Storms And Shadows (18 Maps)

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Postby Chrdrenkmann » 2010.03.25 (19:00)

A small map pack. My first.
Yeah. I made them when I was inactive. :P

Facts for each map:

Requiem: Start map. Easy and relaxing.
Your Luckiest Best Day: 5mm. :>
Curves: I liek curves!!!
Ten Dollars Skatepark: Highscore map.
A Plumber's Nightmare: Best map of the pack. I love the tileset.
Whoa! That Was Cool!: Nothing to say. Just a Chrdrenkmann map.
With Without Out: Could be a map by ChrisE. I found a nice AGD route here.
Letter Performance: It's a V! Victory!
Strangest Faces Map Ever: Really.
Eight Evil Eyes: Concept map. Easy trick.
All Against Me: MOAR LAZORS!!!
Where's Your Head At?: AMLTesque. Again.
Aloha, Boa...: o_O
Romantic: Another map which could be made by ChrisE.
Tough Machinery: Second best map.
Yang (YinYangYo! <3): I love this show and this character.
Come Home: 5mm / Highscore map.
Gold Devourers: Simplicity at its best.

The maps are all easy. Have fun!
Storms And Shadows.txt
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Postby da_guru » 2010.03.27 (10:52)

Review: Storms and Shadows

I: Requiem

Not that challenging, rather a warming-up than a real map. The “concept” was ok, though quite simple. Too short and unexciting to be fun.


II: Your Luckiest Bad Day

Bravo! The difference between the previous one and this one is tremendous. Compared to “Requiem” this is absolutely perfect, except for the last “jump”, because getting up to the finish was the most difficult thing here, imo. The chaingun seemed to work quite well, though it became annoying, since it often blocked the way up to the exit.
The tiles were quite presentable.


III: Curves

Good drone-mechanics. Gameplay wasn’t that hard, yet not ridiculously easy.


IV: Ten Dollars Skatepark

Humm…not that special. I saw what you intended to do here, but jumping up and down is not really fun. I couldn’t reach the two topmost pieces of gold, but I guess it’s possible.


V: A Plumber’s Nightmare

Unexpectedly good. Everything worked together very well and there was kind of a “flow”, which I especially liked.


VI: Whoa! That was cool!

I also didn’t foresee this would be better than it looked. After I played it or a while, I found out the gameplay was actually quite smooth. Tileset was kinda ugly, though.


VII: With Without Out

Nice map. Another time there was a "flow"; or at least best route; which led me through the level. I appreciated that much.


VIII: Letter Performance

Mmh. Didn’t know what to think about this one. The main difficulty or sense of gameplay consisted in being lucky and getting past the chaingun. Not a simple, but a short map. Way too short, though.


IX: Strangest Faces Map Ever

Not strange, but ugly. The gameplay was generally ok, but was spoiled by those “below average” tiles…The left- and rightmost thwumps were useless.


X: Eight Evil Eyes

One of the better maps of this pack. Although there was never really the danger of being killed, this map had something.


XI: All Against Me

Not brilliant, but not bad either. The one laser lagged a bit behind, which made it slightly more complicated to agd. Average map.


XII: Where’s Your Head At?

Good concept. Got boring after a while, but the idea is great.


XIII: Aloha, Boa…

Very enjoyable, smooth gameplay. I couldn’t see the use of the drones, though.


XIV: Romantic

Quite exhausting map. Getting all gold was annoying at the beginning, because there were so many rough edges in the tileset. However the longer I played, the better I liked it. I even found a flowy route, so thumbs up.


XV: Tough Machinery

Possibly the best of this pack. Gameplay was completely different than I had experienced it in this pack so far. This map seemed sooo mature; it was a delight to play it over and over again.


XVI: Yang (Ying Yang Yoh! <3)

Not bad. Ying was missing. ;D


XVII: Come Home

Good use of thwumps. The pair of them at the top was a bit harder to get past, but that was a nice challenge.


XVIII: Gold Devourers

Excellent map to finish this map pack with. Leaves a good impression of the whole. At least as good as “Tough Machinery”. Those two were outstanding, compared to the rest of the pack.


your average rating would be 3.3

*all ratings are based on numa rating system (0-5, 5=best)

- good, well-though-out map pack
- your strengths:
+ considerably good gameplay
+ some cool concepts
+ good enemy placement

- your weaknesses (or things to improve):
- originality (quite unspectacular maps)
- improvable aesthetics (e.g. tileset)
- quality of maps is unsteady

Don’t take my ratings or evaluation of your abilities too serious; see it just as my advice and constructive criticism. It’s perfectly possible I have a completely wrong impression of your map-making skills.
All in all I was quite satisfied with the pack (even though I criticised it). It was generally fun and I’m looking forward to seeing another one of yours sometime.

I’d be thankful now (whoa, after all this reviewing; 4 hours(!); I’m extremely tired) if you’d give me some feedback on my map-pack, too. My signature shows you the link. Thank you in anticipation.
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Postby Chrdrenkmann » 2010.03.27 (12:07)

Thanks for your feedback.
I like constructive criticism as much as all comments which contains "COOL! 5aved." or "Nice. 4."

This pack was made in a few hours and shows not all my map making skills but a 3.3 total rating is still good. :>

I think I will upload the last map on NUMA too. Later.
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Postby aids » 2017.04.21 (07:36)

I don't know if you ended up submitting these to NUMA, seeing as how you have a thousand maps, but I love you, so I wanted to play them.

* I: Requiem /// Awesome way to open the pack. Love the curly brackets.
* II: Your Luckiest Bad Day /// I love the bullet shapes combined with the chaingun. And the e-block tiles at the bottom remind me of that one ska map.
* III: Curves /// Decent drone map.
* IV: Ten Dollars Skatepark /// The rocket is a fun challenge, but it's pretty boring.
* V: A Plumber's Nightmare /// I loved the tiles, but the enemies could be better.
* VI: Whoa! That Was Cool! /// Accurate title. It's not that cool.
* VII: With Without Out /// The gausses are tough, but it's simple and fun.
* VIII: Letter Performance /// Clever use of the launchpads.
* IX: Strangest Faces Map Ever /// Eh, the thwumps are cool, but I didn't like the rest.
* X: Eight Evil Eyes /// I think the puzzle aspect could be better, but it's not bad.
* XI: All Against Me /// It's super hard, but very fun.
* XII: Where's Your Head At? /// Awesome, best so far. Userlevel'd.
* XIII: Aloha, Boa... /// Triple enemies was creative, but it wasn't that much fun.
* XIV: Romantic /// I like the tiles but not the gausses.
* XV: Tough Machinery /// It's linear even though I liked the chaingun.
* XVI: Yang (YinYangYo! <3) /// The problem is not the tiles, it's the enemies. They could be better.
* XVII: Come Home /// Tight little map. Big fan of the thwumps.
* XVIII: Gold Devourers /// Tricky gold placement. But I wasn't a fan.

Here are my hard-earned demos.
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