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Postby ChrisE » 2010.02.27 (16:53)

I have gotten into retiles lately, and discovered that, upon reaching the end of this pack, I have mapper's block.

So enjoy the last 21 maps I have made, together with their originals.

Many thanks to Socky and Seneschal for agreeing to playtest.

Many apologies to Kool-aid, Pheidi, SkyRay and Hoohah, whose maps were not used in this pack.

Thanks to everyone who allowed me to use their maps, and thanks to anyone who bothers to play them.

Enjoy! <3
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Postby moonlight » 2010.03.16 (02:25)

I finnaly finished with the pack! But yeah, so much fun, in a lot pf cases I enjoyed the retiles more than the originals, the first on was my favorite.

Great pack. <3

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Postby aids » 2011.07.27 (15:18)

I guess my expectations were too high for this one. :(
  • 00 >> I liked how the retile changed the structure of the bottom section.
  • 01 >> The retile was much better. I didn't like starting in a tile though.
  • 02 >> Your tiles are better-looking, but ska's innovation wins.
  • 03 >> I didn't like the retile.
  • 04 >> I didn't like either of them.
  • 05 >> AMLT's is better. Yours is so convoluted.
  • 06 >> Both were equally good in their own right.
  • 07 >> Ehh, while the rockets were better in yours, his had more flow.
  • 08 >> Both of them sucked.
  • 09 >> I liked kk's better. It had personality.
  • 10 >> The retile is much too difficult.
  • 11 >> Another pair which sucked.
  • 12 >> I didn't really like either of them, but the retile had more flow.
  • 13 >> The retile was shitty, but the original wasn't that good either.
  • 14 >> Both bad maps.
  • 15 >> Bullshit, that ain't a retile, it's a remix. Uberfail.
  • 16 >> The orginal sucked, and the retile was just a little better.
  • 17 >> Same as above.
  • 18 >> Both were terrible.
  • 19 >> I preferred the retile. Good one.
  • 20 >> The original was much better.
Here are some demos.
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