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Which levels did you enjoy most?

Upward Spiral
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Border Crossing
Mountain Home Fortress
Pit Trap
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Mechanical Platforms
Hot Air Balloons
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Postby Amadeus » 2009.05.23 (22:57)

I'd like to thank Skypanda, ATOB, AMLT, Kkstrong, and everyone else who helped and inspired me to put this pack together. Really, thanks guys.
I also included my favorite picks from Quantum Matter in an extension, so I'd love to thank Kablizzy and Life247 for both giving me a guiding hand and playtesting, respectively. Entirely appreciated.

Without further unneeded procrastination, I present the epitome of my mapping up to this point... Cosmic Matter.
Cosmic Matter.txt
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Postby toasters » 2009.05.23 (23:42)

9 is easily the best level here. Wonderfully episodic, and the atmosphere is great. The others are all ok; composed gameplay but no real character. It may be me, but there are some overtly influenced maps in here as well. But overall it's quite a good pack.
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Postby Riobe » 2009.05.24 (00:55)

Cosmic Matter 3/5 - S'ok. Didn't have much to it, and some parts were a bit awkward as well. Not bad though.
Revolutionae 4/5 - Simple, great fun.
Upward Spiral 3/5 - Again, not much to it, but still not bad. Chaingun part was the best.
Border Crossing 4/5 - Simple, great fun. :P
Mountain-home Fortress 3.5/5 - Nice tiles and gameplay, just a little lackluster is all.
Pit Trap 3.5/5 - I'm getting a bit of deja vu here. :P Cool map. I like the little underground chambers.
Mechanical Platforms 3/5 - I like the gameplay a bit, but again, some parts are a bit awkward.
Hot Air Balloons 3.5/5 - Running around in this map was fun. :D
Temple 4.1/5 - The chaingun was very well placed in coordination with the gold and thwumps. Very nice!
Pipe Dream 3/5 - The seeker didn't really pose much of a threat, but the rocket was nice.
Swamp 3.5/5 - Very nice tiles. The gameplay wasn't half-bad either.
Aquarius 2.5/5 - Seemed like a filler to me. One of the more generic maps in the pack, unfortunately. :/
Kelp 3/5 - Overall, above average. IT was fun, however like a few others in this pack had it's awkward moments.
Besieged 3.5/5 - Although it's the last map, it isn't the best. However, it was still pretty fun to play in the end. :)

Overall, I did actually like this pack. It had it's bad moments, and it's good moments, as most mappacks do. Still, I liked it, and this pack in my opinion deserves a:

3.5/5. Good job! :)

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Postby MattKestrel » 2009.05.24 (10:05)

I much preferred this to the original. I'm glad to see you've come out of your shell a little more with these maps. They still have a few generic roots, but it's actually turning into a great, enjoyable style for me. I look forward to everthing else that'll Matter too. ;)

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Postby toasters » 2009.05.24 (11:54)

Submit Mountain-home Fortress to NUMA!
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Postby Mustardude » 2009.05.24 (17:01)

Great shit dude! I'd rate it 4.5/5
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Postby aleclso » 2009.05.24 (20:08)

Good Job. Quite enjoyable.

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Postby otters~1 » 2009.05.25 (02:03)

Solid mappack. As I was AGDing it just now, I kept trying to figure out which influences were shining through, and I couldn't pin one down. I felt some Vehemence, a little atob, and there was definitely one mahi style map.

On the whole, good pack.
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Postby Zephyr » 2009.05.25 (20:40)

Oh God
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Postby boonie92 » 2009.05.26 (23:48)

awesome pack mate

i love these maps...pretty easy...yet all fun to play. and thats whats its all meant to be about right...?
4/5 for the whole pack

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Postby SkyPanda » 2009.05.27 (08:06)

OKay I finalllyyyy got around to playing all of these. :P
after some deliberation, my favourite is... kelp!

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Postby OneSevenNine » 2009.05.28 (00:39)

I like it. None of the maps seem extraordinarly good, and none really shine out that much from the rest, but they were all decent and the aesthetics and atmosphere were generally great.
:loud music:
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Postby Amadeus » 2009.05.28 (04:17)

I tried for a figure head; unfortunately it didn't pull through.
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