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Postby PALEMOON » 2009.08.03 (00:33)

F L Y I N G F I S H ><(({°>
v0.1 : 17 downloads
v0.2 :
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Postby otters~1 » 2009.08.03 (23:35)

the dusk the dawn the earth the sea

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Postby Amadeus » 2009.08.04 (03:42)

NFRF and Stygian Trout were my favorites.
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Postby unoriginal name » 2009.08.04 (16:49)

That is an exceedingly badass fish in the title.

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Postby ChaoStar » 2009.08.05 (10:18)

xVxSupremeMastarxVx wrote:That is an exceedingly badass fish in the title.
Yes. Yes, indeed.

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Postby Rhekatou » 2009.08.05 (21:53)

another palemoon pack <3

Why must my downloads be blocked?!?!
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Ahh well, I'll get it eventually.

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Postby OneSevenNine » 2009.08.06 (12:41)

Ah, the memories. and dang, I forgot how many of these we've made! I'll finish playing through them later.
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Postby blackson » 2009.08.07 (14:45)

Damn it PALEMOON, I can't keep up. How many mappacks have you made this year? 6?

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Postby toasters » 2009.08.07 (16:14)

He didn't make it as such, he was just kind enough to compile it for us.
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Postby Rhekatou » 2009.08.07 (20:20)

Iz rilly gude, butt 2 manee fishees.

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Postby moonlight » 2009.08.10 (00:39)

Best Text Fish I have ever layed eyes on. Great pack!

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Postby MattKestrel » 2009.08.10 (08:13)

Why is my map not there... -_-


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Postby ToeFaceKiller » 2009.08.10 (08:57)

I think it's because you put flying fish as two separate tags, all the others are just flyingfish. Nice compilation PALEY ><(({°>

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Postby notsteve » 2009.08.21 (05:28)

you know, i still take credit for starting this.

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Postby SkyRay » 2009.08.31 (00:03)

great idea

edit: and me and spudz started this >_>

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Postby aids » 2012.08.03 (22:02)

A few good maps, but for the most part, this was more fun as it happened than in retrospect.
  • FRekishly YOurky FanFair ColLLg >> Strange level. Didn't really like it.
  • Binary Cubefish >> The rockets were too much.
  • Papal Zapfish >> Scatterbrained and not that fun.
  • Stygian Trout >> The enemies are too hard. One rocket would have been fine.
  • Tapered Swarmers >> A laser felt like the obvious choice.
  • Weird Fishes Arpeggi >> Skipped.
  • BAD CAT! >> Yuck, terrible gameplay.
  • Under The Rising Sun >> Nope, sucks.
  • fish >> ...
  • Freezer Burn >> Aha, this is a good map. Userlevel'd.
  • Deep below >> Hmmm, I don't like the gauss, but it's decent.
  • 00-2: Flying.....Fish?! >> Not too bad. I don't like mines like this though.
  • Steelhead Alley >> Remember this and still love it. Userlevel'd.
  • fish >> ,,,
  • home sweet home >> Don't like the chainguns.
  • Live Underwater >> Ew, gloomp.
  • Shooting Stinger Fish >> What's the point?
  • 00-4 ~ lesser barrier reef. >> Bad gameplay.
  • Ahab and the eye of the storm >> Fuck this.
  • piranhas make love to sharks >> I don't like the gold at all.
  • Poseidon >> The definition of a shitty map.
  • fishbandwagon >> Whoo! Lovely map, Losty. Userlevel'd.
  • Submerged Flow >> Not gonna bother.
  • Angler >> Same as above.
  • FISHIES OUT OF THE WATER >> Hmmm, too many objects but kinda fun.
  • Way to all be posers. >> Oh notkitt. <3
  • Jonas >> Cramped.
  • Condescending Minimalist Fish >> If this relies on a cornerjump I'll be surprised. Userlevel'd.
  • Cult Fishing >> Such a pain in the ass.
  • Double Angler >> More annoying than fun.
  • Eel Vrs. Angler >> Big and expansive. Stil lots of fun.
  • Needle Reef Ripper Fish >> Classic. I still don't like mines like that though.
  • RocketFish [ToTheMoon!ToTheStars!] >> Deceptively hard but a great map. Userlevel'd.
  • Shock Voltage 1 Hundred Percent >> Another raping level. :(
  • periscope plunge >> Oh God. This map is perfect. Userlevel'd.
  • Mwahahahaaaa >> Nah.
  • The Concept Fish >> It's smiling at me, but I'm not smiling back.
  • The Cat Who Watches the Fish >> Awww, it's not beatable. :c
  • Antenna Codlet Armorhead Catfish >> Great map, but it didn't reach it's full potention. I might use a similar idea.
  • Fish Bait in the EAC >> Oh yeah, this is a good map. Userlevel'd.
  • Fish Bones >> Great tiles, but the gameplay was bad.
  • FlyingFish Bish >> Strange map. It's well-map, the the gauss suck.
  • LoanSharking >> Piece of shit.
  • Sleeping with the Fishes >> It could be much bigger.
  • Tapping On the Glass of the World >> It's like a maze puzzle but without the enjoyability.
  • Dashing Rock Riddle Fish >> Just as good as I remember. Userlevel'd.
  • Fillet >> Not really that fishy.
  • Fuzzy Shoal Tickle Trout >> Cramped and not fun at all.
  • Delicious Snack Crackers >> Skipped.
  • Flying Spinning Whitewater Trout >> Gold was bad and it didn't need the gauss.
  • F. Y, S! >> Epic ZivilynBane tiles, horrible gameplay.
  • xx >> fin.
Some demos.
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