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Postby aids » 2017.07.01 (19:31)

A long time ago when this was in full swing, I was invited to participate, but at the time I didn't feel like a worthwhile addition. Unfortunately it never reached its full potential, without being properly organized or ranked. So in honor of the many hours and individuals who worked on this endeavor, I have attempted to arrange all the submissions by difficulty. The link below includes an updated and organized packs page. It probably won't be perfect, but maybe it will help a little. (Note: The last few dozen maps are the ones I disliked and they aren't part of the difficulty curve. They're the ones after the "Thin Line" Trilogy.)

If you'd like to play the unsorted and unmodified pack, click here. Many thanks for all the mappers for helping to create such a wonderful snapshot of the community.)

(PS: This pack is missing two maps, and if you can figure out which ones, let me know.)

(PPS: Instead of the proper 00-0 format, I had to use the 000 format. If any of you know of a quick way to switch numbering formats, feel free to let me know.)
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