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Postby amomentlikethis » 2010.04.29 (04:20)

Something so tender, I can't explain...

Maps, by amomentlikethis
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Postby formica » 2010.04.30 (07:40)

I love you. (Also the maps.)


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Postby aids » 2017.04.21 (20:26)

  • 00 What if I told you it was all meant to be? :: Such and odd little map. Not that fun, sadly.
  • 01 Would you believe me, would you agree? :: If there were two extra surface-following drones, this would have been perfect.
  • 02 Its almost that feeling that we've met :: Of this one and 03, this one is worse because it's very, very tough.
  • 03 before. So tell me that you don't think :: While this one had more drones, it was much easier.
  • 04 I'm crazy when I tell you love has come# :: Didn't like the idea behind this one.
  • 05 here and now... A moment like this, some :: Wow, this map is crazy clever. It's a tad too long though.
  • 06 people wait a lifetime for a moment like :: It's really cool, but I would have liked more.
  • 07 this. Some people search forever for that :: The aesthetics need some work, but I love puzzles like this.
  • 08 one special kiss. Oh I can't believe it's :: I only managed to get through the oneways once, but the floorguard immediately killed me.
  • 09 happening to me. Some people wait a :: The floorguards proved to be too much for me to handle. A few well-timed drones would work better.
  • 10 lifetime for a moment like this... :: I remember something like this. Very fun challenge.
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