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Postby PALEMOON » 2009.01.10 (21:12)

(30.81 KiB) Downloaded 239 times
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Postby Cheez » 2009.01.10 (21:37)

I had a blast playing this! :D
Seriously, you are one of my many favorite mapmakers.
Your maps are funny, creative, and challenging all at the same time.
Everyone should know you here, and ought to see some of your maps too! I just got LLL and AGHS from the old Metanet forums today, and they are awesome.

You inspired me.
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Postby toasters » 2009.01.11 (00:44)

I like every single map in here, except for Chillout because that damn puppy keeps killing me >.<
This is great work guys, I think it's partly because both of your mapping styles mesh so well.
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Postby yungerkid » 2009.01.11 (00:46)

yeah, they were good, and i had fun playing them. i personally like it best when maps are based entirely around a single gameplay/object/tileset motif. so i thought the pack was somewhat uninspired. but i did have fun.

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Postby otters~1 » 2009.01.14 (16:55)

Add this to the pinned mappack thread! I nearly missed it!
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Postby LouDog004 » 2009.01.19 (00:01)

Just allgolded this. Pretty fun maps with some weird object stuff. Also a couple NaN issues.

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Postby Mae » 2009.04.27 (15:30)

Mm, I enjoyed it. Nothing really stands out and it was all quite random, but I enjoyed it.

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Postby chocollama » 2009.04.29 (03:43)

how do you make a mappack, i'm thinking of doing one

and btw, PALEMOON, you are my (tied) #1 author

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Postby ChaoStar » 2009.05.08 (12:09)

chocollama wrote:how do you make a mappack, i'm thinking of doing one

and btw, PALEMOON, you are my (tied) #1 author
Everyone loves PALEMOON ;_;

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Postby Neil_Bryan » 2009.05.23 (03:46)

Like the mappack, PALEMOON. Amazing!
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Postby bobaganuesh_2 » 2009.05.30 (02:40)

played the whole pack, and it's real swell. the second or third last level (the big drop one) is probably the best of the pack, or the first or second one. nice job!

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