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Postby chocollama » 2011.06.23 (16:20)

Oh man, I hope not! People were really getting into NUMACON!

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Postby otters~1 » 2011.06.23 (17:28)

Tommy wrote:This is dead, I'l assuming?
Why the fuck are you assuming this
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Postby Sunset » 2011.06.26 (08:47)

Nostromo wrote:
Tommy wrote:This is dead, I'l assuming?
Why the fuck are you assuming this
Why aren't you? The admins haven't really done anything with it for a while. :/

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Postby Pheidippides » 2011.06.26 (20:39)

We should have a retile challenge, using a really famous map. Domo-kun FTW? MTI? plue? Bing Bong, Avon Calling?
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Postby lukesv » 2011.06.26 (22:52)

Pheidippides wrote:We should have a retile challenge, using a really famous map. Domo-kun FTW? MTI? plue? Bing Bong, Avon Calling?
I second this.

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Postby squibbles » 2011.06.27 (01:00)

Pheidippides wrote:We should have a retile challenge, using a really famous map. Domo-kun FTW? MTI? plue? Bing Bong, Avon Calling?
Afternoon Dragon Step 04? :D

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I totally just read that as, "I'd hate to be the only black guy stuck using v1.4."

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Postby aids » 2011.07.01 (03:17)

Hey, dibs on MTI. Dave even gave me permission. Also, I'm all for this.


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Postby Zvarri » 2011.08.07 (00:40)

Sorry for bumping an old thread as a first post, but this seems like the best place to ask... What's the deadline for the current (AMAZEUS) competition? I'm probably being a moron but I don't see it mentioned on the site.

edit: just saw that you updated the site, thanks for clarifying!
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Postby chocollama » 2011.08.07 (01:53)

Good to know who the judges are, now I know who I'm sleeping with for the next few nights.

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Postby aids » 2011.09.28 (21:23)

Out of the kindness of my heart and the monotony of my life, I decided to give constructive criticism for the sleepy maps. I was very ticked off when I didn't hear from the judges, and I don't what that to be the case this time. So in the spoiler below you'll find reviews for all of the maps I judged. They are sorted by author name on NUMA.


I really like the lettering. It's a good atmosphere.

Sleepiness: I'd say those tiles are as sleepy as they come. 4.5/5
Gameplay: Laidback. One rocket would have been enough, and the lower bounceblocks didn't feel completely necessary. 3.5/5
Creativity: Nothing too creative. Just a straight-forward mapping approach. 2.5/5 === 3.16/5

That is one scary-looking asteroid.

Sleepiness: In terms of DDA sleepiness, the pacing was spot-on. The launchpad loses a point though. 4/5
Gameplay: Heheh, not applicable. But I will say that I liked how you used thwumps here. 2.5/5
Creativity: Good tiles, good length, but you included mines. 3/5 === 1.83/5

Good-looking map, but the gameplay was lacking.

Sleepiness: I didn't really see any sleepy aspects of this. It was just a map. 0/5
Gameplay: The launchpad trick is one of my favorites, and I liked the thwump placement. 4/5
Creativity: The gold was very poorly placed, and the triggers could have been better. Maybe a floorguard instead of the two launchpads. 1.5/5 === 2/5

Well, at least it was a good looking filler map.

Sleepiness: I couldn't see any sleepy parts to this map. 0/5
Gameplay: Pretty fun, but without the extra drones it would've been great. 2.5/5
Creativity: I liked the back-and-forth, and the tileset is excellent. 3.5/5 === 0.65/5

It's a very usable tileset, but you didn't use it.

Sleepiness: The 'bed' in the title is the only sleepy part of the map. 0.5/5
Gameplay: Getting the gold wasn't worth it, though I did like the jump up to the rightmost gold. 1.5/5
Creativity: There was hardly any creativity here, just some gold on a tileset. 0/5 === 0.83/5

This is a very cruel map.

Sleepiness: This didn't have any sleepy aspects to it. 0/5
Gameplay: The beginning was okay, but the rightmost part was very bad. One rocket would have been fine. 1.5/5
Creativity: I suppose the top locked doors could count as creative, but that's it. 1/5 === 3/5

Mmmmm, what good-looking tiles you have.

Sleepiness: The long tunnels aren't sleepy, but the tileset monster totally counts as a nightmare. 3.5/5
Gameplay: All parts of the tileset are accessible, though I feel that you would have limited enemy options. 2.5/5
Creativity: I wish you had made a map with this, so I wouldn't dock you on creativity. 3/5 === 0.83/5

I once made an 'ears only' map and it failed horribly. This isn't any better.

Sleepiness: Maybe if sleepy meant 'blind' this would count. 0/5
Gameplay: Since it was a trial-and-error map, repetitiveness was its downfall. Try it again with an open map. 1/5
Creativity: You get some credit for physically blacking it out, but I can't call it creative. 1.5/5 === 0.33/5

Drone spam and gold-over-drones ftl.

Sleepiness: Nothing sleepy about this. 0/5
Gameplay: Horrible gameplay. Half as many drones were needed. 0/5
Creativity: Also very uncreative, except for the single drone path. 1/5 === 2/5

You could improve this quite a bit.

Sleepiness: The moons are nice sleepy features, but the of the map was lacking. 1.5/5
Gameplay: The chaingun was pretty good, but I didn't like the gauss. A drone would've been better. 2.5/5
Creativity: Awful use of normal doors, and the single golds didn't mesh with the map. 2/5 === 1.33/5

For a sleepy map, it takes a lot of effort to AGD.

Sleepiness: This is more a luggage map than a sleepy map. 0/5
Gameplay: A plain jane highscoring map, but that's not what the NUMACON wanted. 2/5
Creativity: Getting the topmost gold was a lot of fun, but the rest of it was rather boring. 2/5 === 0.83/5

Figure out what your personal style is, and then utilize it.

Sleepiness: Nothing here was sleepy to me. It was static, yes, but not simple. 0.5/5
Gameplay: The floorguards on the sides were okay, but that was about it. 1.5/5
Creativity: 1-tiles are rarely considered creative, and isn't an exception. 0.5/5 === 3/5

That poor girl. Cool map btdubs.

Sleepiness: The floating tiles are cool, alsmost like wispy dreams. 3.5/5
Gameplay: This one lacked the flow of the original, but it still held its own ground. 3/5
Creativity: This would've been much better if it had a top section with more floating tiles. 2.5/5 === 1.16/5

The gold area needed a lot of work.

Sleepiness: I couldn't feel the sleepiness here. There really wasn't any. 0/5
Gameplay: I loved slipping down the exit switch area. The other part wasn't that enjoyable however. 2/5
Creativity: The tileset was pretty bland, but I liked the canoe shape. 1.5/5 === 2.16/5

This would be good if you tuned it down a bit.

Sleepiness: There's too much going on for this to be sleepy. Without the gauss and middle thwumps, maybe. 1/5
Gameplay: I love that bounceblock setup to death, but the right side of the map is very bad. 2.5/5
Creativity: The left thwumps were clever, as well as the oneways on top and bounceblocks. 3/5 === 1.66/5

A simple gauss map. Needed more flair.

Sleepiness: I didn't find this one to be very sleepy. It was just plain. 1.5/5
Gameplay: Nice use of gausses. The jumps were easy and fun. 3/5
Creativity: I don't think this is creative. Try to use different gold shapes or asymmetrical objects. 0.5/5 === 0.33/5

Definitely not a sleepy map, and it wasn't very good either.

Sleepiness: This wasn't sleepy at all. 0/5
Gameplay: The gauss/chaingun area was too chaotic, the floorguard part was silly, and jumping over the mine was stupid. 0/5
Creativity: The tileset was decent at best, but your object placement was horrendous. 1/5 === 1.16/5

Lackluster design, decent gameplay.

Sleepiness: This one didn't have any sleepy aspects, but it was fairly simple. 1/5
Gameplay: The top twumps were nice, but I didn't like the excess objects. 2/5
Creativity: 1-tiles are the most boring shapes in N. Don't be afraid to go crazy with different tiles. 0.5/5 === 2/5

If this had more structure and finesse, it would be great.

Sleepiness: Not much of this if sleepy. The blockblock/gold setup is though. 1.5/5
Gameplay: One gauss would have been better, and I liked the rocket. 2.5/5
Creativity: Your use of oneways is questionable, but damn is that a great exit. 2/5 === 0.33/5

Crappy map. No effort whatsoever.

Sleepiness: Yeah, just so you know, boring does not equal sleepy. 0/5
Gameplay: Tacky, tasteless bounceblock placement. Hidden enemies are also bad. 0/5
Creativity: The tiles were terrible. But at least you included an exit, so here's a sympathy point. 1/5 === NR

Please don't make maps like this.

Sleepiness: None.
Gameplay: None.
Creativity: None. === 0.83/5

I'ma firin' mah lazor!

Sleepiness: Nothing sleepy about this map. The stickman was definitely awake. 0/5
Gameplay: The bounceblocks were more bothersome than challenging, but you were smart to overlap the gold. 1.5/5
Creativity: Pretty decent stickman, but that was the only creative part. 1/5 === 1.83/5

Try to add more style to your maps.

Sleepiness: There was too much gold here to be considered sleepy. 2/5
Gameplay: The tiles could have been a bit more flowier. The gauss was good though. 2.5/5
Creativity: Explosive maps aren't anything new, and this one wasn't anything special. 1/5 === 2.33/5

Great-looking tileset, but the gameplay didn't back it up.

Sleepiness: Extremely toned down and mellow. 3/5
Gameplay: I think it could use more gold and the oneway should be a tile. The launchpads were necessary either. 2.5/5
Creativity: I liked the tiles but they weren't creative per se. 1.5/5 === 3.16/5

A little refinement goes a long way here.

Sleepiness: Simple and fairly easy, but the mines made it tense sometimes. 3/5
Gameplay: Without the bounceblock and a few mined it would be excellent. 3.5/5
Creativity: The tileset was iffy, but for the most part it didn't hinder the routes. 3/5 === 2.83/5

Pretty maps aren't always the fun. Remember that.

Sleepiness: I guess the NaN'd drones constitute sleepy. It's as if they're hypnotized. 2.5/5
Gameplay: The tile squeeze was quite a bitch to work with, and I feel the gold and mines could've been placed better. 2/5
Creativity: Lovely tileset. Just a bit too crowded inside the hexagon. 4/5 === 0.66/5

Fun, but not worth a NUMACON submission.

Sleepiness: This was just a map. Not sleepy in the least. 0/5
Gameplay: Quite an easy map, and I don't think the launchpads were necessary. 1.5/5
Creativity: Not very creative. Boring gold placement and lame enemies. 0.5/5 === NR

Sorry man, but this doesn't qualify as a sleepy map.

Sleepiness: None.
Gameplay: None.
Creativity: None. === 1.16/5

The atmosphere was good, but the gameplay wasn't.

Sleepiness: Well, it had a bed and a window, but nothing else. 1.5/5
Gameplay: It was difficult to come up with a route, and the launchpads weren't necessary. 1/5
Creativity: Seeing as you stole the bed idea from another entry, I'll have to dock you points. 1/5 === 1.33/5

A pretty fun map, but not a sleepy one.

Sleepiness: Definitely nothing sleepy here. Just a regular map. 0/5
Gameplay: The gold was good, and I would've liked to see the the locked doors be in the normal doors' positions. 2.5/5
Creativity: The up and down pattern was nice, but I wouldn't call it creative. 1.5/5 === NR.

Hey, this map is impossible. :<

Sleepiness: None.
Gameplay: The launchpad/floorguard combo was too much.
Creativity: Such a cool bounceblock. === 0.83/5

Work on the gameplay first, and the tiles second.

Sleepiness: I didn't see any sleepiness in this map. 0/5
Gameplay: If you focused on better mine placement, this could've been a nice minejumper. The enemies didn't do enough. 1.5/5
Creativity: The tiles felt too rough and haphazard. They didn't support the gameplay. 1/5 === 4.33/5

Very cool map. Interesting concept and well-executed.

Sleepiness: I'd say the only un-sleepy part of this map is the excessive bounceblock floor. 4/5
Gameplay: Excellent use of thwumps, single tiles and gold. 5/5
Creativity: I'm really fond of the gold lines. Some mines on the walls to prevent cheating would've been nice. 4/5 === 2/5

I'd like to see you develop your technique.

Sleepiness: The bed was pretty cool, but I wasn't a fan of the Z's. 2.5/5
Gameplay: It wasn't too hard of a map, but it was boring. A laser or rocket would have been nice. 1.5/5
Creativity: I'll give you a some credit for the bed, but nothing else was creative. 2/5 === 3/5

Playtest your maps more; it's an important part of the mapping process.

Sleepiness: This probably /too/ laidback, where the gameplay suffers from lack of activity. 2.5/5
Gameplay: Some of the mines were bothersome, but the bounceblocks and gold were excellent. It needed a better enemy, like a laser. 3.5/5
Creativity: I agree with 179 that these clouds are very nice, and the 3-tiles on the ground were cool. 3/5 === 3.33/5

The chaingun was a great choice for an enemy.

Sleepiness: The gold lines are pretty and hynotizing. The launchpad floor probably wasn't necessary. 3/5
Gameplay: If you got rid of about 2/3rds of the gold it would be perfect. 3/5
Creativity: This was a very nice take on the sleepy theme. 4/5 === 0/5

This map is a joke.

Sleepiness: This is pretty much the anti-sleepy. 0/5
Gameplay: Gold spam, hidden mines, horrible floorguard placement. 0/5
Creativity: Hah. 0/5 === 2/5

Interesting map, but needs improvement.

Sleepiness: I didn't really feel any sleepy atmosphere here. Too difficult. 1.5/5
Gameplay: There was very little actual gameply here, just mines and gausses. 1/5
Creativity: The map change took me by surprise at first, but it was a smooth transition. 3.5/5 === 2.16/5

Again, the gameplay suffers at the hands of fancy tilesets.

Sleepiness: This one also wasn't very sleepy, and was harder as well. 1/5
Gameplay: The L-shaped gold was more than enough, and some of the mines were hidden. 2.5/5
Creativity: Both your submissions have the same tileset, so I'm docking some points. 2.5/5 === 0.16/5

Putting down mines and gold doesn't guarantee gameplay.

Sleepiness: The drone is supposed to be sleepwalking? 0.5/5
Gameplay: Pretty much the worst type of minejumper. No structure or organization, just boredom. 0/5
Creativity: I didn't see any. 0/5 === 1.16/5

This is more of a puzzle than a sleepy map.

Sleepiness: There really isn't anything sleepy here. Unless you count the non-moving floorguard. 0.5/5
Gameplay: The gold inside the oneways is nice, but the rest of it's bland. 2/5
Creativity: I didn't see much creativity in this map. 1/5 === 3.66/5

Sweet looking, played almost as well.

Sleepiness: The Z's are sleepy, but the gameplay's very cautious and nerve-wracking. 2.5/5
Gameplay: Really fun minejumper, but the drones could have contributed more or been removed. 4/5
Creativity: I love the integrated mine/gold patterns, plus the whole feel of the tileset. 4.5/5 === 3.5/5

This is a very fun highscoring map, with just the right amount of sleepiness.

Sleepiness: The low-key tileset and platforms has a sweet sleepy feel. 4.5/5
Gameplay: Great mine and gold placement, but some zap drones on the platforms would be even better. 3.5/5
Creativity: The jump up to the exit switch was the only creative part I saw. I didn't like the 8-tile crevasses either. 2.5/5



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Postby aids » 2012.10.09 (08:12)

"This place is like a prison. Has security tightened here or what? Guards patrol two abreast, three abreast; they're afraid that another escape will happen. And it will happen. I've made sure of it. You see, I've left you plenty of hiding places, carefully hidden in the whitewashed walls and prefabricated tiles. The guards won't find these passages as long as you stay hidden. If you manage to open all the doors you might even find a way to freedom. Best of luck, no. 30158."
Not that many submissions for this one. (Maps are in chronological order.)
Aidiera :: Click. === 1.16/5

Bitchingly hard.

Jailbreak: It does feel like a jailbreak, but not in a fun way. 1/5
Gameplay: The left side is basically impossible without fbf'ing. 1/5
Creativity: I dunno, it's creative in that nobody else would make it. 1.5/5 === 2.83/5

It was a little too much going on.

Jailbreak: I really like how it felt like I'm escaping from some shitty prison. 2/5
Gameplay: Cramped and kinda overdone, but better than expected. 3.5/5
Creativity: I would have liked to have more routes available. 3/5 === 2.5/5

Needed more variety in the layout.

Jailbreak: It's structured like a break-out but didn't feel like it. 2.5/5
Gameplay: The chainguns lagged a bit but good otherwise. The oneways helped a lot though. 3/5
Creativity: Meh, pretty unspecial. 2/5 === 2.16/5

If it were bigger it would be better.

Jailbreak: This is a really tiny jail. 2.5/5
Gameplay: The drones were /impeccably/ timed. It seems impossible for most people. 3/5
Creativity: I like how you referenced the number, but it's not that creative. 1/5 === 1.83/5

This could have been a good prison map if you tried.

Jailbreak: This isn't prisony at all. 0/5
Gameplay: It plays pretty well but the drones seemed useless. 3/5
Creativity: It looked pretty good. I liked the gold in the top left. 2.5/5 === 2/5

Not much of a prison, but decent.

Jailbreak: Didn't feel like a jail. Just felt like a gold warehouse. 1.5/5
Gameplay: Too too many drones. 2/5
Creativity: If you had made some of the tiles rectangles and not squares, and added some locked doors, it would be nice. 2.5/5 === 2.5/5

Could use some improving.

Jailbreak: It does feel like a prison, I didn't like it much. 2.5/5
Gameplay: No gold is saddening, and I felt that if you had no rocket and some normal doors, it would be cool. 2/5
Creativity: Congrats for not being like anyone else, but it's not enough I guess. 3/5 === 2.66/5

Decent map.

Jailbreak: It was more like I was breaking into something, not escaping. 2/5
Gameplay: Drone lag. Maybe if you had some normal drones and less hiding places. 3.5/5
Creativity: Super repetitive. 2.5/5 === 3.5/5

Excellent breakout map.

Jailbreak: The guards are mindless robots, but it's definitely a prison. 3.5/5
Gameplay: Fucking impossible for me to do. :( 3/5
Creativity: Very creative, but I wish it had better tiles. 4/5 === 2.83/5

Needed more prison aspects.

Jailbreak: It was more of a puzzle than a prison. 2/5
Gameplay: Some parts were bad like the floorguards, but it's an interesting map. 4/5
Creativity: I liked the top drone section, but like I said some parts sucked. 2.5/5 === 0.83/5

Horribly incoherent.

Jailbreak: It has enemies, not guards. 1/5
Gameplay: Terrible. Too open and too many enemies. 1/5
Creativity: Not much. 0.5/5 === 3.6/5

Such a good Pheidi map.

Jailbreak: I felt like it went full-circle, not really an escape. Looked like a prison though. 3.5/5
Gameplay: The end locked doors were silly, but everything else was cool. 4/5
Creativity: I loved like it felt like patrolling some halls. 3.5/5 === 0.16/5


Jailbreak: Nothing about this is a prison. 0/5
Gameplay: Really bad. No organization or finesse. 0.5/5
Creativity: There wasn't any. 0/5 === 0/5


Jailbreak: None. 0/5
Gameplay: None. 0/5
Creativity: None. 0/5 === 1.6/5

Wasn't a fan.

Jailbreak: I guess it's kinda like a prison. 2/5
Gameplay: I hate how perfectly-timed the rockets are. It makes it no fun. 1/5
Creativity: I liked the rocket concept but it's not used well. 2/5 === 2.16/5

Halfway to a good prisoner.

Jailbreak: The first half was a good prisoner map, but there needed to be a good escape aspect. 2.5/5
Gameplay: I loved the first part with the drones, but not much else was good. 2/5
Creativity: It looked really good, but that was about it. 2/5 === 2.83/5

Average map.

Jailbreak: It's a weird type of prison. Confusing. 3/5
Gameplay: The thwumps were good but I didn't like the chainguns much. 2.5/5
Creativity: It looked great, but it could have played better. 3/5

flagmyidol :: Click.
> hundgen_m - 0 - worthless
> theodore something - 1 - also worthless
> rousseau (gaolhouse) - 5.5 - playable. extremely straightforward but reasonably fun to play. not creative, really.
> above2meters - 4 - conflicted. like this for concept but hasn't enough to it to rate highly.
> pizzles - 4.5 - didn't really enjoy this. either it tried to hard to do too much or else just was annoying and not playtested.
> rousseau (hypercube) - 7.5 - really enjoy this. not sure it fits the competition, but i don't think any of them did a great job so whatever.
> flagmyidol - billion - i actually really like mine. it's way more interesting than the literal ones. jail of the mind
> runningninja (i never understood) - 6.5 - fun but not replayable. cool idea, i guess. if they didn't know you were gone, maybe this is how escaping from jail would work
> romaniac - 7.5 - i guess? best of the bunch for theme but not particularly fun because of that. don't know how to judge.
> above2meters (the worst trap) - 3 - mostly because i have no idea what to make of this. it's not fun and it doesn't do anything.
> runningninja (we took advantage) - 4.5 - decent map, not particularly jailish or interesting.
> pheidippides - 10 - yeah. i'm rating on a 1-10 scale but compared to these other maps this should be like a 25. obviously best map, even if not one of pheidi's best.
> llabesab - 0 - worthless
> llabesab - 0 - worthless
> zoasbe - 1 - worthless
> mrgy05 - 9 - this is quite neat, just not as polished as the pheidi map.
> thereisaspoon - 5 - had some nice ideas but was ultimately a bit much. people don't play their maps for thirty minutes anymore after they make them. except pheidippides, who plays them for three weeks.

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Postby zoasBE » 2012.10.09 (08:46)

flagmyidol wrote:
> zoasbe - 1 - worthless
hahaha, you're like stupid man, I feel that more an attack than a constructive criticism. I thought you were a reasonable guy, after all. I see none.
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Postby aids » 2012.10.09 (11:25)

zoasBE wrote:
flagmyidol wrote:
> zoasbe - 1 - worthless
hahaha, you're like stupid man, I feel that more an attack than a constructive criticism. I thought you were a reasonable guy, after all. I see none.
flag isn't well-known for his constructive criticism skills. Just realize that you weren't the only one singled out.


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Postby mrgy05 » 2012.10.09 (18:17)

Thanks everyone for the nomination for NUMACON :)

Congrats to everyone else:

0th: The Shawshank Distraction [] by Pheidippides
1st: Thought Crimes [] by romaniac
2nd: Take a Journey [] by mrgy05
3nd: The Worst Trap is Your Mind [] by above2meters
3nd: Black Wave [] by thereisaspoon

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Postby otters~1 » 2012.10.09 (23:28)

zoasBE wrote:I thought you were a reasonable guy, after all.
how on earth do you still think that
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Postby ethel » 2012.10.10 (05:11)

Was about to bitch about getting a low score, and then I remembered that I just slapped the jailbreak tag on because I knew I wasn't going to submit anything else.

But seriously thanks for showing the comments so we know how to improve

Flag's made me laugh too

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Postby aids » 2012.10.31 (02:44)

(I revoked the "one map per person" rule because who cares.)
trance's comments ::: === 3.33/5

Spookshow: The bones and the monster head/face made the atmosphere great. 4/5
Gameplay: The right side was fine, but some more maneuverability was needed on the left. 3/5
Creativity: Standard mapping approach, but the drones were nice. 3/5 === 3.17/5

Spookshow: A kraken, eh? Nicely made with the tentacles. 4/5
Gameplay: Decent at some parts, but awkward due to the chainguns. 2/5
Creativity: I guessing the one-ways represent water, if so, kudos. 3.5/5 === 2.83/5

Spookshow: The top tiles were awesome, but not so much the bottom. 3.5/5
Gameplay: Great gauss, but a bit more could of been added. 3/5
Creativity: Not too much creativity here. 2/5 === 2.33/5

Spookshow: A decently made pumpkin. 3/5
Gameplay: Awkward at many points, but the central area was fine. 2.5/5
Creativity: The stem at the top was cool, but that's it. 1.5/5 === 1.67/5

Spookshow: I don't see what is so spooky about it. 1/5
Gameplay: Decent, but the chaingun didn't do too much. 2.5/5
Creativity: No real spark of creativity as well. 1.5/5 === 3.83/5

Spookshow: Walking through a graveyard with a full-moon out was nice. 4/5
Gameplay: Solid right side, but a the left needed a bit more refinement and the squeezes were bad. 3.5/5
Creativity: Very creative given with the catacombs. 4/5 === 3.67/5

Spookshow: With darkness lurking around every corner, I didn't know what to expect. 4/5
Gameplay: Mostly trial-and-error, but was decent. 3/5
Creativity: The green gold and black zap drones were very creative. 4/5 === 2.17/5

Spookshow: The trees were okay, but more work could of been done to the castle. 2.5/5
Gameplay: Not a fan of the trap, and the going back to the trees from the castle could of been better. 2/5
Creativity: The mines in the windows of the castles were kind of creative. 2/5 === 4.17/5

Spookshow: I'd sell my soul to the devil because of this tileset. 4.5/5
Gameplay: Left side is a bit cautious, but the gauss' provided a great coverage. 4/5
Creativity: The drone on the side was cool as well with going through the teeth. 4/5 === 3.67/5

Spookshow: I guess the tiles fit the theme fine. 3.5/5
Gameplay: Going down was fun and the gauss was a great challenge. 4/5
Creativity: The mines and gold were creative, as well with the jumps minus the way back up. 3.5/5 === 2.33/5

Spookshow: The face was the only thing spooky about this map. 2.5/5
Gameplay: Gold and mines were a bit messy, but gameplay was okay. 2.5/5
Creativity: The border was fine, but nothing else too creative. 2/5 === 3.5/5

Not really usable, but it looks very niceand the subject matter was spot on. === 3.33/5

Spookshow: The hands were done well, as with the teeth as well. 4/5
Gameplay: The lasers were restricting at times, but the jumper part was okay. 2.5/5
Creativity: The letters made of gold were cool. 3.5/5 === 3.17/5

Spookshow: Whatever that thing is, it sure is spooky. 4/5
Gameplay: The mine-jumper bits were fine, but going back and forth was not a goo choice. 3/5
Creativity: The mines on the left were the only creative feature. 2.5/5 === 4.33/5

Spookshow: Those faces scared me halfway down my street. 4.5/5
Gameplay: It is very solid, the chainguns provide a fun experience. 4/5
Creativity: The trapdoors were very creative as well with the tears from the bottom right face. 4.5/5 === 3.33/5

Spookshow: Those ghosts around the edges were cool. 3.5/5
Gameplay: Plating it was a bit lackluster, but it was okay. 3/5
Creativity: The drop at the beginning was a nice feature. 3.5/5 === 3.67/5

Spookshow: The tiles could of been a bit better, but still good. 3.5/5
Gameplay: Great rocket-play, and the thwumps were fun. 4/5
Creativity: The swirls were cool, but nothing much after that. 3.5/5 === 3/5

The structure was cool and kind of usable, but it looks messy along the right side with the stem.

Aidiera's comments ::: - 2.83/5

The tiles were better than the gameplay.

SpookShow: Fantastic skull. That is all. 4/5
Gameplay: Sub-par. It needed to be simpler, like maybe a minejumper. 2/5
Creativity: Nothing too creative, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. 2.5/5 - 1.83/5

Work on that gameplay, son.

SpookShow: It's a good-looking Kraken, but this is another one which needed to be simpler. 3/5
Gameplay: Horrible. The chainguns and oneways do not mesh. 1/5
Creativity: Also holy shit. Why so many oneways? 1.5/5 - 4/5

This is a most excellent submission.

SpookShow: The tiles gave me shivers. 4.5/5
Gameplay: I am absolute shit at perp jumps, but I love this map a lot. I wish the bottom tiles were raised one space. 4/5
Creativity: Pretty gold lines and fun jumps. 3.5/5 - 2.16/5

Focua more on gameplay next time.

SpookShow: Nice pumpkin, I suppose. 2.5/5
Gameplay: I don't like how use use gauss in cramped spaces. 2/5
Creativity: Your maps could use some refinement. 2.5/5 - 0.83/5

It's just a map.

SpookShow: I don't see any Halloweeny aspects here. Sorry. 0/5
Gameplay: If the bottom tile was moved over half a space it would be substantially flowier. 3/5
Creativity: It seems like a standard highscoring map. 2/5 - 3/5

The bottom section needed work.

SpookShow: I got the graveyard feel. Too bad there wasn't a ghost or two. 3/5
Gameplay: The top part is nice but the bottom is pretty boring. I also didn't like the tile-squeezesa. 2.5/5
Creativity: So far the only cemetary, which is nice. 3.5/5 - 1.5/5

I can't say I liked it.

SpookShow: It should have looked like a haunted house, not just a dark map. 1.5/5
Gameplay: Bad. The only enemies which would have worked were lasers and rockets, since they have light. 1/5
Creativity: It's a good mod, but it isn't used very well. 2/5 - 1.5

It's a good attempt, but try to improve your gameplay.

SpookShow: Great trees, but that was about it. 1.5/5
Gameplay: I /really/ hate back-and-fourth maps, and this isn't an exception. 1/5
Creativity: I wish the castle had been better made, and not just a clump of tiles. 2/5 - 4.5

Great map, hooz.

SpookShow: Skulls are pretty much the best route to go for scary tiles. 5/5
Gameplay: It had a great flow and great jumps, but what's with that drone? 4.5/5
Creativity: I'm glad to see the gameplay bends around the tileset, and not vice versa. 4/5 - 1.16

I don't think you tried very hard.

SpookShow: No spookiness here I'm afraid. 0/5
Gameplay: Meh. The gauss is nice but I can't even get up to the exit. 1.5/5
Creativity: I like the mine motif, but the tiles suck dick. 2/5 - 2.66

I'd suggest working on your gameplay.

SpookShow: Sinister-looking tiles, but the objects kind of negated them. 2.5/5
Gameplay: I really liked the rocket. It was a good choice. 3.5/5
Creativity: It's too open. Too bad it doesn't have a body. 2/5 - 3/5

Playabily might have helped you.

SpookShow: I'm digging the face, but I wish the outline had more definition. 3.5/5
Gameplay: N/A
Creativity: It's interesting. 2.5/5 - 3.83

It was mainly a showcase of the tiles, not a playable map.

SpookShow: Lovely tiles. 4/5
Gameplay: The lasers were a nice surprise but I felt a bounceblock would have been nice. 3.5/5
Creativity: Good lasers, and I liked the gold. 4/5 - 2/5

Try different enemies.

SpookShow: I didn't get a spidery feel, but the tiles were pretty. 2.5/5
Gameplay: Gauss and mines don't go together well here. Just mines would've been good. 1.5/5
Creativity: I didn't finish the map, but it would have gotten tedious. 2/5 - 3.16/5

Making faces at your maps is fun.

SpookShow: I didn't like the faces much, they were really shoddy. 3/5
Gameplay: The chianguns worked well. A drone in the top right would have been nice. 4/5
Creativity: Pretty standard by your standards. 2.5/5 - 2.5/5

I wish the map was more complete..

SpookShow: It's /almost/ like an 8-bit ghost, but it's not. 2/5
Gameplay: The left side is really misleading, and the floorguard and chaser seem tacked on. 2.5/5
Creativity: The 8-bit style was nice, but it needed work. 3/5 - 1.16/5

Bad map.

SpookShow: A little bit of spook to it, but not enough to be good. 1.5/5
Gameplay: Slapped together. No consistency or purpose to most of the map. 1/5
Creativity: You tried to be old-school but ended up being lazy. 1/5 - 2.75/5

I wish it was playable.

SpookShow: Decent pumpkin, but why is it on a vine? 2.5/5
Gameplay: N/A
Creativity: I like those eyes a lot. 3/5



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Postby aids » 2013.11.01 (01:46)

Aidiera's comments ::: === 2.16/7

Gameplay: Given the cramped corridors and ugly tiles, not shabby. 4.5/7
Themefulness: Not visible. 1/7
Aesthetics: It's a tileset forced to include a map, and it shows. 1/7 === 2.66/7

Gameplay: The right idea, but unfinished in true Sunset style. 2.5/7
Themefulness: Pretty good, some of the hidden enemies sucked though. 3.5/7
Aesthetics: I don't like long trial-and-error maps. 2/7 === 0.66/7

Gameplay: Terrible. Enemies in all the wrong places. 0/7
Themefulness: It doesn't look scary, so there's that. 1/7
Aesthetics: You did well in leaving hints about the enemies, but it wasn't enough. 1/7 === 4.16/7

Gameplay: The chaingun has good range and the mines got me a few times. 5/7
Themefulness: Not the scariest face, but a good attempt. 3.5/7
Aesthetics: I liked the gold placement, but there was a bit too much. 4/7 === 2.50/7

Gameplay: This seemed to be a laser map, but without lasers. Rockets and gauss didn't work as well. 2.5/7
Themefulness: It looked good but didn't really fit the scary theme. 3/7
Aesthetics: Cluttered. 2/7 === 5.83/7

Gameplay: Both enemies reign supreme in their separate sections. 6/7
Themefulness: Nothing hidden, but it's certainly scary. 5.5/7
Aesthetics: Best tiles ever. 6/7 === 2.33/7

Gameplay: This enemy was the best choice for the contest, but there are way too many. 2/7
Themefulness: Nice hand. It's not that scary though. 2/7
Aesthetics: Decent, nothing that stood out. 3/7 === 1/7

Gameplay: "The same gimmick many times does not a map make." 1/7
Themefulness: It looks like a creepy lab, yes. But didn't feel like one. 1/7
Aesthetics: Awfully crowded and aimless. A more minimal attempt would have been nice. 1/7 === 3.83/7

Gameplay: Pretty good. The rockets work nicely, and I assume the right part is impossible. 5/7
Themefulness: Amazing tiles, but it's just a face. 3.5/7
Aesthetics: Another map crammed into a tileset. 3/7 === ಠ_ಠ/7

Gameplay: Pointless.
Themefulness: None.
Aesthetics: Absent. === 1.5/7

Gameplay: Overdid it with the lasers. 2.5/7
Themefulness: Nothing thematic about this map. 0/7
Aesthetics: The tileset works well with lasers, but not /this/ many. 2/7 === 1.66/7

Gameplay: Boring. There's not much you can do with these narrow corridors. 1/7
Themefulness: It's good-looking, but ultimately doesn't fit the theme. 2/7
Aesthetics: Lots of parts are hard to move around in. 2/7 === 2/7

Gameplay: The difficulty curve is nice, but it's not consistently enjoyable. 4/7
Themefulness: I didn't get any spooky vibes from this. 0/7
Aesthetics: Appealing to the eyes, but not so much to the fingers. 2/7 === 2.83/7

Gameplay: It's a decent race, but nothing too eye-catching. 2.5/7
Themefulness: I dunno, it's hard to make a scary race. You didn't even have any hidden enemies. 1/7
Aesthetics: Beautiful as always. 5/7 === 2.66/7

Gameplay: I would have liked if the top section was a drone section and the bottom was a chaingun section. 3/7
Themefulness: The cross is a nice touch, and it's kinda "floating graveyard" ish. 3/7
Aesthetics: A bit inconsistent with the gold palcement. 2/7 === 2.33/7

Gameplay: I think that rockets would have been best for the layout. 2/7
Themefulness: It's a good skull, but the map is crammed into the extra space. 2/7
Aesthetics: I like the gold patterns at least. 3/7 === 3.16/7

Gameplay: Surprisingly fun. 3.5/7
Themefulness: Eh. A ghost floorguard doesn't really cut it. 1.5/7
Aesthetics: That tile squeeze isn't necessary. Good map otherwise. 4/7 === 3.16/7

Gameplay: It grew tiresome to fall for the same traps. 3/7
Themefulness: It doesn't look scary, but there's definitely some good hidden shit. 3.5/7
Aesthetics: Lots of the gold was annoying to get. 3/7 === 0.66/7

Gameplay: As I said, this is not a good map. Why not just have parts of the map in darkness? 0/7
Themefulness: It's black, but black =/= scary. 1/7
Aesthetics: I didn't look good either. 1/7 === 2.5/7

Gameplay: Lackluster for how it looked. The rocket and gauss were poor choices. 2/7
Themefulness: I guess it was a heartbeat, which was original but not the best. 3/7
Aesthetics: You can make stylized maps, but your gameplay needs work. 2.5/7 === 0.66/7

Gameplay: Well, it's really empty. 1/7
Themefulness: It's not a bad tileset, but it's not themed at all. 0/7
Aesthetics: It's okay. 1/7 === 0.66/7

Gameplay: It's a very hard map. Not fun either. 1/7
Themefulness: Not sure how this is scary. 0/7
Aesthetics: Gold triangles are nice, but it's rough to play. 1/7 === 2.5/7

Gameplay: I like how the omnipotent gauss worked. 4/7
Themefulness: I don't think it qualifies. 0.5/7
Aesthetics: The normal doors annoy me a ton. 2/7 === 1.83/7

Gameplay: Geez, this is hard. 2/7
Themefulness: It's very maplike to me, not spooky. 0.5/7
Aesthetics: I loved the gold, but not the placement. Great tiles though. 3/7 === 3/7

Gameplay: It's quite good. The drones and the gauss work amazing together. 4.5/7
Themefulness: There's a fist, so yeah. 1/7
Aesthetics: The doors are not necessary you know. 3.5/7 === 3.16/7

Gameplay: It's a lot like a lsudny map. I would have liked it without gauss. 3/7
Themefulness: I don't see many scary parts. 1/7
Aesthetics: I love how the gold looks. 5.5/7 === 1.5/7

Gameplay: I don't really like the enemies at all. 1.5/7
Themefulness: But it's not a "haunted mansion!" 1/7
Aesthetics: While you did hide two of the enemies, it didn't fit with the map. 2/7 === 1.83/7

Gameplay: My only wish is for a launchpad above all the mines. 3.5/7
Themefulness: It's a great tileset, but with no map elements. 1/7
Aesthetics: Both the rockets were nice, but pointless in the map. 1/7 === 0.66/7

Gameplay: Horrible. This is one of those maps which is ruined by hidden enemies. 0/7
Themefulness: Not really. This would have been fine with just the launchpads. 1/7
Aesthetics: Too awkward to move around in. 1/7 === 1.83/7
Gameplay: The enemies did not fit the map. Lasers would have been better. 2/7
Themefulness: The thwumps were the only hidden things. 1.5/7
Aesthetics: It had a bit of a flow, but not enough to be fun. 2/7 === 1.5/7

Gameplay: Decent. The gauss was better than the chainguns. 3/7
Themefulness: Repurposing an old map doesn't really count. 0/7
Aesthetics: The gold placement was more annoying than fun. 1.5/7 === 0.83/7

Gameplay: Very poor enemy choices. None of the drones work. 1.5/7
Themefulness: Don't see any scary bits. 0/7
Aesthetics: Rough. zoasBE overdoes his style. 1/7 === 3.66/7

Gameplay: Pretty fun. The gauss work very well here. 5/7
Themefulness: You made a little skeleton dude, which was cool. 3/7
Aesthetics: Probably too much gold, but that's not bad. 3/7

Chrdrenkmann's top five :::

1. Turtle and Human Come Back From the Dead by lfaber >>

Clearly my number 1. This was the first Fright Night map I've played which had all basics done well.

Atmosphere: You could just look at the full-size version of the thumbnail and want to play it.
Gameplay: One word: Smooth. I like how you can get the two lines of gold with certain movements.
Scariness: Yes. Two giant skeletons nail the theme.

2. The Dead Shall Rise Again [N-reality] by blue_rocks >>

There were three N-reality maps and The Dead Shall Rise Again was my favorite by far. Don't get me wrong: It wasn't my plan to put at least one N-reality map in here but this one deserves it. The atmosphere and the 'scariness' fit together and the gameplay is really interesting. The "boo drones" always came close to me which made it thrilling.

3. Enter the Mansion by RedSpartan >>

This one really surprised me. To be honest: RedSpartan isn't one of the best authors. However, the gameplay was one of the best I've seen out of all entries. It may not be totally scary and the atmosphere could also be slightly better but the general impression is what counts and I liked it.

4. meat locker by Invalid >>

What I like here, is the atmosphere. There aren't many objects or even a single piece of gold. I haven't played many empty maps that often. The tileset is cool to look at. The gameplay on the other hand... you must try it a few times to find a flawless sequence of movements but you get used to it. All in all, it is a good fourth place in my opinion.

5. ego by sunset >>
Yes, it's a long trial-and-error map and... my god, I hated this map at first. But I've played it over and over again, trying to beat it. It was like a fight between me and the map. Well, I enjoyed it. It kept me busy - in a good way. Once you figured out how everything works it's overall possible and cool. It also matches the 'scariness' theme quite well with all this weird stuff that is going on.



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Postby DraxoBox » 2013.11.29 (04:46)

▲▪►▪▼◄▲ wrote: === 2.16/7

Gameplay: Given the cramped corridors and ugly tiles, not shabby. 4.5/7
Themefulness: Not visible. 1/7
Aesthetics: It's a tileset forced to include a map, and it shows. 1/7
Gameplay: Personally, I liked the rocket.
Themefulness: Haha, whoops.
Aesthetics: Not really /forced/, but yeah, it does show.

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Postby Blue_rocks » 2013.12.18 (04:39)

Aidiera, when does the Wintercon end? You never said

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Postby macrohenry » 2013.12.18 (12:47)

Blue_rocks wrote:Aidiera, when does the Wintercon end? You never said
I already asked him on NUMA. :) 1st January.

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Postby Blue_rocks » 2013.12.18 (14:15)

macrohenry wrote:
Blue_rocks wrote:Aidiera, when does the Wintercon end? You never said
I already asked him on NUMA. :) 1st January.
Thanks Macro! I'm excited for that day ;D

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Postby DraxoBox » 2013.12.26 (21:25)

Can somebody make a list of all the NUMAcons and put them into so we could all play every NUMAcon?

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Postby zoasBE » 2013.12.27 (07:20)

Pixelwiz wrote:Can somebody make a list of all the NUMAcons and put them into so we could all play every NUMAcon?

Although three of the last NUMACONs are missing, Perplex, Hallowcon Fright Night and obviously this current last one and unfinished Wintercon. I think someone could update that list. I'll update the wikia page. Your wishes are my command, Sir.

EDIT2: Fright Night 'fn' is missing in the wikia's NUMACON list too. My fault, Fright Night was the title for the last Hallowcon that is missing on the list.

EDIT: Also, there was another important Competition called Fish 'pisces' not listed there, but I don't know if it was a NUMACON or even official but it was important, known and well received, there were nearly 45 entries and great authors participated. There are great maps too. Can anyone tell me what that competition was really?
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Postby zoasBE » 2013.12.27 (09:09)

Also, just for tracking and reference:

This just in! The next NUMACon will be called Perplex and will be an old-fashioned puzzle map challenge. Three entries per person and the maps must be beatable (no survivals, etc.). Bonus points for maps which utilize jumper aspects. Judges are TBD and you have until September First to submit your entries. Tag your maps "perplex" and may the best baffler win!


There were many good choices, but even more challenges and clever ideas which you guys thought of. TommyWiseau, lfaber and I made our judgements, and TW says, "the most important aspect in judging is how much the map motivated us to complete it; not only because of how fun it was, but also because of our desire to discover how much creativity had been put into the puzzle mechanics."

1. Phantom Corridors by Nexx
2. Crosseyed and Painless by anco
3. It appears I can't compete with image maps. by NachoCheese
4. Skyood by DDRave
5. Hell Yeah by da_guru

I can't say for sure when the next NUMACon will be, but if you have any suggestions for themes (not enemy-based) leave me a comment. Keep up the excellent mapping, y'all.

Akin to last year's HallowCON, this year's HallowCON will be called FRIGHT NIGHT. I'm looking for very atmospheric maps, full of shadowy scare parts and pointy death bits. Submit your maps between October 1st and 30th and tag them "FN". Have fun and brush your teeth daily. >> Aidiera


0th: Turtle and Human Come Back From the Dead by lfaber
1st: Gluttony by Tempus_Fugit
2nd: Mr.October by IodineEny
3rd: The Dead Shall Rise Again by blue_rocks
4th: 37-2: Multiple Possesion Fuhai no Onna by deep_blue

I've posted my critiques and Chrdrenkmann's top five here. The next NUMACon will be announced at the end of November, but you'd best practice mapping until then.
Happy Halloween!
>> Aidiera

Is currently on track, wait a bit dude!
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