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Postby aids » 2015.02.07 (17:54)

Commentary: coming soonish
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Postby shomman » 2015.03.23 (11:12)

Nice pack
Some of these levels felt like, to really enjoy them or appreciate them, more time dedicated was needed, which I did not dedicate, so might be good to keep that in mind. Also, I wasn't highscoring these or anything, just casually playing them for enjoyment:

I've got some simple reviews of each level, except the ones I didn't do.
0 - pesa
Really nice. There were a couple of mildly tough parts, which were great. The gold was nice to collect, and the level was good looking. Simple but not boring.

2 - Twin Spooks
Cool concept, and you didn't clutter the map with too many keys, which was nice. I really enjoyed it, but didn't bother going for an AGD

3 - i have known terror
Cool idea, but was pretty repetitive and annoying at times. I think you lowered the bounciness of the bounce blocks, which was good. no crazy flying all over the place. Definitely not trying for an AGD on that. Still enjoyable to get up, when essentially speedrunning it.

4 - reaper
Nice level, I liked the structure and direction without any definite path

5 - Wandolin
Cool level. At first is a bit daunting with all the drones moving but I got the gold without too much trouble, and it was really satisfying.

6 - Bromance
Pretty tough with those two rockets, but when not going for an AGD was not an issue. Cool use of teleportation.

7 - Cassania
Found this pretty annoying, maybe i'm just the wrong speed chimneyyer (that is, pretty slow), but i couldn't find any method other than going ridiculously slow

8 - As of Late [NReality]
Really liked this one, but there was some gold that was too tough. Middle bottom was the main issue. Liked the slow moving drones, although I didn't think i would when i first saw it.

9 - this is what giving up looks like.
didn't make me want to give up (thankfully). Had good fun messing around with routes, and i liked the routes the drones took.

10 - Obscene
Cool level, too tough for me. some of the jumps i needed to do up to 10 times, which wasn't great fun in a non jumper.

11 - controlled mines
Good level.

12 - Cazaryth Catacombs
What a level. Really loved it. Just great.

13 - A Sigh, The Sky and Second Thoughts
Eh, cool parts in this level, but that first gold batch with the drone was too annoying and slow. the floorguard gold I didnt even try to get all. Liked quite a few of the other jumps and sections

14 - Argon Ave.
Cool level. Coming from v2, I find those one-way pass throughs like that endlessly fun. Kinda tough, skipped out on the top most gold and sometimes the bottom gold.

15 - Feature-Baiting
Not a fan

16 - Even The Tightest Security Has Loopholes
Man this is cool. I really enjoyed this. Loved the floorguard movement, the bounce pads and the everything. Awesome stuff

18 - Antechambers
Nice design. Some nice tight jumps and movements, but too slow

20 - Sector-CXII
Damn cool design, Damn cool gold, Damn good use of machine gun

21 - Hick
Didn't really like this very much. Some close drone dodges, which was nice, but the map felt too open and almost spammy with gold

22 - Solar Expansion
Nice use of whatever the hell that thing is called. Wasn't too tough, but appropriately punished my shitty runs. Good short level.

26 - 10 - Tertiary
Liked the simplicity, Drone was cool

27 - 32 - Apropos
See above, drones*

28 - 40 - Lilacs
Harder than the previous two, liked it less

29 - 44 - Up
Right, that's it. That is now the Aidiera Tile shape. Inverted thingy was lovely, drones were a little annoying but fun level.

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Postby aids » 2015.03.23 (17:58)

shomman wrote:(nothing but good things)
Awww, you're wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As soon as you drop a pack I'll repay the kindness. <3


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Postby lifdoff » 2015.05.13 (10:25)

Okay so.

I've had these loaded into the userlevels of my work computer, so whenever I feel like slacking, this pack is what I've been playing. Sadly, it doesn't save demos, so you'll just have to take my word for it that I completed most of these levels.

I'll do short reviews.

pesa: I love the atmosphere of this, and how relaxed it plays. Beautiful tiles, too. One pet peeve is that one small gold circle that's smaller than the other three.

gnawing: Cool tiles once again, and the drone pathing is impeccable. Good use of teleporters too, but I think your signature gold style is becoming a little stale.

Twin Spooks: Wonderful. Nothing bad to say about that. The middle chimney to the top is so sexy.

i have known terror: Annoying. Cool idea, and I like the modded launchpads, but the execution doesn't work for me at all.

reaper: Awwww yeah. If this were on NUMA, I'd 5ave it. Maybe even consider a feature. I love how you make the cramped nature of the gameplay work.

Wandolin: Harder than it looks. AGD is a little annoying, but it's fun to speedrun.

Bromance: Felt like symmetry for the sake of it, but I like how it's constructed. Those rockets are brutal when going for AGD.

Cassania: Interesting idea, and very exhilirating when beaten, but a little to frustrating for me, especially when you end up veering out of the chimney into the drone tunnels.

As of Late: Cooooool. Lovely and creative use of the air-jump mod. The gold behind the locked doors feels disproportionally hard to get, but other than that, I love this.

this is what giving up looks like: Simple and fun. Had a lot of fun thinking of fun routes for this one.

Obscene: Masterful use of chainguns, and the tiles are so sexy. 5aved if it ever gets to NUMA.

controlled mines: A little repetitive, but I like it. The rockets are really well placed.

Cazaryth Catacombs: Awesome. Loved it on NUMA, love it now. Amazing atmosphere.

A Sigh, The Sky and Second Thoughts: You use this tile type really well in general, but this is one of the weaker ones imo. Good gold placement though, and the zap drones are well placed.

Argon Ave.: Reminds me of Basedgod somewhat. I like how the sections are different but the map still feels cohesive.

Feature-Baiting: Not getting one from me, I'm afraid. Pretty easy, and not a lot to it. Also the replayability is pretty dang low. Lovely tiles, but they're just windowdressing, and the gameplay doesn't excite me.

Even the Tightest Security Has Loopholes: Funtastic. Awesome. Love it.

Temple Thief: Another awesome exploratory map - they really shine in this mappack. The rocket in the upper right area is great.

Antechambers: Lovely. A lot better than A Sigh... Very good drone timing, and that exit switch is such a thrill to get.

dissonance: Nice DDA, love the thwump propulsion, but it feels weird as part of a mappack.

Sector-CXII: Lovely tiles, and the one ways with the gold are superb. Good enemy placement as well.

Hick: Mmmmh. Not sure about this one, it feels like you could have done a lot more with the NReality mods. The lasers are really cool though.

Solar Expansion: Awesome use of the Alarm Drone. The gold looks great too.

Qeymas: I really dig this aesthetically, but I found the jumps a little tough, making this a frustrating affair. Didn't beat it, can you supply a demo on how to get to the bottom left?

Conquer and Divide: Awesome. The KRA part is great, and the top layers are a lot of fun when desperately dodging the gauss. One of my favourites from the pack.

the west ward: Rather repetitive, but still fun. I think there's slightly too many seekers though, it would benefit from being a little easier.

10 - Tertiary: Pretty bland.

32 - Apropos: Better, but still nothing to write home about. I like the aesthetics here.

40 - Lilacs: Meh.

44 - Up: Very nice. Love the inverted tile look and the seekers pose a fun challenge.

All in all, I dug this pack a lot. Great aesthetics and varied gameplay made for a fun time playing the levels. Thanks for making this, it made my days at work a lot more bearable. :P

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Postby aids » 2015.05.13 (21:04)

lifdoff wrote:loads of awesome things
I love you.


Also, prepare to have your mind blown.

Code: Select all


Except for the for four from mantra, all the "genres" of the maps are NUMA map numbers. :D

Thank you for the commentary. I'll be sure to stream a playthrough of Countdown once I have a better PC.


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