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Postby Minion_of_Pi » 2009.04.10 (16:17)

This is my first mappack. I've spent about a month on this, so I hope you enjoy 10 of the best maps I've ever made.
Feedback of any kind is appreciated. Also, I will submit a few of them to NUMA, depending on which ones people like.
My favorites are MC Squared and Status Quo.
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Postby Amadeus » 2009.04.10 (18:17)

Not a ton of maps. Letsee.
Bigger Fish to Fry: Great map, loved the esthetics, it was themed and original. Two great things about a map. In places however, gold felt a little sloppy. Definitely userleveled, though.
Bridge to Chaos: I like the bb/switch mechanics but the doors themselves seemed sloppy. The 'get a switch to get a switch' idea also felt like a noob trick.
Incomplete Construction: Once again, original and themed. I loved the bbs, the gold, the switches. Userleveled also. It had a great atmosphere and the doors when opened, created a feeling of achievement.
Indifference, Insomniacs Dream, were fillers...perhaps should have been taken out
MC Squared: The poorest of your longer length action maps. It felt like a sloppy short, empty imitation. A 3 tbh.
Multiple Horizons: At first glance, I was disappointed, esthetics seemed lacking in general and the map felt empty. But upon playing, it was mildly fun. Not userleveled however, but fun to play.
Outside Inside, and Rumor has It also felt like fillers. Short, undeveloped, 5mms.
Status Quo was nice. It felt like a good wrapup, as like the first map in the pack, it was themed and original. The tiles/gameplay felt a little like other author's styles, but good nonetheless.

I userleveled Bigger Fish and Incomplete Construction
I'd give a 3 to the fillers, MC Squared
A 5 to Incomplete Con.
A 4 to the rest

It was worth playing through, which is the point, no?
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Postby Minion_of_Pi » 2009.04.10 (18:21)

Though, imo, Insomniac's Dream was fun to find paths for. I can get it with a total of 97.00 seconds with the fastest path I know of.


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