Timer glitch

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Timer glitch

Postby Evil_Sire » 2008.10.19 (11:57)

The timer on N is fucked up, I think it's been depleting constantly all the way through the episode. No screenie but on 23-4 I have 1.99 time to complete the level.


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Postby 乳头的早餐谷物 » 2008.10.19 (12:02)

Is that not the way it's supposed to be? Time doesn't get reset until the next episode.
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Postby George » 2008.10.19 (12:04)

Errr, that's what's supposed to happen? The timer on N is not 'fucked up'. As you play the level, of course time is consumed. That's what timers are for. You replenish the lost time by collecting gold.

If you've only got 2 seconds left to complete the level, start again and get some more gold in the previous levels.

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Postby mathy » 2011.09.05 (16:11)

Try again. On youtube someone beat it with 6 seconds. The timer is quite erratic and playing the episode again is likely to add at least 4 seconds.

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