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Postby Cheez » 2010.03.28 (20:22)

Ok, so I decided to compile all my hidden, ignored, and most of my dropped Memoirs maps into one handy pack.

Most of these levels have never been seen by the public.

The last maps in the pack date back to summer of last year, just to give you an idea.

67 maps in here if I counted correctly.

Have fun and please download!
storaged maps.
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Postby da_guru » 2010.03.30 (21:41)

Poor guy. No-one commented on this pack so far. So I'll be first to do so.
I really enjoyed it, especially:
- Erosion: brilliant tileset, wonderful atmosphere.
- Crimson Skylight: so simple yet so beautiful.
- Concrete: that's what I call enjoyable gameplay.
- Grounbreaker: similarities to "Brush Away", which I faved, remember?!
- Castle in the Backyard: handsome little map.

All of the maps were good, most of them were very good and those listed above were damn good.

I'd be happy if you left a short comment on my map pack as well. It didn't get too much attention either.

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Postby Cheez » 2010.03.31 (00:21)

Thanks man! Appreciate it!

Groundbreaker was themed after Brush Away. :)
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Postby aids » 2017.04.26 (20:29)

Lots of maps, but a few were keepers.
  • 8-bit cafe :: Was boring and very uninteresting.
  • 8-bit garden :: Square and generic.
  • 8-bit lounge :: I expected there to be some gimmick with the locked doors, but nope.
  • 8-bit movie theater :: What's with all this lame gold?
  • 8-bit winding road :: Still a lot of gold, but this one actually had a challenge to it.
  • Acidic Waste Reduction Facility :: If nothing else, this map is fiendishly hard.
  • among styrofoam :: I liked the tile design, but fuckdamn those gausses were tough.
  • an ode to gloomp :: Interesting. I would have made a route to the exit, like the one to the exit switch.
  • behind the broken mirror :: Good except for the fact that you have the player exit the room.
  • Bleed the Freak :: Tedious.
  • boardplay :: This shit is fucking dope. Userlevel'd.
  • Breadfan :: Yuck. In every sense of the word.
  • Broked :: Cramped but not that bad.
  • Castle in the Backyard :: Tight corridors and clever challenges.
  • catacomb :: I really like the difficulty curve, but it wasn't that fun.
  • cloud snake :: I wasn't a a fan of the tile squeeze, but otherwise it's really nice.
  • Concrete :: Kind of boring.
  • Crimson Skylight :: Pretty great use of lasers.
  • Cubicle Death Wars :: Repetitive.
  • Dead End Tunnel(s) :: It's okay. I liked having both a seeker and a drone.
  • DeadChain :: Really really fun. Good map.
  • Emetophobia :: It'd be a lot better without the gauss.
  • Erosion :: Ugh, too hard.
  • Escalature :: Funky-looking map, but nothing special.
  • Fin :: I would have liked to have more to do.
  • Fizz, Jizz, and Goin' Crazy with the MyCheezKilledYours Whiz :: A bigger map with more routes would have been great.
  • Flash Photography :: Looks great, plays great, was great. Userlevel'd.
  • floating village :: With different objects this would be nice.
  • funk architecture IV :: Cramped and not fun.
  • Gorepit :: The rocket was a lot of fun to maneuver, and the floorguards were a nice tough.
  • Grief Relief :: Strange.
  • groundbreaker :: While I don't like the gold placement, the aesthetics are on point.
  • HEY WALDO :: The chainguns really didn't do much.
  • Hive Horror :: Meh, the drones didn't mesh with the tileset.
  • Honeycomb Hellraiser :: Tricky mine placement, but I enjoyed the drone setup.
  • In This River :: This map is so retro 2005 NUMA, and I love it. Userlevel'd.
  • Inside the Weave :: Awesome concept, but could use some polishing.
  • Leaffisonfire :: Didn't like the gameplay.
  • Let It Loose :: Poor choice of enemies. Cramped.
  • Minejumper on Crack :: Hard, but it was short enough to be enjoyable.
  • Miner, Miner, which of us is the finer? :: Hoo-wee! This might not be much to look at, but it's a grand ol' time.
  • my wily meteor friend does not like the skies :: Fantastic in every aspect. Userlevel'd.
  • Narcissistic Radiation is a Factor of Global Warming :: A lot of fun but very difficult.
  • Out I Go :: Small, simple, and very fun.
  • Pale Crystalline Figures :: Really bad objects.
  • Phobic Requiem :: Wow, really really cool use of enemies. Didn't like the gold placement much.
  • Real Ninja. Real Map-packs. MoA. :: Cute little ninja ya got there.
  • Rip Me Open :: Those types of tiles work best with drones.
  • RipTide :: The tiles were pretty.
  • Sector I :: More of your maps need to be like this one. Userlevel'd.
  • SEDATED PUMAS :: Played a lot better than it looked. Nice one.
  • Skyhunter :: That chaingun was a tricky bitch. Needed more gold.
  • Steve :: It's called Steve, but I love this map. Userlevel'd.
  • Strike :: Pretty nice.
  • Subs on a Stick/Futuristic Trees :: I really liked the floorguard/gauss combo.
  • Sun Gun Run :: Hard gauss.
  • Sunrise Valley :: This is as flagmyidol as you'll ever get.
  • t3h 5phinx i5 1337 :: Gross map.
  • The Bass Rage :: Damn those chainguns are hard.
  • The Hills of Deceit :: I love that mountain aesthetic, but the enemies are meh.
  • the hive/rattlesnake maracas :: The jumps to the exit were clever, but the lower section was dull.
  • This Mortal Soil :: What an odd and interesting map. Reminded me of gloomp.
  • Tumbleweed :: Little map with little to do.
  • umbrella unicorn :: This one has massive potential. Userlevel'd.
  • Unintentional Disgrace :: Very nice tiles.
  • War Machine 1 :: Tough choice in enemies but it doesn't overwhelm the map.
  • Wherever I May Roam :: Nice use of drones!
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