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Postby Invalid » 2010.06.19 (01:12)

Thanks to Ingberlach and lsudny for some stuff.
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Postby Avatar_Fanatic » 2010.06.19 (03:06)

Just finished playing it. It's awesome, man! I love the diversity in the levels. If I was to pick favorites, I'd have to say:
From Limb To Limb (beautiful mechanics)
End Of The Terrible Day (I was looking at it, thinking no way this will be good, but it was awesome)
Simple State (That trick with the thwump was sweet)
Run, Baby, Run (I think I've seen that on NUMA somewhere...)
Soaring (Great one-way use)
and Caverns (I'm not sure why. I just loved it)
I liked a lot of them. It just kept getting better and better. Final Stand was intense. Anyway, nice job again, and congratulations!

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Postby lsudny » 2010.06.19 (12:04)

I've seen almost all of those maps, since you submitted them to NUMA.

Still love them, anyway. Very fun, little maps; perfect for both speedrunning and highscoring. The concepts are awesome and execution is brilliant. I love you.
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Postby aids » 2017.04.20 (08:32)

  • 00-0) Citadel :: Just your basic opener. Nothing special.
  • 00-1) From Limb To Limb :: Boring. Could've had a better enemy.
  • 00-2) Pride Of A Lion :: Cool gold pattern.
  • 00-3) Invisible Barriers :: It's okay.
  • 00-4) End Of The Terrible Day :: The rockets are really tough, but it's super pretty.
  • 01-0) Phantasmal Spirit :: The floorguards and gausses combo didn't work for me.
  • 01-1) Flying Fortress :: It's pretty, but it needed something more.
  • 01-2) Simple State :: Getting past the bounceblock proved to be difficult. Fun otherwise.
  • 01-3) Monixide :: Very pretty tiles, but it's tricky.
  • 01-4) Run, Baby, Run :: So far the best of the bunch.
  • 02-1) Archway :: Cool aside from the gausses.
  • 02-2) Soaring :: This didn't feel complete. Could have more.
  • 02-3) Caverns :: The seeker was too easy. Nice atmosphere.
  • 02-4) Last Stand :: Had potential. A better variety of enemies would be the best.
Have some demos.
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