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Postby Mustardude » 2009.11.13 (00:26)

First, this is a teaser pack for my upcoming pack. It arrives on 1/1/10.
Also, If you'd like to submit a picture that represents this mappack, please PM me. Much appreciated.


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Check out the pack thread, click the picture above
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Postby nevershine » 2009.11.19 (22:22)

wow. these were a blast to play.

it's impressive how you make great maps out of such simplistic tilesets. you used each kind of object stunningly.

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Postby Rule » 2009.11.23 (20:28)

I've got to agree with nevershine, but I'd like to see an AGD on "CONSTRUCT: Y65-n",
and you should fix "CONSTRUCT: Z00-q"

The rest was great, I really enjoyed playing this.


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Postby paulgummerson » 2009.11.27 (05:29)

AGD on Y65-n isn't actually that difficult.

Nice maps Mustardude. :D

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