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Postby zoasBE » 2011.04.17 (18:53)


Has finally arrived ...
10 MapMakers
50 Maps + 2 Bonus Maps
A squared Tileset based Collaboration MapPack. Claustrophobic Feelings.
Challenges, challenges and more challenges in claustrophobic spaces. You're a Special Commando.

You are all invited to play and comment and critique the work of other fellow Commandos ...
thanks to lsudny, Jeremoon, jasdanu, Sunset, LUKESV, 1211, Chrdrenkmann, Hisky and brinleyfish to participate.
Njoy and thanks for playing !!!
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Postby Mustardude » 2011.04.17 (19:14)

i've made a mappack like this before! :P
Check out the pack thread, click the picture above
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Postby lukesv » 2011.04.17 (20:31)

The only map that I have played (as of right now) is the last bonus map. And it is really good.

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Postby lsudny » 2011.04.18 (07:52)

lovely pack, man. my favorite is 05-2. :D but i love what others did, too. mostly lukesv (SORRY SUNSET) and chrdrenkmann.

also 05-4 lol
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Postby aids » 2011.08.04 (17:44)

I'm considering making an episode for you, but the maps might be biased since I've played the pack.
  • 00-0: Scorpio >> It didn't have much organization but it was fairly fun.
  • 00-1: Leo >> I love the five tile infastructure. Starting in the tile is interesting, but it works.
  • 00-2: Gemini >> Getting the topright switch threw me off at first. My only problem were how the drones doubled up. Maybe one should have a CCW rotation.
  • 00-3: Taurus >> I didn't like this one as much. The drones don't work well.
  • 00-4: Capricorn >> A good gauntlet map. The double floorguards were the only bad part.
  • 01-0: Tight Squeeze >> The gold and mine placement wasn't very imaginative, but it was decent.
  • 01-1: Paranoia >> It's a sloppy level, with poor use of objects, but I had nice flow.
  • 01-2: Intercept >> Oh oh oh, so these all use the same tilesets. I don't like this idea very much.
  • 01-3: Waves of Sound >> Very, very nice level. Userlevel'd.
  • 01-4: Dancefloor >> "The same gimmick many times does not a map make." Remember that.
  • 02-0: Shortshift >> Kind of a tricky map. A bit sparse.
  • 02-1: In Their Eyes >> This could've been made better. Right now it's plain and somewhat boring.
  • 02-2: If We Ever >> I only speedran it. The gold below the rockets was the only bad part.
  • 02-3: Depot >> Getting my route down was surprisingly difficult. I also cheated.
  • 02-4: Slingshot Cascade >> Godawful map. Horrible.
  • 03-0: A Normal Day in Life 1 >> Ooh, I liked cheating this one.
  • 03-1: A Normal Day in Life 2 >> I didn't like the enemies here. They didn't work together.
  • 03-2: A Normal Day in Life 3 >> You know, I really, really liked getting the cornerkick. Userlevel'd.
  • 03-3: A Normal Day in Life 4 >> Awful map. Horrible enemies and gameplay.
  • 03-4: A Normal Day in Life 5 >> Ruined by the rocket area.
  • 04-0: No Sweat, Sweety >> This might not be that well made, but I enjoyed routing it.
  • 04-1: The Thief Whose Name Is Steve >> Rather empty, but fun.
  • 04-2: My Roommate Made My Room >> Hmmm, the chasers and drones worked well, but I didn't like trapdoor.
  • 04-3: I'm Out Of Cool Puns >> I wasn't a big fan of this one. The drones aren't very good.
  • 04-4: Dire Dire Consequences >> If you had moved the exit to the gauss room it would've been much better.
  • 05-0: I Have Also 14 Years >> Interesting gold design. Not that fun though.
  • 05-1: Glass Arm >> I liked this one a lot. The floorguard was really annoying.
  • 05-2: Immovable >> I would've done something else with the locked door, and the rocket was pretty cruel.
  • 05:3: Blue Void >> Big map, small gameplay. Didn't like it.
  • 05-4: I'm Lsudny, not Isudny !!! >> Same as above. You need to fill the entire map.
  • 06-0: Brisant >> The design was forced but wasn't bad.
  • 06-1: Water blue and drone... blue, too >> Yuck, awful map. Horrible use of drones.
  • 06-2: Coins >> The thwump gimmick was really bad. Otherwise a fun map.
  • 06-3: 3D >> I liked the chaser section and the laser section, but the exit area was bad.
  • 06-4: Pentagon >> Excellent use of floorguards. I wish the gold had been below the drones though.
  • 07-0: I'm A Boy >> Perfect opener. Userlevel'd.
  • 07-1: Rhode Island >> I have no idea how this map works. And I don't like it.
  • 07-2: Last Stop >> Shitty level design. None of the enemies work.
  • 07-3: Health >> The chaingun was horrible. Just awful.
  • 07-4: Thin Black Line >> Hooray for shitty maps! Yippee!
  • 08-0: Running With The Devil >> I really hate bounceblock maps like this, and the gauss just made it worse.
  • 08-1: City Lights >> I didn't like the trapdoors.
  • 08-2: The Stars Are Falling >> I didn't like the arrangement. It could've been better.
  • 08-3: Without A Home >> The hexagon needed to be smaller, with the top and bottom rows deleted.
  • 08-4: Losing My Sanity >> The mines could've been cleaned up and the gold was bland. Props for the teleporter though.
  • 09-0: Relaxed Charlie >> You kinda gave up on this one, didn't ya? Not worth getting the gold.
  • 09-1: Relaxed Bravo >> Again, gold is not worth getting.
  • 09-2: Relaxed Mario >> Not as bad as the previous two. Very uninspired.
  • 09-3: Relaxed Brownie >> The name sounds like an innuendo for pot. Fairly decent map though.
  • 09-4: Relaxed Culebra >> I can see enemies are not your strong point. Just add a pair of lasers.
And here are some demos.
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Postby zoasBE » 2011.08.31 (20:46)

oh Aidiera! sorry the delay,
I'm very happy with this review and with the intense job you have doing in the mappacking community!
I'm pretty sure all os us are apreciating your job.
By the way, i think you are sometimes objective, sometimes subjective.
Anyway, I love your powerfull words.
Thanks you a lot! <3
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