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Postby Leonidas » 2013.01.16 (00:39)

What makes a good map in numa is inspiration.

This may be controversial to several elite mappers, but in my opinion it is what numa is about. N maps are made to add on to the original game, to provide a constant stream of additional, complimentary maps. These maps are generally inspired by other previous maps. Then other users can be amazed at the maps, and become inspired. This map, by the well-known lsudny, does just that.
He created a fantastic tileset, and provided some special gameplay. The gold is a perfect challenge for the more experienced players. When you AGD this map, or even just complete it, you will be surprised at how hard you fist-pump instantly.

Here I provide an excellent map by lsudny. Enjoy

From Streetsahead

From elhombredelsombrero (Traveleravi)

From Aidiera

Also from Aidiera

From Traveleravi

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Postby runningninja » 2013.01.31 (18:57)

Too many times I come across a well-designed map, a map of dodges, twists, and turns. A map with fantastic tileset patterns and dozens of nooks and crannies to explore. My black ninja (I suck at N) sprints towards the exit in a frenzy, but the rocket catches up to him and FWOOM. No more ninja.
Back to the beginning.
This is usually where I quit on N for the day.
But Brttrx brings us something different. For this map, he doesn't need to draw our attention with fancy tilesets, well-placed gausses and rockets and drones. He uses twenty mines (yes I counted them) on a basic tileset in the most minimal way possible. Other authors (myself included) stockpile gold in the most dangerous of places, to lure highscores into a world of frustration. He uses seven pieces of gold (I like counting). Seven.
Exploring the places of the map that make your palm sweaty, your blood flow, your adrenaline rush is not a matter of obsessively collecting gold. It's not even a matter of hopelessly trying to beat eddy on the highscores table.
It's because you want to.
It's because N is fun again.
Brttrx has done what all of us make hundreds of maps to try and achieve.
(P.S. read the story if you want to sob)
Ever seen that Geico commercial with the pig leaning out the car window?
Whenever I play this masterpiece by Riobe, that commercial comes to mind. Riobe has used conservation of momentum beautifully (I can't help it if my inner geek comes out) to create a thriller roller coaster ride that is lined with peril at every flight through the air. The freefalls are great!...
Until you find yourself splatted on the grey tiles, or obliterated from existence by one of the seventy-nine mines scattered throughout the map (I really like to count).
So if you think you're skilled at physics and avoiding mines in midair, this is the map for you to play.
If not, why are you playing N at all?
Seriously, why are you here?
Get out. No fun awaits you here.

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