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Postby laissez_faire » 2011.06.07 (23:50)

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Any feedback or constructive criticism is appreciated.

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Postby zoasBE » 2011.06.08 (04:02)

I meant that I did not know where to start so I was nervous

00-0: A Big Chunk I've always liked this kind of maps. They are good for show jumping skills and seeking the quickest route. Also reminds me of one of ChrisE's Mentalitation Pack. The drone did not cover the door completely. If the mine had not been denied access and that could take that route, possibly the drone had done a better job. For this I give a 3.8

00-1: Babysteps One of my favorites. Extreme simplicity and mechanics of the map give the gameplay a challenge to surpass himself trying to move faster and fly and pass between Drones. The near-perfect beauty. And I really liked it down and do real magic. For this I give a 4.5

00-2: Inherently Evil I feel this is not the style of the pack, but the style of what we've seen from you so far. Anyway it is an awesome map, depending on how you play, you are more or less duration, the greater or lesser intensity. I liked the combination of elements, the symmetry and the seeker did good job. For this I give a 4.0

00-3: The Moment I think it's my favorite. Apparently when you first see it you see, do you think will be typical of that style and it will be easy to complete. But it has its substance and more complicated than it seems. Sometimes it was crazy. A large map in a small space. Bravo! For this I give a 5.0

00-4: Uncharted Waters The tileset and aesthetics are daunting. I like. The concept was cool and provides good end to the pack. The path of the drones are amazing and the beginning seeker, always was in the middle, choose the path I chose always saw me and I met him later. Well this. The bounces are ok, and mechanics too, I like the puzzle style, and that the play is to plan a bit. The only thing I found a bit annoying (at least for me) is walking around here, sometimes clumsily. For this I give a 4.2

I hope you like my feedback, and as a advice, this episode would have been better had it been published in NUMA (demos, comments, ratings) In the forums try to publish more extensive Map Packs (20, 30, 50 or more maps), anyway, Great Job.
always, <3
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