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Disguise Results

Posted: 2016.10.07 (15:37)
by DaggaFork
Aidiera - Holocrux 3 votes

Really great execution of a map type that rarely is fun. Learning the drone patterns: how to get them to stay where you want them or ensure they don't follow you to a dead end (and your doom) was very entertaining. I (and everyone who commented) really loved this map.

ChrisE - Looper 2 votes

The emptiness of this map is filling. Leaving the player with a massive variety of options was an important key element of this map. I enjoy jumping around in the center section and trying to collect the gold as efficiently as possible. Arona, and everyone else on their first try, thought this was a KRA. I'm glad, however, that it wasn't. Great map.

Sunset - Just Like Heaven 2 votes

I recommend everyone plays this map. It's unique and fun. The flow works well, even if it takes a second to catch on.

Meanapple - 131-4 Inner Flame 1 vote

This map, although it didn't excel in the poll, was also both fun and pretty. The positions of the keys and door are all very stylish. Cool one, MA.

Invalid - yuri 1 vote

This map tricked everyone. I bet most people didn't realize what was going on. Cool idea, too bad it's so unforgiving. I liked this a lot.