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Postby NightshadowPT » 2015.02.11 (16:58)


I've had my first contact with the "N" universe on the Xbox 360 and have fallen in love ever since.

I tried the browser version later, but it falls short in so many ways that I could not get past them... (just the lack of an amazing soundtrack is a great loss).

The level of polish of the Xbox 360 version is heads and shoulders above the browser version...

I know that N++ is under development, but would there be a possibility to see N+ on Steam? I would buy it all over again, and I guess porting it from the Xbox360 would not be too difficult and might provide a good income to support the development of N++

Anyway, thank you for this great, great game!

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Postby shomman » 2015.03.22 (03:25)

There has been little mention of N+ in a few years by M&R, so I doubt it ever will.
Lot's of people have been advocating for N++ to come to Steam after PS4, however, so theres a chance they might consider releasing both?
Don't get your hopes up, mate.

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