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Postby Sunset » 2010.12.19 (20:22)

probably going to release 'into space' in January.

20 maps

also map 12 is a special challenge. get the door switches too!
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Postby Malde37 » 2011.01.04 (00:08)

I approve. Funzies.
I do in fact.
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Postby aids » 2011.07.19 (03:12)

You have quite the penchant for making packs.
  • 01 And did we tell you about the game, boy? >> Part playground map, part puzzle. Excellent. Beautiful c-snapped gold as well. Userlevel'd.
  • 02 Ride >> Fairly simple map. The rocket was a bit boring though. Some drones would've been nice.
  • 03 Fresh >> I liked the layout of the map. but the left section needed more action. Maybe a gauss would've helped.
  • 04 Cold >> This one left much to be desired. The rocket area was very empty, and the drone section didn't have much purpose.
  • 05 Money; So they say... >> Played this one on NUMA. It has incredible flow in the top section, but the bottom was a bit tacky.
  • 06 The Beehive That Simply Couldn't >> Somewhat sloppy. Neither of the thwump sections worked well.
  • 07 Race through the night >> This map is impossible to AGD and beat. Why the fuck would you include it?
  • 08 Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town >> Fuck you, Sunset. Fuck you sooo hard in the ass.
  • 09 Breathe >> Also a horrible map. Difficulty curve is all over the place and there's no purpose.
  • 10 Fritter >> Holy shit Sunset. Didn't your mother ever teach not to spam bounceblocks?
  • 11 Chunder >> Chunder must be vomiting out your asshole, because that perfectly describes this map. This map could've been so much better, but you just don't try hard enough.
  • 12 Hanging on in quiet desperation >> I didn't bother going for a full AGD. You have no structure for where you put your mines.
  • 13 Burning the wires >> More difficult than I expected it to be. The top thwumps were elegant, but the bottom ones were a but random.
  • 14 Measure >> Again with the spam. Why do you have the drones? The doors aren't even necessary to beat the map. Dumb level.
  • 15 The falling bombs >> It's no secret I don't like minejumpers. I was killed getting to the second level too many times.
  • 16 Brick in the wall >> Boring map. The rocket and drones worked well together, but it wasn't fun.
  • 17 Bedroom Intruder >> Oh, this is perfect. Replayable and fun. Userlevel'd.
  • 18 Bring me down >> Yet another stupid map. The z-snapped gold was awful.
  • 19 Toys in the attic he is crazy >> The drone timing need to be better, and the bottom thwump area was lazily added, but this was one of the good maps.
  • 20 Cast Iron >> The entire lower section was pointless. If it had been just a drone level, I would have liked it.
  • 21 You can choose from phantom fears >> Bad use of symmetry. Nothing about this map is good.
Some AGDs and SGDs.
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