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Posted: 2015.04.18 (20:55)
by blacklef2


15 maps designed for your pleasure.

Time making: 3 months

Sink in.



Posted: 2015.04.18 (20:56)
by lifdoff

Will play now. The maps that I playtested were excellent.


Posted: 2017.04.10 (10:57)
by aids
00 first bliss :: The laser is pretty hard. But nifty tricks here.
01 in :: I found this one to be difficult as well.
02 jackdemise :: I don't like the combination of the gausses and the laser.
03 monarchy :: Quite terrible choice of enemies. Could've been a fun jumper.
04 Radiant Hair :: Again, could have been a cool puzzle, but the gausses ruin it.
05 random sonata :: I tried for about fifteen minutes to get one of those cool thwump cornerkicks, but couldn't. So we'll just pretend like I did. Pretty good map.
06 Radiant Manifold :: I remember this from NUMA. Tough but fun.
07 cicada travels :: I swear I'm not in a bad mood. I just don't like this.
08 Radiant King :: Aha! This is both a well-realized and clever puzzle. More of this please. Userlevel'd.
09 VALHALLA [233470] :: Hard as balls.
10 Radiant Queen [234458] :: Why do you make such difficult maps? Not hard, just tedious.
11 Hellstvrm :: It's almost comical how stupid the journey to the ending is.
12 old valet :: Arrrrgh why do you make these so hard!?
13 Radiant Door :: You probably could have made a map out of this tileset. As is, very pretty.
14 Radiant Stinger :: Now, this one is very tough. But it's fairly enjoyable so I liked it.

Here are my demos.