf, wma, wmv
3g2, 3gp, m4a, m4v, mov, mp4, qt
mp3, mpeg, mpg, ogg, ogm


Avatars are the same as they were at the old forum - Maximum avatar size is still 100 x 100 pixels, and 50KB in filesize - and you can either link to an off-site avatar or upload one here. For hosting purposes, we would prefer if you uploaded the images elsewhere, but you certainly can feel free to upload them here if need be.


Signatures have not changed, except that you now have the full color palette and full access to editing options, right there in the User Control Panel!

Private Messaging

Private Messaging has changed a bit too. You have access to the full color palette and full access to editing options within the User Control Panel. Additionally, you can set 'Rules' as to how to deal with your incoming messages. Rules function as indicators for incoming messages - For instance, if you want to put all messages with the word "Bacon" in the subject into a given folder, or want to ignore all messages with the word "princess" somewhere in it, you can set certain rules to dictate what messages you receive and where they go. You can also attach up to two (2) files to each Personal Message (Each up to 5 MB in size)


Groups work a little differently this time around. Groups have much more significance than they ever did before. There are currently four groups: Administrators, Global Moderators, Moderators, and Registered Members. We will be adding more usergroups in the future, including Legacy Elite, MetaNember, Metanet Overlord, and others! You can also be a member of more than one group here, as well as the moderator of your very own group! Once the forums get up and rolling, we will be setting up new groups, some upon request, some out of necessity.

Friends & Foes

Friends enable you quick access to members you communicate with frequently. If the template has relevant support any posts made by a friend may be highlighted. Foes are users which will be ignored by default. Posts by these users will not be fully visible. Personal messages from foes are still permitted. Please note that you cannot ignore moderators or administrators. You can also set your friends and foes in the User Control Panel - You can view your friends' Online and Offline statuses from the User Control Panel, and also manage all of your Friends & Foes from there.

As always, if you guys have any questions whatsoever, feel more than free to ask! Common questions will be added to this FAQ and the Forum FAQ.
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