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Postby lenghwar4e » 2013.04.04 (10:11)

I've done it again.My internet explorer crashed and I lost all progress of my map..However, I noticed 2 files(found them here "%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Recovery\High\Last Active") that have some kind of connection with the map.The problem is that they are .dat files and to open .dat files I need to know what application created them.But I used the level editor for that so..I don't have a clue.
I know these files are there so I can recover the map->If i open them with notepad and copy the file's content in the level editor and load it, it will show something weird, but it still has some of the elements of the map( only tiles in a chaotic order, because notepad opens the file which should have numbers in it only with letters )->the file it's actually my level data, but because there are no numbers in it ( only "YYYY", or some kind of symbols) the level data is invalid.
So now I'm thinking how to get the content it that files back to what it was ( to my level data ).I need to know the application that created that files, but I don't think it's really Internet explorer, it's like the level editor of N, probably.The files contain other types of information too, like Travelog(something like waht iexplore uses to do some kind of faster refreshes).
If anyone has any idea about how to get the level data from those files(which can also contain some different information), please tell me, I'll upload them(had to change their extension from ".dat" to ."txt".If you know how to compile information and this sort of things I think it's best to change the extension back to ".dat" after you download the files).
[I read some topic and a guy had the same problem, but it was said that he cannot recover his map..hope I'm luckier...]
! I think the files contain that weird symbols because they've been converted from something like the engine of level editor used by iexplore to .dat files.
Thanks everyone and sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give as many details as possible.
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