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Postby Chrdrenkmann » 2011.06.13 (15:43)


It's finally released!
This pack features 26 maps which are mostly simple. Nonetheless, entertaining aswell. ;P

The titles are always puns and contain the letters A-Z (26 maps, 26 letters - get it?).

That's pretty much it.
Have fun.
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Postby zoasBE » 2011.06.27 (14:59)

Also, I've been playing from time to time in this pack.
Doing a quick check, and trying to distract myself a little.
I mean, the general aspects of the pack are great. Concise and well-executed ideas. I like the small touches puzzle is in many of the maps, I like its simplicity and global Highscoring appearance.
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Postby aids » 2011.07.21 (02:54)

There were many ways this pack could be improved.
  • 00 - A Rose Arrangement >> The tiles were okay, but the gauss and floorguard were really nice together.
  • 01 - Bit The Byte >> Decent map. The thwumps could be tricky at times.
  • 02 - Captain Hooker >> Harder than I thought it would be. Getting an AGD proved to be worth it though.
  • 03 - Disco Very >> Funky people. Gameplay's rather bland.
  • 04 - Elegalance (Fixed Laser Version) >> I remember this one. The laser seems the same to me though.
  • 05 - Far, Far, Pharaoh >> Damn, this was a hard map. The floorguards weren't very important, but the drones were good.
  • 06 - Grassy Ass! >> A simple concept, but it could've been compacted.
  • 07 - His Head Had A Hat >> As soon as the drone left the inside the map was too easy.
  • 08 - In Formation >> I didn't bother getting the rightmost gold. The design was interesting, but it was cheatable.
  • 09 - Joy's Sticks >> A very strange level. The two rockets were good, but the gauss was overkill.
  • 10 - Ketchup On Your Training >> A rather silly map. I didn't like it very much.
  • 11 - Lettuce Go >> A fake tile would've been aesthetically pleasing instead of the normal doors. The oneways were also unnecessary.
  • 12 - Me Tougher >> Awful filler map.
  • 13 - Noes, It's An Eye! D: >> And another filler map. :(
  • 14 - Our Owls ... Or Else? >> Looked amazing and played even better. I got a fantastic run too. Userlevel'd.
  • 15 - Pick A Shoe >> Terrible map. Pointless even.
  • 16 - Quasi Mode D'oh >> The rocket/floorguard section was nice, but it wasn't very fun.
  • 17 - Rain Bow >> The drones were too powerful for me to enjoy demoing. EDIT: Nevermind, I hate this map.
  • 18 - Shock Late >> Another awful map.
  • 19 - The Test Tickles >> What the fuck, man? What the fuck is this shit?
  • 20 - U~Rope >> As I said on NUMA, the normal doors are the only bad part of this map.
  • 21 - Vert Ego >> The onlyways needed to be moved up half a space, but the rest is decent.
  • 22 - Why Kiki Beach? >> I didn't like the laser, a rocket would've been better.
  • 23 - X Mess >> I personally hate perp jumps. I couldn't enjoy this map.
  • 24 - Yell-Ow Bell-Ow Hell-Ow >> Ah, a refreshing map. I had a lot of fun innovating while playing, but another bounceblock or two would've been ideal.
  • 25 - Zanks 4 Playing >> The exit/switch locations needed to be symmetrical, but otherwise a good map.
And some demos:
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Postby Chrdrenkmann » 2011.07.24 (17:52)

Me Tougher and Pick a Shoe were two of my favorites because they are open but I have to respect different opinions. Thanks for your feedback!
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