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Postby Sunset » 2010.10.13 (20:34)

New mappack, woo. So, this pretty much documents all the progress I've made over the past 2 weeks.

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Postby da_guru » 2010.11.11 (18:20)

There are some interesting ideas in this mappack, but there's still room for perfecting them.

I didn't like how the mine-one-ways and a lot of zap-drones appeared in every second map. However overall I'm satisfied. Gameplay was diverting.


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Postby Sunset » 2010.11.11 (21:56)

thanks broman! but I've grown since then. then again I grow every day.

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Postby aids » 2011.07.29 (15:18)

Damn it, why am I playing this?
  • Bane >> Ugly-looking map. Not refined enough.
  • Castle Dronemason >> It's impossible, but who gives a shit, right? Put more effort into your maps, please.
  • Catabombish >> Kind of boring, for a minejumper. Nothing special.
  • Cayre >> Bland, but awesome jumps. Took me forever to beat.
  • City Schmitty >> A bit on the long side. The drones were good.
  • Factory Steam >> Boring.
  • Floorgaurdopolis >> Pointless map, really. Didn't need the fall.
  • Happy Jack >> Happy Jack didn't make me a Happy Mat.
  • I was attacked; by some idiot in The Projects >> The 'mines on oneways' get up got old /very/ quickly.
  • Jump Around >> Hmmm, not that bad of a map. Some asymmetry would've been nice.
  • Little is Alright >> I'll assume the topmost gold is impossible.
  • Live After Death >> Horrible.
  • Log House Rock >> This isn't beatable. Grrrr.
  • Love Her Madly >> The mine/oneway schematic works here. No need for the trapdoors though.
  • Machine Redrive >> Highscorable, but dumb as rocks.
  • Magic >> The normal doors were awful, but a decent map otherwise.
  • Marry Had A Little Lamb >> Le fuck. That's your idea of helpful, a half covered trapdoor?
  • Maximum >> That rocket was too much of a bitch for me.
  • Mile over Blacktop >> Once again, an impossible map.
  • Myosis >> Yuck, could've been soo much better.
  • Nth Yo >> Fuck you Sunset. Right in the tailpipe.
  • RAGERAGERAGERAGERAGE >> Eh, not too bad. But there are those godawful mineways.
  • Seradracia Rheahro >> The gausses killed this map.
  • So far to go (One More Time) >> Goddamnit Sunset. Stop making these maps!
  • Stump >> Another terrible map. None of the drone paths are effective.
  • Summr >> AGD minus those bottom three dipshits.
  • Sweet Tea is <3 >> Ugh, I give up on this mappack.
  • Talking bout my generation >> Perfectly fine for a tileset. But why is it in a mapack?
  • Testify >> Dude, this unobtainable gold is annoying me.
  • The Really Easy Circle Map >> AGD is not worth it.
  • The Same As The Old Boss >> Cheated. Boring.
  • Triy >> Why do you insist are making fucking impossible maps?
  • Trust >> What a fantastic map. Just kidding, it's impossible.
Yep, worst mappack ever.
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