Changing Faces

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Postby rocket_thumped » 2008.10.03 (23:14)

Changing Faces

Well, another map pack from the failed project Horizon. There are about 70 something maps, they aren't arranged in episodes at all, but they are roughly arranged by difficulty level. You may see some maps that are suspiciously similar to some on NUMA, that was planed. I was going to do this contest where you had to guess which maps were based on which, but I decided to drop and I had learned to love those maps too much to take them out of the map pack.

lord_day helped playtest, Templex played some of the maps as well. Homunculus is a birthday map for lord_day and a small thank you for his wonderful playtesting.

Changing Faces.txt
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Postby blackson » 2008.10.04 (03:44)

These are all great levels. Nice little collection.

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Postby TribulatioN » 2008.10.04 (04:06)

I really enjoyed it, very well put together.
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Postby lord_day » 2008.10.04 (11:45)

I also posted on the forums:

'rocket_thumped, I know I play tested, but I still think these are great.'

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Postby KinGAleX » 2008.10.04 (16:21)

Down Down Up: Incredibly fun. Nice theme. 4
First Breath After Come: Great track from a great album. Nice tileset. Pretty boring map. 3
That Water Powers My City: My oh my, are you secretly Maximo? Great map. 4.5
Yankee Coq: Good use of a rocket. Enjoy the two-path style. 4
Are You a Hypnotist?: Another good song from old times. A bit annoying and over-the-top. Solid map. 3.5
Cannonball: Very yahoozy. Like the deceptiveness and use of variety. Very enjoyable. 4.5
Rome: Old-style blue_tetrisy. Nice aesthetic, bit of a new-school stunned laser there, but a bit on the slow side. 3.5
The Hunter: Reminds me of something or someone, can't remember what or who, though. Little boring for me. 3
The Window: kruschian, except for the gold. Again, not overly interesting. 3
Wet Spanish: A bit deceptive, can't say I like that kind of tileset, but it is interesting. 3.5
While in the Grasp of...: Cool tileset. Can't say there was that much to it, though. Deserved a little more complexity. 3
Feels: Cutesy, see what you're going for, appreciate the concept, don't enjoy that kind of map. 3
Fiesta: Looks positively nooby, in an artsy way. Fun and interesting. 4
Salmon Tale: Hey, Maximo's back again! Or Formica. Or even Red_Reamer. Cool. 3.5
The Observer: Maximo eat your heart out. I'm sensing a pattern. Not interesting enough for me. 3
This Map is...: To whom? Funky! 4
Tokyo: Cool imagery. Reminds me of a younger me. Above average map. 4.5
Uniform: Yup, more Maximo. Getting boring. 2.5
What Lies Beneath: Great concept. Okay movie. My aunt was Michelle Pfeiffer's cello tutor. Check out the credits, Rowena Hammill. Very cool map. Never seen anytihng quite like that before. 4.5
Aokigahara: Ooh, this is good lookin'. Plays good too. 4
Captain Nemo and the Prison: Hehe, like the story. Reminds me of me. Except for the drones. I don't do that sort of thing. Good quality. 4
Chris Michaels: Boring. 2.5
Cretaceous Creatures...: Oh yeah, here we go. Fantastic tileset. Fantastic play. Lovely and complex for me. 5
Executioner Blues: Good song, boring map. 2.5
Helter Skelter: Looked bad at first, played like a charm. 4
Northern Whale: Hey, it's formica again. Cute, but a bit formulaic. 3.5
Planet of Ice: Now that's a map I would make, and an album I like. Very fun. 4.5
Rushmore: A bit annoying, but quite well thought out. 3.5
The Man...: Oh hai yahoozy. Eh. 2.5
Antichrist Television Blues: Unassuming, interesting, quirky, different! 4.5
Chimney Sweeps: Sort of an average map I'd expect from an average author. 3
Death of Caesar: Metanetty. Not big on lasers, but used very well. Pretty cool. 3.5
Deja Vu...: Yahoozyy. Pretty boring. 2.5
Doomrider: Metanet + Maximo = Classic but not fantastic. 3
It Was a Rocket: Nice and simple but very fun and a little difficult. 4
Loading... Cash: Ugh. Looks like it's from that period of NUMA I think of as neo-NUMA. Not my style. 2.5
Meat Grinder: Cute and fun and pretty and all things nice. 4
Monolith of the North: Legacyy. Nice thwumps. 3.5
My Fist...: Groooooooovy. Unexpectedly great. 4.5
Never Ever Forget: Neo-NUMA again. 2
Paratrooper...: Boring. 2
The Magic Man: Cool concepts, but a bit annoying. 3.5
Thomas Hart Benton...: Nothing new. 2.5
Every Red Heart...: Nice and long, but not too interesting. Getting a bit sick of a lot of gold and one-ways. 3
Feedbacker: Better than I first thought. Good ideas. 4
Here I Dreamt...: Wanky. 2.5
Horns of a Rabbit: Boring. 2
I R Baboon: Nice shake-up. Good puzzle. Enjoyable. 4.5
Lucid Safari: Yahoozy: 2.5
Silver: Uninteresting. Why would I play this for fun? 2
Supersonic Dracula: Very unstylish. Too Metanetty. 2
Barber of Seville: Neo-NUMA boredom. New tilesets, plox? Samey gameplay. 2.5
Your Points...: Smooth. Classy. Fun. 4
Ending Theme: tktktk here, can I have my map back? Not very interesting style. 3
Glacier: Wanky again. Not into that sort of aesthetic. 2.5
In Mind: Great gameplay, but the tileset was over the top. More effective filled in with clearly fun routes. 3.5
In the Morning...: Ooh, this is fun and sexy and long and all that. COCK
Korosu: Nice clouds, uninteresting otherwise. 2.5
Mannish Boy: Bigblargh's here to join the party. Boooring. 2.5
Oppenheimer: I feel like I've played this before. Needs more jumppads. 3
Orcs: I see what you're going for, but that doesn't make it fun to play. 2
Panda Bear: A bit new-school for me. You kids! 3
Plains of Pagan: More Neo-NUMA, not doing it for me. More variety needed. 2.5
Shapes: Nice concept, let down by boring gameplay. 3.5
The Downward Spiral: I'd call that spiral upward, but that'd be a compliment, and I've not been giving those much. :P 3.5
We Found God...: Great concept. Almost fluid gameplay. 4.5
Into India: Smooth as fuck. Fun as fuck. Looks turd. 4.5
Only as the...: Fun and good-looking but lacking in direction. 4
Port Royal: Greatly flavoured tobacco, somehow not fitting with the map. Nice gameplay, though. 4
Widow: Second best tileset of the pack. Not too interesting a map, but looks grand. 3.5
Wareruride: More like Waterurine. 2
Homunculus: More like tktktk ripoff. Try again. 2.5
Howl: Ooh, now that's well done. Nice thinking. 4.5
L'Via L'Viaquez: MTI-ish, but not as fluid. Pretty fun, though. 4
The Rage of Achilles: Sadly boring end to the pack. 3

Overall, too many boring piddly levels for me, but the standout ones were definitely great maps of themselves. Just wish I saw a rocket_thumped style in here. It's mostly a mixture of other people's styles and a lack of progression. Above average, though, of course, I just think you've got more in you.
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Postby bobaganuesh_2 » 2008.10.05 (04:51)

so far I've played about 15 and L'Via L'Viaquez is my favourite. Great job!!

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Postby rocket_thumped » 2008.10.06 (21:39)

Thanks everyone!

Alex, I think you got stuck on the idea I was emulating someone throughout the pack. I think you would have liked them more had you been able to take the maps for what they were.

I submitted two of these to numa.

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Postby notsteve » 2008.11.24 (04:09)

well i really liked it
im on my way though about halfway done

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Postby spudzalot » 2008.11.24 (04:51)

I have played about 10-15 of these but I just had to tell you that "What Lies Beneath" just blew my mind. Those floorgaurds have to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Im going to play more now.

I just finished the pack and my favorites are Port Royal, Anti-Christ and Howl. And overall I think your mine placement could have been better, the waves and loops have been overdone. And all of these just played so well.

Great pack. :]

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Postby Rikaninja » 2008.11.24 (08:52)

There are many great maps I have found but...
It does get a bit boring having to look at sooooo many maps. But the good ones were really great. I'll have a proper play with them later.

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Postby Tunco » 2009.09.08 (16:40)

I liked the general concept of the pack. But there were some levels that was repetetive, but you used repetetiveness in a good way to player enjoy it. I like this pack, and your maps.


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Postby rocket_thumped » 2009.09.08 (17:34)

Tunco123 wrote:I liked the general concept of the pack. But there were some levels that was repetetive, but you used repetetiveness in a good way to player enjoy it. I like this pack, and your maps.
Thanks Tunco, I was a bit repetitive.

If you don't know what you're doing, you're doing it right.

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