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Postby Foolish » 2011.04.25 (20:17)

So I just recently started playing N+, My friend who was Rank 1 back a couple of years ago and is Now Rank 2 in racing because he stopped playing are dissapointed by the small show of people on this great game, So I am asking anyone who has N+ for XBL to give a Gamertag and and their Location(optional) and we can have some games and with enough maybe some 2v2's with a 4 point scheme or a tournament, lets get this game alive again, Sound good ?

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Postby Izzy » 2011.04.26 (11:21)

My subscription ran out a couple of months ago, but I prefer the PC version anyway, so I might not renew it anytime soon.

But yeah, it was pretty empty most, if not all, of the time when I tried to join any kind of game. :(
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Postby Slayr » 2011.04.26 (21:35)

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I probably won't be playing much Xbox in the near future though.

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