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Postby bugz » 2010.01.14 (03:28)

W is the 23rd letter of the alphabet, symbol for the element Tungsten, etc.
I decided to make a map pack after playing through PALEMOON's TONEBREAKER.
Here it is.
It should probably be my last one.

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Postby Luminaflare » 2010.01.14 (13:21)


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Postby fingersonthefrets » 2010.01.18 (08:06)

i played most of this a day or two ago. It's alright, good aspects, but overall shows how maps that haven't been playtested enough can turn out so much worse than they could of. Still, i had some fun in parts. And also i admit some of the quirks that could of quite possibly of been edited out after more playtesting etc. i enjoyed and made the gameplay unique. but yeah. overall. uh. probably 3/5.

edit: I liked the yahoozy inspired maps the most probably. well. what i assume are hooz inspired anyway.

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Postby aids » 2012.04.18 (06:48)

You've made better.
  • Bounty Hunters (Half a metanet map) >> I didn't like the original, and I don't like this.
  • Cellophane >> It was decent, but I didn't like the rockets.
  • Debate >> Bad enemies.
  • Enigma >> This one isn't too bad. It's not that replayable though.
  • February >> Not a fan.
  • Gum >> Really really shitty design.
  • Ham and Eggs and Bacon and Pizza >> This needed to be much better.
  • Incongruous >> "The same gimmick many times does not a map make."
  • Jupiter (The Death Star looks away.) >> Woah, I triggered the chaingun through the tiles.
  • Kangaroo >> Incredibly shitty map.
  • Lima >> -Fun, but it could've been toned down.
  • Murtabbaq (Remix of http://www.nmaps.net/98785) >> It's complex, but not fun.
  • Nine Viscious Walruses >> This map isn't fun at all, and it's really sloppy.
  • ORGAN (Tiles by sneekfeet) >> Pretty nifty if you're highscoring, but bland otherwise.
  • Penny >> Bleh, not enough substance.
  • Queue >> Really terrible.
  • Rulers (Remix of http://www.nmaps.net/191079) >> I was very much a fan of this. It'd be great for highscoring. Userlevel'd.
  • X (Tiles plucked from metanet, 50-1) >> Yuck. Not fun.
  • Yoghurt (with stolen tiles) >> My problem with this is that it's not nearly finished.
  • Zeppelin (Remake of "Cavern", metanet 01-0) >> Shitty.
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