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Postby bugz » 2008.10.31 (13:49)

A 16 map-mappack - the sequel to 'bugz'.

(27.35 KiB) Downloaded 297 times

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Postby 29403 » 2008.10.31 (15:06)

Nice pack.

*Adds this pack to the catalog*
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Postby fingersonthefrets » 2008.11.01 (01:11)

cool :)

i liked this better than the first. This caused me to be a little conflicted though, because the maps i liked best were not really the ones that played best. The thing with your maps is that you often include very cool concepts and ideas and whatever. but it doesn't quite come together, or isn't quite executed well. Often you put too much into one area, although sometimes the hectic-ness was nice, often it also kind of ruined what could of been brilliant. A few of the latter maps were not as inspiring and more generic, which probably overall played better. but. were.. boring.

You got some awesome ideas and things, i think you need to learn to tone it down a bit though :P

Thanks for the ded also :) was cool

my fav level was probably thesis. I loved the start. and the hectic-ness nearly worked in this, but not quite, still a bit too much happening.

anyways. nice :D

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Re: doublebugz

Postby Evil_Sire » 2008.11.01 (18:43)

Dog's bollocks.


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Postby bugz » 2008.11.02 (04:37)

Thanks, everyone, for your comments.

I'll be making another one. =)

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