Jet Pack: The Best of AsTimeFliesBy

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Postby AsTimeFliesBy » 2011.01.04 (06:27)

This is more of just a collection of what I feel are my best (action) levels, spanning from my old to current account. I give this to you because I'm leaving this place for at least a while, again. For those who don't know me, I was quite actively involved here a couple years ago, though I wasn't very popular. After wasting what probably adds up to weeks of my life, I finally came to my senses and put this game away, but I remembered it 2 weeks ago, and have enjoyed my short return. So I give you my nine favorite levels, including two from my old account (can you believe I still consider even two of those levels to by my favorite?), plus an intro level, and a new level to end it (11 total). Most have been edited slightly from their originals for smoothness and difficultly. I included all-gold demos for every level in case anyone is stuck. Hope you guys enjoy. I might drop by sometime in the future, if anyone cares.

The originals can be found here

Note: the levels were not made to be part of a level pack and thus aren't episodic. They're arranged in order of how I think they're best played, not in order of when they were made or my favorite (but in case you're wondering my favorite is Flyin' High).
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Postby ska » 2011.01.06 (09:07)

I'll check this out later; which such a huge range of maps to pick from, I expect this to be a really tight map pack...

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