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Postby fishsicles » 2009.04.28 (01:15)

Current Pack Version: 0.0.1

For the majority of you who've not looked at my more recent NUMA releases (below), I've been working with a stylistic thing for interior maps. I'm sure it's been done before, but I've been experimenting with it for a while. Only three of my 'tests' (first three maps) and the original map (the last map) ever made it to NUMA... I'm already at ten or so 'experiments in cavernosity'. I'm really just posting to get this out: more maps will be periodically added to the pack.

Maps from NUMA:

Non-Posted Maps:
V0.0.0: opulence, nebulaic, revelation of chaos, introversion
V0.0.1: nexus
EIC Maps.txt
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Postby blackson » 2009.04.28 (12:11)

I'll have a look at this later. Try not to get stuck on one very specific style, it's hard to get out of!

Edit: The maps seemed to be a little too cluttered and frustrating for my liking. Maybe work on your aesthetics?

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Postby Rule » 2009.05.22 (13:24)

I didn't like these maps at all, sorry


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Postby MattKestrel » 2009.05.22 (16:11)

Rule wrote:I didn't like these maps at all, sorry
So why is it worth it for you to bring these maps up again?

I actually quite liked this series. It was a bit cramped and sketchy, but there were some decent mechanics going on and I liked the overall look.

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