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sunflowers, thresh back
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maximum speed 30 mph
autumn breeze
save baby penguin
another brick in the wall
exhausted lighthouse keeper
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what's over your head
sun rises, tree falls
deep in the mystical forest
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digital flowers don't need watering
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collapsing biosphere
recognising the good too late
panoramic mountain view
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mars attacks
from dusk till dawn
fusioning planets
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Postby da_guru » 2009.06.11 (15:37)

I don't want to text anything unnecessary here.
I'll try and get it right on the dot
Excuse me for being so curt.
I hope you enjoy and let me know you enjoyed it (or not).
Although the downloader is king, I expect anyone downloading this pack to leave a short comment below.
Thanks for your collaboration.
See you later, alligator.


p.s. It was downloaded about 100 (!!!) times until now, but only 8 people commented. I think that's sad. Imagine it would be your own map-pack and feel with me...!
Pictures of a forgotten world.txt
corrected tags
old version 6 times downloaded
(36.62 KiB) Downloaded 447 times
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Postby Seneschal » 2009.06.11 (17:10)

I think your general problem here is gameplay. The aesthetics are usually OK but I found that in most of the maps I played there wasn't enough room to manoeuvre, or there were too many enemies, or the gold looked ugly, etc.
Also, the names in the aims section and the names next to the map data are not the same.
I would advise that you get other people to thoroughly playtest and give you constructive criticism on the maps before releasing.

Hmm, after a more thorough play through, I found that generally I liked these maps, only in some cases I felt they could have been better playtested.
Hope this helps.

Ok, a step by step breakdown including what I would rate it on NUMA:

01 - This doesn't look too good in full view, although I could see what you were trying in the thumbnail. The gameplay here was quite good, especially with the thwump pushing you along, although the z-snapped gold, gold half in tiles and switches behind gold looked ugly to me. The spaces to escape the drones and thwump were too small, as well. 2.5
02 - Again, it looks much better in the thumbnail. The tiles really obstructed the gameplay imo, although some parts were ok. I didn't like the floorguards, I didn't think they added anything to the map. Overall, there were some nice ideas but it's extremely difficult and quite a long. 2
03 - This looks great. I thought the tiles would make it annoying to move around but with just the one enemy (which was surprisingly effective) it was easily manageable. Quite fun with a nice ending. 4
04 - The floorguard/one-way combo was actually pretty annoying, if quite clever. The gold was quite tricky to get, but passable. Overall, this was annoying rather than fun imo, but well constructed and looked pretty good. 3.5
05 - Hmm...this was a little boring but getting the switch was reasonably challenging. 2.5
06 – This didn’t look as good as some of the others, but I liked the drone mechanics and the laser drone bit was quite nice. 4
07 – It looked nice but despite the clever ideas with the doors, I found that the oneways made the gameplay quite frustrating. 2.5
08 – Haha. This reminds me of our collab. I really like this one, I like the alternating enclosed and open sections, I felt the gausses worked really well and the chaingun at the end was a nice challenge. It looks brilliant. Some may consider the gold to look ugly, but I didn’t. 4.5
09 – Another pretty map. I liked the gameplay here, too, it wasn’t too difficult but it wasn’t ridiculously easy, either. Usually enemies inside tiles don’t work, but I think it did here. 4
10 – Another tree map! Tiles again were great, and generally the gameplay was ok. The sheer length of the map, however, was self-defeating imo. 3
11 – More nice drone mechanics here, I haven’t seen that particular one used before. It didn’t look as good as some of your others, but then they set a high standard. Although I liked the gameplay, the sheer number of drones became overpowering when trying to get the third switch. 3
12 – This looked absolutely fantastic. I love the thumbnail, especially when not paused, with the drones in the centre. I’m in two minds about the chainguns…I liked them, but it made the already pretty hard map even harder. 4
13 – Nice tiles, gameplay was generally ok, except the end was very cramped and difficult to get through. 3
14 – I didn’t really see this one – I presume the big thing is meant to be Nessy? Anyway, nice gameplay and I liked the optional gold section. 3.5
15 – The section with the 4 lasers was too overpowering for me – it was nearly impossible to get in and out again. The gameplay generally was ok, and nice to see a teleporter creeping in. Overall, just long and difficult, although the thumbnail is cool. 2
16 – It looked nice, but the chainguns didn’t really fit the map, imo: with the enclosed spaces, it was too difficult to manoeuvre. Otherwise, good. 3
17 – I’m not a fan of floating floorguards, usually. However, here I felt they worked quite well. Nice tiles and gameplay which was puzzlish yet somehow also quite straightforward. My only major complaint would be that getting the exit switch is quite fiddly. 4
18 – Looked nice, I liked the quick-thinking I had to do to survive. 4
19 – The tiles looked great, just a shame that the gameplay was too cramped. The rocket doesn’t work well in such a small area. I wasn’t a fan of the huge number of switches, either, and the plethora of gausses was quite annoying. That said, the chaingun on the exit was a nice touch, and the floorguards were quite good. 2.5
20 – Whoa! After playing, I looked at the thumbnail and was completely surprised to see what this was; very nice tiles indeed. The gameplay was ok, but I found it worked much better two, or even just the one rocket, as 4 was quite overpowering. Oh, and the teleporter didn’t work for me, I think you should tighten that up. 3
21 – Another fantastic tileset. I like your decision not to include enemies here; it has a really relaxing feel which was very pleasant. Getting the exit switch is quite difficult, however. 4
22 – I didn’t like the switches covered by the gausses here, and the gameplay was a bit too cramped for my tastes. 2

So your average rating from me is 3.2
I hope this is more useful than what I said before.

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Postby chume14 » 2009.08.01 (10:46)

Got the mappack played the first 6 and its looking very nice better feedback in a couple of days when I've had time to play it properly
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Postby hmm » 2009.08.17 (05:20)

my first mappack is out!



p.s:i made the entire picture. the dragon from coreldraw and the rest from adobe photoshop

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Postby hmm » 2009.11.23 (07:09)

ok... here's my feedback...sorry for the delay...

01-very fun to play and its also challenging. i like it. and unlike seneschal, i like the appearance even in full view.
02-well this is kinda hard after getting the keys at the bottom...but its fun.
03-i like the tileset but i think the gameplay is a little too simple...
04-"save baby penguin"? NEVER!!!! lol .just joking. not as fun as the first three.
05-a nice little rocket dodge challenge. i like it.
06-wow. he's so exhausted, he's out of his mind. trying to kill people with lasers! a fun map. :D
07-the idea is simple but playing it isn't...ingenious! lol...i don't think i even know the real meaning of ingenious..
08-piece of cake...but very fun. i like the Gauss placements
09-aaaaaahhhh! I'm blinded!!!! kinda easy..but nice tileset!
10-floating trees... me likey!nice tileset. love the gameplay!
11-you're right...they bloom on there own when the see a ninja and quickly wither away...did i get the spelling right? nevermind.anyways, its a fun map
12-hard .. very hard
13-easy at first but the last part is hard to go through.
14-a good map. nessy wouldn't happen to be the lochness monster would it?
15-sorry for being so late.lol.fun maps...very addictive.
16-nice tiles.good gameplay.really fun
17-whats a yucca? fun map anyways.
18-castle in the sky!!!funny little map
19-the name means it when it says thunderstruck. its a gooood map
20-aaahhh! martians! cool teleporter...i can only make teleporters which teleport you to a very short distance.
21-very hard. but its not that boring either. somewhere around the middle.
22-Fuuu....sion! ha! earth and mars has fused together to become one planet known as mears...lol!!! very fun map.especially the mines!

i'm sorry if they are a little too short. i'm not good at this stuff. and as you said, im not good at naming maps either.

oh and could you check this map? i think its a great improvement for me.
my first mappack is out!



p.s:i made the entire picture. the dragon from coreldraw and the rest from adobe photoshop

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Postby hmm » 2009.11.24 (14:38)


average rating=3.8(just take it as a 4)
my first mappack is out!



p.s:i made the entire picture. the dragon from coreldraw and the rest from adobe photoshop

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Postby hmm » 2009.11.24 (14:41)


thats for the poll
my first mappack is out!



p.s:i made the entire picture. the dragon from coreldraw and the rest from adobe photoshop

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Postby chume14 » 2009.11.30 (00:27)

01: sunflowers, thresh-back

Very good nice mechanics.
I especially liked the begining and the drones.
I would remove the bottom of the 3 mines which are vertiacally above each other as it always killed me through the wall.
Also I would remove the gold thats on top of the door-keys next the the thwump in top-left and the gold just below it cause it looks bad and you have to go there anyway to get the keys.

02: maximum speed 30mph

Didn't like it that much the gold was kinda ugly and seemed to be spread around pretty random.
The tile-set was quite confused and awkward to work through.
The bit with drones and one-ways in the bottom was interesting but it was too short and easy I wish it had made up more of the map.

03: autumn breeze

I don't know about this I like the tiles and the idea of it being stuff blowing in the wind.
I think it maybe would have been better if the gold had more followed the path with regular distance between each peice of gold of the wind and that path had been a kinda flowy path you could run along taking you more past the rocket maybe using more launch-pads.
Doesn't really seem the kind of map which fits very well in a pack

04: save baby penguin

Already reviewed this on numa and said I love it.
Maybe the gold could would have benifited a bit from being more radial like in out collab than clumped I rarely think it looks good when gold is touching other gold corner to corner like that.
This would be a favorite from the pack.

05: another brick in the wall

Wasn't really that interesting but quite good gameplay.
If you had done the pack episodically it would make a good level for the start of an episode like sort warm up.
Not sure what the thing coming out the wall was was it a guy falling.

06: the exusted light house keeper

Didn't like this looked ugly played bad.
I'm not quite sure how you could make it better though sorry maybe make the drone area smaller with less drones at the bottom so you could lure them all out and make the bottom easier.

07: what's over your head

Cool level fits well in this map-pack
I've seen that drone splitting mechanism before but it's awesome and not used much (might borrow it sometime will credit if I do)
Tile-set and one-ways create a cool atmosphere.
There is one peice of gold which is half in the tile which is really hard to get I don't like that that much.
Another favorite from the pack

08: sun rises tree falls

Nice tileset a little much gold
Again I'm not that keen on the gold that is corner to corner with itself like it is in the crosses of this map however it can sometimes work when it represents something.
I think the crosses on the tree with the door-keys in the middle look kinda like fruit and kinda fit in however elsewhere on the map this works.
Definitly remove the single peices of gold that are lying around they don't look or play good and remove the unneeded crosses.
Remember just cause you have a tileset with tons of little crevices and places the player can go there is no reason to force the player to visit all of them its not nessesary and can make for tedius gameplay.
I think you can keep the gold above the exit-key cause thats cool and fits but basically watch this demo and I get all the gold I think is good and avoid the stuff I think shouldn't be there

You would have to change up the bottom a bit to make it more challenging possibly adding oneways which you have to make it down through as they are kinda a theme of this map pack and would fit well with the chain-gun

09: blinded by the sunlight

ok Would have looked better if you had code edited the position of the gold to make it a proper circle.
The gold that touched mines was slighly annoying but there wouldn't have been that much challenge without it so I'm not sure.

10: deep in the mystical forest

Agian I think you made a really intricate tileset and thought you had to use every tiny little space it had on offer.
This map needed about half the gold and even completion was to long don't put looked-door-keys next to gold like that.
However the launchpad theme was cool and maybe you could have expanded this a bit at times they were used really well.

11: digital flowers don't need watering

Interesting tile-set and concept.
The drone lureing became a bit repetitive I think I would have taken out the 2 locked-doors making only the middle flower compulsory and the other 2 flowers optional gold challenges (this works especially well as the gold is closer in on these ones).
The use of the single 4-tile felt a bit odd it's always weird having a map with only one or two curved tiles in it I would have replaced it with a D-tile or a 3-tile.

12: collapsing biosphere

It's a good map well designed I just find the first and last jumps quite annoying.
Looks cool and the chainguns are good so it's still worth

13: mind your head

Interesting I like the combination of thwumps and puzzle jumping as well and the optional gold challenges.
I didn't like the end it feels unnatural and irritating.
I think it might maybe have been slightly more interesting as a level if you'd fliped the one-ways upsidown making the jumps requires slighly more interesting and perilous would have required a little bit of level redesign though.

14: nes..sy?!you're still there!

I'm not quite sure what to say about this one it's not very interesting and I'm not sure what the tile-sets meant to be.
Is it maybe the head of the lock ness monster (just got that from the title) anyway I started playing around with it and got a bit carried away so here's an edited version.


15: recognising the good too late

Strange map I'm not quite sure what's going on in the tileset is it a man with is arms in frount of him or is he chopping down a tree maybe can't be sure.
The whole thing seemed quite messy with too many objects and ideas scattered all over the place and too much gold that was just awkward to get and unnessesary like under the hat and in the middle.
There were some cool mechanics the 4 lasers grew on me after a couple of plays when I inetially didn't like them could be used for larger aspect of a map and I liked how the rocket was kra'd as you went to collect the exit-key so you could pass the turret on the way back
I never like it when trap-doors are used to block of enemies its a rubish and usually unnessesary effect.
Also the bottom right seemed a bit uninspited and pointless seemed like you just wanted to use the space and had to use 2 teleporters to do so even though you had nothing to put in it.
Maybe a repeat of the multilaser mechanic would have worked there but there's no real reason you have to use the space at all.
Definitely remove the gold under the hat the teleporter spawning you above the exit makes it even more annoying to reach.
All this critisism is making the map sound worse than it actually was I did actually enjoy it quite a lot there's just quite a lot you could improve on.

16: panoramic mountain view

Enjoyable - picture tile-set and chainguns used very well good atomosphere.
I liked how it was more calm outside and then became more claustrophobic and intense inside this is possibly the first time I've seen chainguns and floorguards used effectivly as an ememy combo very cool.
Also the touching gold worked quite well here for once and I liked it how the sun seemed to pulse as the level loaded I think it would have probably been better with just this though and not the single peices on the tops of the mountains which I didn't like.


17: yucca

Very nice tile-set as per usual I like this gold also.
The floor-guards were well used but I wish you'd made more of the possible puzzle element of the map with sections where you had to go down one path to draw the guard and then another to get at the gold kinda like what you did in the top right
I didn't like the exit-key launch-pad mechanic I think it would have been better where this just defended by guards like the door-keys.


18: panic at a dreamy castle

Again nice tile-set and gold and the drones were well used.
The mines look ugly though and the gauss seem out of place and didn't do much.
I'm not quite sure what you were going for with the door setup you only needed one of those two bottom doors to be open to reach the exit-key but to reach the key to open the right one you had to have been round and already opened the left one so that door essentially serves no purpose.
I also don't know if you intended those bottom one-ways to be cheatable on the right via the 5-tile if you didn't you have to go round twice which is annoying but if you did fair enough.


19: tunderstruck

Wasn't a fan of this (although it's an awesome song) the gold was random with lots of side by side gold diffrent styles and single peices in awkward space you would never want to go and the tile-set although good was very messy and awkward and the bit around the exit was ugly.
Getting repetitively stuck in the little holes at the bottom and then killed by the floor-guard was infuriating and the guasses were too overpowering at points.
Going back and forth is barely ever fun also. there were too many doors in this.


20: mars attacks

I loved the idea of this and although the tile-set was crazy it worked in exactly the way the previous one didn't there were lots of flowy interesting paths to be found across the saucers and the gold was fun to get.
There were lot's of doors but not to much back and forth the teleporter at the end was kinda unnessesary but didn't take anything away cause it fitted with the theme of the map.
The 4 rocket made an awesome boss enemy bringing firepower that consistently kept you on your toes but was never to overpowering and it was cool how depending on the route you took sometimes the rockets came at different angles and you had to try and account for it.
Kinda wish you could get round the top of the saucer above the middle-left switch.
Found the gameplay really addictive started of just liking it a bit and grew to love it.


21: from dusk till dawn

Played this on numa and as I said then it's a really good combination of puzzley bounce-block trials got a really nice theme running throughout the map.
I didn't like how the hardest one came first though getting back past that first bounce-block was disproportionately hard to the whole of the rest of the level especially as it came so early on also the gold added little extra challenge which it should have.
I think it would have been better if there hadn't been a switch behind that first bounce-block only gold that have significantly separated agd from completion in terms of difficulty and would have made the map more accesable.
Still great that's fairly minor don't get me wrong.


22: fusioning planets

It was ok the mine dodging sections were quite well done but got a little irritating the rocket was fun but the gauss annoying.
I would have called something like eclipse instead and I wouldn't have put it as the last in the pack I would have used something like mars attacks instead probably.
It did look quite impressive and different and the gold was ok.


Summary of thoughts

It was a good pack I enjoyed it the maps ranged from average to exception but basically none were bad.
I added a rating system based roughly on numa's to help distinguish which ones I though were better and which worse don't take it to seriously a map which scored 3.7 is not nessesarily better that a map which scored 3.6 I'm not that consistent but it just gives a rough idea which I hope helps you to focus on your strengths.
My favorite maps were 4, 7 and 20
My least favorite were 6 and 19
Your strenghts and examplefied in this pack seem to be
-Kick ass tile-sets
-Inovative enemy combinations
-Use of many one-ways, thwumps and bounce-blocks
-Good concept and themeing in your maps
Your weaknesses seem to be
-A desire to fill every little corner of a tile-set you have created even if the space is not well suited to any particular gameplay.
-Using too much gold in too many places (related to above) often touching and ugly just try and make sure it's fun to collect always and limit yourself.
-Sometimes you use launch-pads and gausses where they don't work well
I hope this all makes you happy and helps you to do even better in the future cause it tooka a long time. Keep mapping you're one of the most inovative people around there are others whose maps are more tecnically proficient and clean than yours; but their maps ofter bore me yours are always interesting.
I think quite a lot of people looked at our map I was happy with the amount of attention it got even if they didn't follow my link.
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Postby chume14 » 2010.02.05 (19:33)

Complete set of demos for the map-pack. Thought I'd submit got most of these in my original play through where I gave feedback but some of the harder ones I only got recently. I was originally gonna get all agd's but some were just too much it's still mostly agd's. Some of them are good demos some of them are just the one time I made it you should watch them cause some took ages to get. This was fun to do :)

01 AGD (soo long but great)

02 Completion

03 AGD

04 AGD

05 AGD

06 Completion

07 AGD-1 (not sure that one remaining piece is possible or not possibly APGD)

08 Completion (selective gold for demonstration purposes)

09 AGD

10 Completion

11 AGD (got to like this more the more I played it slightly fluky demo)

12 AGD

13 Completion

14 Completion

15 Completion

16 AGD

17 AGD

18 AGD

19 Completion (Difficult)

20 AGD

21 AGD

22 AGD
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Postby da_guru » 2010.02.07 (19:52)

thanks to all three of you: Seneschal, hmm and especially to chume14 for commenting on each PLUS submitting all demos...

@chume14: wow, those were some impressive demos.
03 is supposed to be an only-jumping map, so your AGD actually doesn't count...:p
04: that's a death AGD demo!!!
06: crazy last jump...
10: well-done! I haven't completed it myself yet.
11: whoah, so many close-calls in the end, weird
13+14: bit lame...
19: you were quite lucky, but great run, I'm also still working on a completion...
21: so funny this one bounce block hold you back about five times...

@all: I'm longing for some more comments...

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Postby Cheez » 2010.03.31 (00:50)

My favorite is probably the third map, awesome atmosphere, cool tiles.

There's some really cool ideas in here; you just need to refine them.
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Postby nevershine » 2010.06.09 (12:54)

Cheez wrote:There's some really cool ideas in here; you just need to refine them.
I pretty much agree with Cheez. you got a few nice concepts in here, but the maps are still way to unrefined and need a lot of polish.

und danke für dein feedback für Megalith! :)

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Postby formica » 2010.06.10 (12:10)

These are special.

I especially liked Yucca. It had a great vibe to it somehow.

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Postby Chrdrenkmann » 2010.07.05 (16:44)

It's time to give my feedback.
Warning: I'm a very critical person!

1 - Very nice first and challenging map. I had problems with the thwump room but the game play was ok. 4/5
2 - Interesting tileset but the game play was horrible in my opinion. I liked the drone train though. 2,5/5
3 - Hm. Don't know how to deal with this. The atmosphere is good but the rocket is too inactive for my taste. 2,5/5
4 - Meh. The gold in the upper left corner was dumb (although it's supposed to be the sun) and the one ways were absolutely annoying. 2/5
5 - Looks like a "Hurry up!" map. A bit boring and short. 2,5/5
6 - Nah. The gold around the bounce blocks was bad placed and I didn't like the laser/seeker drone combination that much. The tileset was acceptable. Nonetheless: 3/5
7 - I agree completely with Seneschal. The game play was just frustrating. 2,5/5
8 - This one was well done. The tileset and the game play were really good! Unfortunately, I didn't like the gold placement. 4/5
9 - Neutral map. The atmosphere and the game play were decent. 3/5
10 - This map was waaay too long and hard for me but the tileset looked pretty. 2,5/5
11 - Argh! Those drones were pure bastards! Anyway, I liked it. 3/5
12 - Neat map! Playing around this biological thing made fun. 4/5
13 - Yawn... quite boring. Thwump maps can be awesome but this one wasn't. 3/5
14 - Not a fan of the gold around the mines and Nessy looked weird. 2,5/5
15 - Had its moments. The only thing is... it had good moments (teleporters, the rocket) and bad moments (the lasers). 2,5/5
16 - Magnificent use of the chainguns - the game play was fantastic! (By the way, I finished this map with one untouched switch.) 4/5
17 - My favorite map in this pack!! The tileset was perfect and the game play smooth. 4,5/5
18 - Many enemies in a small map... this made me nervous. However, this wasn't very good or very bad. 3/5
19 - Sorry... horrible object placement. My least favorite map in the pack. 2/5
20 - One word: Hard. 4 rockets were too many for this map. The tileset scored because it was astonishing. 3/5
21 - A relaxing and enjoyable second last map. But that was all. 3/5
22 - Nice last map. I liked the mine tunnel/"main room"/another mine tunnel concept. 4/5

Average rating ≈ 3,07

Conclusion: You have a very unique style (especially in relation to the tilesets) but the game play/object placement is very often your weak point. If you used the objects with more caution your maps would become more suitable.
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Postby Sunset » 2010.07.14 (21:41)

I liked it. Lots of nice puzzles in there. I'd give it a sharp 4.3 if I could.

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