Map Pack: Lost Memorial

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Postby Conen » 2008.09.30 (16:39)

Lost Memorial

This map pack is dedicated to Losttortuga and all of his outstanding tilesets. This pack consists of 11 maps, all made with Lost's tilesets on NUMA. The Difficulty gradient dips and rises throughout the pack, some are rocket dodgers, some are based around lasers more. Either way, they all properly utilize the tileset.

Here are the Losttortuga tilesets I used:

"Rosetta Stoned" became "Drain Me Up"
Tile Link:
Map Link:
"Plotinus" became "Fear Is For Children"
Tile Link:
Map Link:
"DARK EYES" became "Heartbreaker"
Tile Link:
"WASTE LAND" became "Under The Bridge"
Tile Link:
"Capita X" became "Vital Drop"
Tile link:
"Ramblin' Man" became "The Golden Years"
Tile Link:
Map Link:
"Swing Over On" became "Over The Horizon"
Tile Link:
"Point 1" became "On The Edge"
Tile Link:
"Organika" became "ORGANbiter"
Tile Link:
"Electrolyte" became "Muffled"
Tile Link:
"Conjugate" became "The Messenger"
Tile Link:

If you are interested in more Losttortuga maps, his NUMA profile can be found at:

If you are interested in more of MY maps, my NUMA profile can be found at:

I hope you all enjoy!
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Well, everybody seems to be doin' it, so here are some maps of mine that are worth seeing ^

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Postby fawk » 2008.09.30 (17:44)

I like this!
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