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Postby bugz » 2011.04.09 (07:57)

My eighth pack holds thirty maps grown over seven months. Juvenile players, beware.
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Postby aids » 2011.04.09 (09:49)

Study I was very fun and easy.
Nuclear Cat is like "gauss outta da box lulz"
Sheep deprivation has the coolest faces.
Beached was harder than I thought it would be.
September to December mmx was incredible. Faved.
Trangles a bit boring, but still fun.
Punk bite was harder than a pedo at a daycare.
14-block is much too hard for me. :(
Acclimatization felt very much like a Metanet level.
You're so cold is like "zomg I'm a swastika"
Cube Mode has a great puzzle aspect to it.
Rocketeer was also puzzly, but not as fun.
I had autogen maps in my pack too. :3
Dead West was good, but I couldn't beat it. :(
Superbug was amazing, except for the gold. If you post it on NUMA I might remix it.
Waterfall was a bit bland, but the floorguards and mines were cool.

I really good pack which I hope to see again on NUMA.
Maybe you can return the favor?


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