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Postby nickwhan » 2009.12.07 (04:41)

This is my very first Map Pack, Simplicity, this came about because of my love of simplistic N levels, the ones that look easy, but are surprisingly hard, i thought i would have a go at making some of those types of levels, i'm pretty happy about the way they turned out, but i'm open to any comments or suggestions you may have.
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Postby DaggaFork » 2009.12.19 (03:22)

All the maps are lower than a 2.5 for me.

Sorry, but no.

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Postby yungerkid » 2009.12.19 (05:08)

I played through these maps a while ago and remember thinking that some of them had decent effort, but required polish.

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Postby Donfuy » 2010.04.19 (09:52)

I bet I know the thinking behind this mappacks creation.

"Dude I wanna do a mappack but I don't want to put effort into it cause I don't do good maps so I'll just make a bunch of little maps that suck and call them simple. There, easy as pie. Now let's call the mappack "Simplicity". Cause, you know, it makes it look cool."

Man, this mappack was so ridiculous I actually /enjoyed/ playing it. I literally laughed at some because they so obviously lacked effort.

Hey, I'm not saying for you to quit. Just put some effort into them! :3

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