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Postby Invalid » 2017.07.22 (00:05)

It only took me two years minus a week to finish this, and it's 10 full maps fewer than I originally planned. Not even a full column before I ran out of ideas. It's been a journey in a lot of ways, and so are these 40 (+2) maps. There's bunch of small things in there, but I won't say too much.

I'd recommend downloading the userlevels. Have fun!

Dronies link
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Postby Hyteriux » 2017.08.04 (09:13)

I'll definitely check this out when I get the chance, sounds like a whole lot of work and wouldn't want it to seemingly go unnoticed or unrecognized!

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Postby aids » 2017.09.03 (08:42)

You've got many cool ideas here.
  • 0-00: Dream Diary :: Plain and simple. Interesting doors.
  • 0-01: Sky Circles :: I really liked the challenge of the drones here.
  • 0-02: Forgotten Shrine :: I wish there was another rocket.
  • 0-03: By the Bus Stop in the Rain :: Fun jump I guess.
  • 0-04: I Pretend to Not See You :: These are getting less and less interesting.
  • 1-00: Unheard Whispers :: If this was a Cerberus map and it was fully finished, it would be nice.
  • 1-01: Only Briefly :: This was quite good. Just wish it wasn't so boring.
  • 1-02: Heat Haze Daze :: Very nice map. Userlevel'd.
  • 1-03: Incense :: Those three gold were a treat to collect. Cool map.
  • 1-04: Ephemeral :: Another very good jumper map.
  • 2-00: Quiet Steps :: Eh. Now I wish the gold was more fun to collect.
  • 2-01: With Bated Breath :: Seekers are fun, but the gold placement left something to be desired.
  • 2-02: Perfect Refraction :: Interesting map.
  • 2-03: Unnatural Disaster :: Fun jumper.
  • 2-04: Frozen Carnage :: Harder than expected.
  • 3-00: Horizons :: Super cool jumper. Userlevel'd.
  • 3-01: Archives :: Hard map.
  • 3-02: Secret Spell :: Fun but the two gold spots in the middle weren't financially worth it.
  • 3-03: Lethal Flourish :: Clever use of the layout and mines.
  • 3-04: Waltz :: I wasn't a fan of the deviation from the normal gold pattern, but it was cool.
  • 3-99: clover :: Huh.
  • 4-00: World Trick :: Fun little map. The floorguard was a bit useless through.
  • 4-01: to wait :: Too much gold.
  • 4-02: if it hurts too much :: Again, you stopped the one-gold aesthetic, and I don't like that.
  • 4-03: your unforgettable silhouette :: Love the gausses a bunch. Good map. Userlevel'd.
  • 4-04: shooting stars :: Super fun minejumper.
  • 5-00: Words Meant for None :: Hard, but worth it.
  • 5-01: Nadir :: Different from the rest. Cool tiles.
  • 5-02: Maybe In a Past Life :: Aweome map and challenge. Userlevel'd.
  • 5-03: By the Window in the Rain :: The latter half of this pack has been awesome.
  • 5-04: Who Am I Waiting For? :: Sick jumper.
  • 6-00: Sanctuary :: Very nice tiles.
  • 6-01: Blankets :: How do you get the gold?
  • 6-02: Dots and Dashes :: Nifty jumps. Didn't like the mines.
  • 6-03: Washed Away :: Good aesthetics but again, didn't like the mines.
  • 6-04: Raincoats :: Without many sections this would be interesting. Like one big column with trapdoors ever ten spaces or so.
  • 7-00: no matter how many seasons pass :: Curious map. Cramped, but not annoyingly so.
  • 7-01: some things just won't change :: How much of this did PALEMOON make? Such a MOONy map.
  • 7-02: if aim for the sun, I'll find my treasure :: I'm bad with races but this one seems fine.
  • 7-03: so I won't hesitate anymore :: Fucking so much better than I expected. Brave. Userlevel'd.
  • 7-04: I'll come at you with all my might! :: Yuck.
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Postby Invalid » 2017.09.23 (23:28)

aids wrote:6-01: Blankets :: How do you get the gold?
Here's a demo:

It's a pretty ridiculous jump.

Thanks for playing, and thank you for the feedback! I loved reading your thoughts.
The last 5 maps were more like dedications I made channeling the spirit of a mapper, and I kinda have mixed feelings about how it turned out, though I laughed at the "Yuck".

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Postby ncr » 2017.09.30 (01:55)

Can I just say, I really liked the concept of the *-99 levels, though I think 2-99 could have more of a "lost" feeling if the exit door and key were tucked just above the gap you can't get through. The not-quite-open feeling of the 2-* levels in general was classic yet fresh at the same time.

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