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Postby Sunset » 2011.07.07 (22:46)

That one guy (?) makes a mappack again.
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Postby aids » 2011.07.17 (04:47)

The first time I played through this I thought it was a horrible pack. But then I replayed it today and enjoyed it. Not every single map, but a significant amount of them. Here are some comments (maps in alphabetical order):
  • 08 >> The bottom left drone seems tacky, since it goes into the rocket area. The thwump setup is clever, but the edited launchpads were too annoying.
  • 18 >> Really fun for a floating map, but it doesn't have much replay value.
  • 11 >> Launchpad maps like this one are very difficult to make properly, since the launchpads must help you and hinder you. This one was to constricting to be worth it.
  • 15 >> Filler map. Hundreds of maps just like this one on NUMA. Nothing special.
  • 05 >> Drone maps are your forte. This one had a cool prisoner lower section and was great fun to play. Userlevel'd.
  • 04 >> This would've been a nice map if the drone had been a threat. Its path was too long. :/
  • 14 >> This map is unbeatable. I can't get past the two mines under the exit.
  • 09 >> Simple map, not much to say about it.
  • 19 >> It was really satisfying to get the cornerjump next to the floorguard. A decent map.
  • 01 >> The style here was poor, but it was quite enjoyable.
  • 07 >> The gold to the left was aesthetically excellent, but the rest of the map was sub-par.
  • 17 >> Sigh. I don't know why you don't playtest your maps more. The upper drones are pristine, but the chaser and the rockets are awful. And I hated backtracking to the exit.
  • 06 >> Twas on NUMA. Skipped.
  • 16 >> There was a hint of mintnut in this one. Pleasant atmosphere, good chaser path, fun. Userlevel'd.
  • 10 >> This one was originally hard to find a path for, but once I did it was pretty good.
  • 13 >> I kicked this map's ass. The zap drone in the middle was unnecessary though.
  • 03 >> Interesting map, but it was neither fun nor difficult.
  • 00 >> I spazzed out a lot while playing this map, going for the best route possible. The chaingun and leftmost rocket were silly additions though.
  • 20 >> This was a pathetic map. There was no visible order in the thwump placement, and it wasn't fun at all.
  • 28 >> The inside part was not bad, but the exterior was terrible, especially getting back to the exit.
  • 25 >> Felt very much like a rocket_thumped map. It also took me longer than I'll admit to get a demo.
  • 24 >> Horribly uninspired and lengthy.
  • 21 >> The bottom was very well-made, and the drones were cool. But the gauss area was icky.
  • 27 >> The jump up to the exit trigger was mind-blowing, but I /really/ don't like the leftmost gold. Why must you add impossible gold?
  • 26 >> Another map where there is impossible gold. At least for me it is. Maybe I'm supposed to go through a bounceblock, but I couldn't.
  • 23 >> Symmetrical maps like this one never end up being fun. There was no motivation for me.
  • 22 >> Good-looking map, but it could've been expanded upon. A tad bit sparse in areas.
  • 02 >> I cheated on this one. Some drones would've helped the gameplay a lot.
And as always, some demos. Really nice ones, if I do say so myself.
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