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Postby macrohenry » 2019.08.09 (22:05)

ska wrote:
2019.07.13 (18:32)
macrohenry wrote:
2019.07.12 (20:41)
Two days I ago was really bored so I spontaneously decided to try a speedrun through all 100 episodes. Unfortunately, I have no recordings so you will have to believe me but the time I got was around 3 hours and 24 minutes. I scored some episode and level top 20s along the way which you can see here and here. Maybe we can have MiBeM doing another commented speedrun? Would be a lot of fun to see someone trying to beat this time.
I don't doubt the veracity of this claim, but it's a shame that you didn't record it. You beat the world record by a shade over an hour.

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Postby ska » 2019.08.13 (02:11)

Just finished watching it. Awesome job nailing 88-4 on your first try!

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