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Midnight Madness I: Technology

Posted: 2010.05.23 (04:33)
by Sunset
Part one of Midnight Madness. I'll gradually post the rest, but for now i'm done with this part.

You can find it here:

Re: Midnight Madness I: Technology

Posted: 2017.04.20 (09:06)
by aids
If I didn't include comments for a map, consider it garbage.
  • building blocks // I would like some variations to the layout.
  • spineapple // Love the pineapple. Needs to be a little eaier.
  • breakneck speed // The top and the bottom are two different maps and that's terrible.
  • hyperventilate // Boring, but at least it's a small, concise map.
  • reudvven // Looked awesome at first, but was actually dumb.
  • teenage riot // Of all the maps, this is the one I could be becoming a great one.