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Postby Amadeus » 2010.06.06 (22:46)

new/old maps, collected in album format. compiled from crimson contest entries, numa submissions, and pride extras.
the crimson pack.txt
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Postby aids » 2011.12.20 (15:22)

Small packs are good, but only if the maps are good.
  • >> Really nice for highscoring, but some of the bounceblocks weren't necessary.
  • Balloons >> Linear, but I liked going through the chaingun fire occasionally.
  • hello, i'm johnny cash >> I remember this from NUMA. Classic gan map.
  • I'm a Pilot >> I really liked the chaingun here. Pretty boring design though.
  • i'm a pilot (remix) >> I wouldn't quite call this a remix. I liked jumping up to the exit switch.
  • Launch (The Journey Begins) >> A bit too low-key for me. Not that fun.
  • Map 4 (Tunnels) >> Jazzy. Userlevel'd.
  • mortar >> This one seemed haphazardly slapped together. Bleh.
  • Ravine >> I didn't like the old-school nature of this, or in general.
  • squeeze point (the crowing crows. ascent and wind tunnel) >> The gausses were really powerful. Too powerful for me.
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