One-Hour Mappack: Eight Bits

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Postby Diamondeye » 2010.04.10 (21:52)

I gave myself the challenge of pushing out maps as fast as possible while still retaining any kind of sophistication and at least minor aesthetic scruples, and this is what came of it; eight (well, nine) maps that look and play very different; some may be slightly claustrophobic, some open and free. Some may be great, some not-so-great, but they are all relatively simple and they are all made relatively fast.

I feel positive about the outcome of a single hour of mapping and I think it's a good exercise to push the quality of your "simpler maps", if you're the kind of author who makes these kind of maps, even occassionally.

On a not entirely related note, I would really like to try and collaborate with another mapper (or more than one) for a small-medium size mappack, so if you think that could be exciting and you're willing to give it a shot, throw me a Personal Message on this forum.

Other than that, enjoy the maps! I would really appreciate it if you took the time to provide some feedback as well :)
Eightbits Mappack.txt
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Postby Pikman » 2010.04.14 (02:21)

Ditchdigging: Thought it was okay; gausses didn't do much, but liked the chaingun.
Fork in the River: Eeeeuuuww, waiting for enemies. This also looked pretty bad even if it were made in about 6~7 minutes.
Clapper: The movement was interesting, but I disliked the squish hazard presented by the right thwump.
Semitransparency: Enemy placement was PERFECT. Most enjoyable so far.
Jigsaw Emergency: Same issue with thwump trapping. The map becomes really frustrating if you don't open the locked doors.
Octagon Orbs: This is a fun, short, good-looking map, but seems too easy next to everything else so far...
Favourite Dentists: Nice imagery. The title is fitting. But it's almost luck-based, whether there's snipage at the end or not.
Summer Love, Summer Heat: I only kept getting killed here because I don't have the sense to turn the game sound on.
Infinite Loop: I'm not sure how anything here is a threat.

Yeah, Semitransparency was the best; the rest were meh.

Demos included.
that was an EIGHT BITS demo.txt
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Postby da_guru » 2010.04.14 (19:49)

Decent map-pack in respect of the time limit of an hour to create these 9 levels. The pack generally was fun, though far from perfect.
Here's a short summary (with numa ratings) plus an AGD for each map:

0: Nice one, although the back and forth to get all gold was not quite ideal. 3.2

1: Ugly tiles, gameplay wasn't very interesting either. 2.4

2: Agree with Pikman. 2.8

3: That's a good map! Once again not perfect but clearly better than the previous ones. 3.4

4: Simple, clever, fine. 3.5

5: Not my taste. Gold seemed kinda useless, drones didn't add much to gameplay. 2.9

6: Best of this pack. Good-looking tiles and challenging, addictive gameplay. 3.8

7: Calm atmosphere. Simple + enjoyable. 3.7

8: Strange map. As Pikman said: the drones rarely became dangerous. 2.6

All demos are sub 1000 frames. I'm proud of that. :)

Just a tip: It is cool to set oneself such a challenge, but, seriously, take your time next time. A map needs to grow and growing needs time.

I'd be pleased, if you had a look at my map-pack, too.

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