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Postby ChrisE » 2010.01.10 (17:47)

25 maps, 6 of which are collabs.

If you think every ChrisE map is the same... prepare for your mind to be blown!

Remember to sort by level name, if you want to play them in order. :D

Special thanks to GTM, Riobe, crescor, furry_ant, Geckos and PALEMOON.
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Postby Hoohah2x2sday » 2010.01.11 (19:49)

This is great! I really love one way ticket to neverland. Fun and simple :)
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Postby bugz » 2010.01.12 (01:58)

I like Pawprint!

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Postby aids » 2017.05.08 (06:55)

Overall a pretty solid pack. I am such a fan of your style.
  • A1: Ripples /// Those tiles are brilliant.
  • A2: OSIS /// The thwump trick was very clever.
  • A3: Village Beneath a Sick Moon /// This map is just fun to look at.
  • A4: Space Monkeys /// I liked the tiles, but disliked the objects.
  • A5: Bubble Of Gas /// Fuck that gauss, man.
  • B1: Pawprint /// This one reminded me of my mappack mantra. Very fun.
  • B2: On A Dark And Stormy Night /// I forgot how good you are with tiles. Very appealing.
  • B3: Medusa [stuffed] /// Hella nice tiles again!
  • B4: Toadstool Thicket /// Didn't like the gauss, but I liked the seeker part.
  • B5: Genericity /// The tiles were nice, but I didn't like the gausses.
  • C1: Floating Away /// More than anything else, these tiles make the pack worth playing.
  • C2: The Tendril /// I remembered this one. Plain but okay.
  • C3: Stegosaurus Ridge /// I dunno, I think the bottom part could have been a cool maze.
  • C4: Horizontal Collapse /// This one has such a great potential. Userlevel'd.
  • C5: PANIC Button /// The top section was garbage compared to how cool the chaingun area was.
  • D1: A Peaceful Townscape /// This one also might have potential. Userlevel'd.
  • D2: The Cherry Tree /// This one was good, but not great. I liked the tree a lot though.
  • D3: Sermon On The Mount /// Needed more. Nice chaingun setup.
  • D4: Factorial Six /// Another very good map, complex but not too difficult. Userlevel'd.
  • D5: Battlements /// Hated every single enemy, and it was unnecessarily complicated.
  • E1: One-Way Ticket To NeverLand /// The gauss needed to be in a better position. Otherwise, good.
  • E2: Circle Smoke /// I would have liked more gold to collect.
  • E3: The Slovakian Paradigm /// Fantastic map layout. Loved the enemy choices. Userlevel'd.
  • E4: Enter The Dog House /// I mean, it's a workout, but it's a classic-style ChrisE map.
  • E5: Maw Of The Crevasse /// Those chainguns are a bunch of bitches. Dislike.
Demos, as usual.
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