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Postby  yahoozy » 2014.08.19 (01:37)

Hey guys, it's me: Dr. Cool. Ha ha, just kidding! It's me, Yahoozy! It's a map pack! It's by me, Yahoozy! Here's some info about the pack:

The pack was completed between 09/07/2014 and 18/08/2014.
The pack contains FIVE loosy-juicy episodes of maps I poured my godforsaken soul into, you animals.
SURPRISE! There's a whole SIXTH episode containing collabs with Barabajagal, blue_tetris, lord_day, Orange, and Wizard2!
The pack ascends in difficulty pretty quickly. It should be a challenge for normal players, and hopefully veteran players as well. The collabs aren't ordered according to difficulty; they're bonuses!
The Official BIRD of the pack is the Fischer's lovebird
The Official FLOWER of the pack is the Silverleaf Hydrangea
The Official THEME SONG of the pack is Ready for the World's "Oh Sheila"
The Official 19TH CENTURY WORLD LEADER of the pack is Pedro II of Brazil
The Official FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE of the pack is Martian Manhunter
The Official POST-IMPRESSIONIST PRIMITIVIST JUNGLE SCENE of the pack is Henri Rousseau's "Tiger in a Tropical Storm"

Big ups to ska, lord_day, and Barabajagal for testing these maps for me!

Dedicated to my friend and mentor, Prince.

Fifth Storie.txt
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Postby Sunset » 2014.08.19 (02:48)

10/10 best new mappack

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Postby otters~1 » 2014.08.19 (05:32)

recommended listening while you play this shitshow
the dusk the dawn the earth the sea

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Postby ska » 2014.08.19 (09:54)

it's a really good pack, guys

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Postby Armaghan_Ali » 2014.08.19 (10:20)

Nice Map Pack, Really liked it

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Postby fingersonthefrets » 2014.08.19 (10:54)

really cool!

nice to see play a mappack as well, been a while.

I really liked some of the little threads throughout the pack (stags, fanfare, mountains etc) - brought it together a bit and added a little sense of narrative.

Map quality was great and mostly consistent throughout! A few of the earlier maps in particular had a sense of playfulness I hadn't recognised in your numa submissions as much (though looking back on them, it's definitely there, I think just having a few together makes it clearer).

Based on a quick playthrough I reckon my favourites were:
Storm the castle
pit updraft
laser disappointer
quarryman's qualm
brusque riposte (mainly for that beginning - so good! the end was nice as well, middle felt overly difficult, the mines could have been a little more restrained/lenient etc.)
[though I'd probably have a different selection if I play it again]

Really fun pack though. That combination of a slight sense of narrative + playfulness and solid mapping really made it.

edit: is 'Pistola' a reference to the Mos Def song? Cos if so, love that album, one of my favourites

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Postby  yahoozy » 2014.08.19 (13:16)

Thanks frets, glad you liked it! Yeah, the motifs were going to be even more obvious. How the first episode is based around simple shapes and symbols, and the second episode has only rockets, the third was gonna be all launchpad maps, and the fourth was gonna be a continuous map with different levels, like climbing a tower. In the end I decided to scrap some of the ideas in favor of more variation. Glad you liked Storm the Castle, none of my playtesters really did and it's one of my favorites in the pack. No, no reference there, I just thought it was a fitting name with the theme of the map being the thwumps kinda shooting out as you go by.

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Postby lord_day » 2014.08.19 (15:24)

Excellent pack. Was a lot of fun to playtest.

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Postby Mohit_Ghune » 2014.08.21 (16:40)

The map pack is GREAT, Yahoozy.

My personal opinions:
1-1: Pipe Clamor was noobish and moreover cheatable.
3-0: Quarryman's Qualm was a tad irritating, but only because I couldn't manage a smooth run.
The exit key of 3-1: Needle the Thread was placed devilishly.
4-2: Mount Surrender was pure evil, so I really really liked it.
4-4: Sweethead is easily cheatable. I have attached a partial speedrun showing how.
5-1: Throw in the Tao was surprisingly fun.
The concept of 5-2: Brusque Riposte is really awesome, although I couldn't manage a run.
In my opinion 5-4: spider-thing is the best map of the pack and rightfully the pack finale. It is probably the only kinda-puzzlish map in the pack.

My favorite tiles were of 0-1, 0-3, 1-2, 2-3, 2-4, 3-2 (best tileset), 3-3, 4-0, 4-3, 5-3.
My favorite maps (also those which were the funnest to speedrun) were: 0-2, 0-3, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 4-2 and 5-4.

I am attaching a bunch of my speedruns. I didn't complete 6 levels of the pack. It would be great if you watch my runs. I don't wanna boast, but some runs are pretty impressive. :D
Fifth Storie - M_G's rundata.txt
Collection of my speedruns.
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Postby  yahoozy » 2014.08.21 (16:47)

There are a couple of shortcuts in the pack that I discovered after a few playtests! The reason I left the Sweethead one in is because there's gold in the top right that's only really getable if you go around top. There's also a corner jump in Quarryman's Qualm (which is really hard for me to pull off, so I just left it there so people good enough can get cool runnings) and I think it's still possible to do the double jump off the bounceblock in 5-4. That was Wizard's original intention, but it's so difficult for me to pull off that trick that I instead changed the access to the door area to a precision jump from the key to the slanted tiles.

EDIT: Also, haha, yeah, Pipe Clamor is silly but I like it. It's a really fast map that just shows up in the pack and isn't similar to any of the other maps. I actually didn't know about that 4-tile exploit, that's a cool way to go through that level. Glad you liked Mount Surrender! It's one of my favorites in the pack. N levels are so short that I never feel like repetitions in gameplay make a map stale (for the most part), so when I manage to pull off a really simple idea like climbing up a slope with c-snapped mines while a laser traces your steps, I think the whole map being reiterations of the idea is my favorite way to do it. Not everyone likes it that way, glad you did, and the rest of the pack, too. Thanks for the demos!

EDIT2: ALSO, since so many people are pointing out 5-4, I just wanna mention that the map is like 85% Wizard2. He gave me the initial skeleton which was the thwump part, the bounceblock fall, and the one-way jumper at the bottom. It really was amazing, that dude is king.

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Postby Fraxtil » 2014.09.18 (05:57)

I managed to complete this pack in about 90 minutes last night. It's excellent. You're a much better mapmaker than I am.

0-0: Fanfare: cute little intro. This took me over a dozen attempts for some reason.
0-1: House Flood: Love the tileset. I was surprised when I started wall-sliding in the chimney (not the house chimney, the space between the right two houses), which I think speaks to the overall "confusion" of the map. This review is making zero sense so far. I'm sorry.
0-2: Pagodis: The thwump is annoying because if you try to go from the right side to the left through the top chamber to grab the switch, there's just barely not enough time to go back the same way before the thwump reaches the top. Decent mine placement.
0-3: The Staghead: looks fun to speedrun. Enemies are nicely spaced out.
0-4: Storm The Castle: interesting little puzzle. I'm surprised I haven't seen that thwump-in-2.5-tile-wide-corridor mechanic before; it's neat, and makes me feel kind of claustrophobic.
1-0: Escape from Fanfare: not sure I understand the gold placement, but okay.
1-1: Pipe Clamor: I'm... kind of disappointed that going as fast as you can just works. I was expecting this to be more of a puzzle.
1-2: Thru Hoops For U: this flows really nicely up until the gold at the end where you have to backtrack to the exit. Maybe I'm just missing the ideal path.
1-3: Target Practicioner: I would like this more if it didn't involve rapid-fire walljumping off of one-ways, of which my success rate is comparable to correctly guessing a coin flip. That said, nothing about this map really stood out to me, although the tileset is good for a binary tileset.
1-4: Bottleneck's Climb: I like that you didn't overthink the locked doors; they're possible to cheat, but doing so requires enough effort that it doesn't feel like suspension of disbelief to just go the intended route. Using two doors would have looked tacky anyway. This is a fun, decently tricky jumper.
2-0: Inquisitor: easy and largely uninteresting to me.
2-1: Pit Updraft: interesting, and oddly fun to go for the AGD, but too reminiscent of Pinball for my tastes.
2-2: Turn Me Back Around: this map literally feels like everything is moving faster than in regular N, so props for that. This took me awhile to get the hang of, but I finally got a decent run about an hour ago.
2-3: Hollow Doors: the far right corridor with the gauss turret was super frustrating, especially for a section of the map that you arrive at almost a full minute after the start; this feels more like a #-4 map than a #-3. I don't like that you have to get the one switch in the middle-left and then backtrack to where you started; the map flows nicely aside from that.
2-4: Laser Disappointer: a fun concept, but too easy, in my opinion. Both of the laser drones could have started a tile or two closer to their destinations. 2-3 and 2-4 should switch places.
3-0: Quarryman's Qualm: neat. The first switch is kind of awkward to grab with the jagged tiles and mines, but other than that I like it.
3-1: Needle the Thread: this looked a lot harder at first than it actually is, and I don't know why. Cool map, though, and I enjoy how the laser drone and the floorguard evoke the same feeling of crampedness with thoroughly different mechanics.
3-2: Pistola: Uh, this is blatantly cheatable??? Did you even look at this map after you made it???
3-3: Trales: nice, although this and Mount Surrender feel too similar to each other. Enemies are well-placed and the diagonal pipe in the middle is a lot less frustrating than it looks.
3-4: The Great Firewall: okay, this map is better than anything I'm ever going to make, so I should just quit here. I have nothing to criticize about this map, except maybe that it could use more gold; this has my second lowest completion time, only behind 4-4.
4-0: Mount Surf: The trap door isn't necessary, which is an odd oversight, but I dig the tileset.
4-1: Return to Staghead: nice, although not terribly memorable. Surprisingly easy for a 4-# map.
4-2: Mount Surrender: see my comment on 3-3. This map also has the unfortunate error of being terribly repetitive. This is likely my least favorite from the pack.
4-3: Montezuma in the Sun: design-wise, this is absolutely my personal favorite from the pack. The tiles and objects complement each other beautifully. The overlayed laser drones really pull the map together. The gold behind the exit is a little annoying, but that's the only thing I can find to criticize.
4-4: Sweethead: absolutely deserving of the 4-4 slot. This map is brutal and took me about 30 minutes to complete. It's lacking in gold -- my completion time is squarely under 20 seconds remaining -- but maybe that was intentional, and I can allow that. This map takes a long time to load, too, which is annoying for a map that requires restarting so many times. Also, I guess it's cheatable, which I'm surprised I didn't notice last night and is also kind of surprising for what's ostensibly the "boss" of the pack?
5-0: stockade run: the way this map screws you over if a zap drone spots you is interesting and perhaps unique among the maps I've played in my life. It's also very frustrating, but it's the kind of frustrating that makes the map that much more satisfying to beat. Definitely a highlight from this pack.
5-1: Throw in the Tao: cute; the easiest of the collaborations, I think, but what it lacks in difficulty it makes up for in visual charm.
5-2: Brusque Riposte: god, what? How does this map even work? I've definitely never seen this mechanic before, and it's mind-boggling. The bottom third of the map is kind of a weird transition, but that aside, this is one of the most technically interesting maps I've seen in a long time.
5-3: Slapclacks: who the hell is Orange and why do they like the 4/8 tiles so much? This map's kind of weird and disheveled and I don't know how to feel about it. The gameplay feels like one of my own maps, which is upsetting given that I'm not that big of a fan of how the map plays out.
5-4: spider-thing: well, as long as we're comparing maps to my own style, this feels like a challenge I would have made in 2008/2009, but with much better execution. This map perhaps requires the tightest technique out of the entire mappack, and I have to admit it was a pleasure to finally figure it out from start to finish. Getting to the exit in the corner took me a good couple minutes of staring at the map.

It bears repeating: you're a much better mapmaker than I am, and that makes me sad, but also gives me something to reach for in my own maps. Excellent pack.

Overall faves: Storm The Castle, Turn Me Back Around, The Great Firewall, Montezuma in the Sun, stockade run, Brusque Riposte

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Postby macrohenry » 2014.09.18 (14:41)

Just tossing in a crazy run:

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Postby ska » 2014.09.24 (03:06)

macrohenry wrote:Just tossing in a crazy run:
The bottom right drone dodging bit was kickass.

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Postby aids » 2015.02.04 (22:42)

Sorry that my recording of my play-through was deleted. I wanted to review this before finishing my pack, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 0-0 Fanfare >> Gorgeous gold and tiles, but I felt the minejumper part could be better.
  • 0-1: House Flood >> I wish the gold had more pizazz.
  • 0-2: Pagodis >> I love the drone dynamic but the thwump should be lower.
  • 0-3: The Staghead >> Pretty little thing.
  • 4-0: Storm The Castle >> Great concept, just too long.
  • 1-0: Escape from Fanfare >> A very appropriate continuation of 0-0.
  • 1-1: Pipe Clamor >> Hmmm. Silly map.
  • 1-2: Thru Hoops For U >> I like the off-centeredness.
  • 1-3: Target Practicioner >> Lovely. Userlevel'd.
  • 1-4: Bottleneck's Climb >> It's really hard, especially the last room.
  • 2-0: Inquisitor >> Big fan of the launchpads and the gold patterns.
  • 2-1: Pit Updraft >> Very clever design; it could do without the lowest gold.
  • 2-2: Turn Me Back Around >> Not a fan of the gausses, but I like the simplicity.
  • 2-3: Hollow Doors >> A better layout would make this my favorite.
  • 2-4: Laser Disappointer >> Solid concept, poorly designed.
  • 3-0: Quarryman's Qualm >> Once again, good idea which could use some tweaking.
  • 3-1: Needle The Thread >> The floorguard should've been a drone.
  • 3-2: Pistola >> Not a fan of the map.
  • 3-3: Trales >> I don't like drawn-out maps which don't offer anything to me.
  • 3-4: The Great Firewall >> I think that a mix of floorguards and drones would be good.
  • 4-0: Mount Surf >> Boring.
  • 4-1: Return To Staghead >> The bottom right section could be better.
  • 4-2: Mount Surrender >> Don't like the mine placement. At all.
  • 4-3: Montezuma in the Sun >> This map is great fun. Userlevel'd.
  • 4-4: Sweethead >> Lacking gold and slightly cheatable.
  • 5-0: stockade run >> Cramped but an interesting idea.
  • 5-1: Throw in the Tao >> I dunno how you got b_t, but it was worth it.
  • 5-2: Brusque Riposte >> Incredibly difficult, and probably best left at two levels.
  • 5-3: Slapclacks >> I think the gauss could be removed.
  • 5-4: spider-thing >> Classic, if really really hard.
Enjoy a few demos.
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