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Postby Seneschal » 2011.08.18 (19:26)


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I’ve been working towards this mappack since this January, although quite a few of the maps are much older (Tumble, for example, dates back to October 2009, and was in fact originally made for Blur 3; likewise Everlasting Love was originally made for Apt). This is my third mappack overall. Here's a link to maps that have been/will be submitted to NUMA.


Thanks go to:
  • Flag, for extensive playtesting and helping me to order the pack. Many thanks, dude, you've been invaluable!
  • Godless for helping craft Hyperghost's tileset, which can be seen here.
  • remm also playtested a map once, but it didn’t make the pack. Thanks anyway!

So anyway, here’s to you, the player: Enjoy!

(P.S. There's a secret message in this post; whoever spots it first gets a ded!)

EDIT: Well, that didn't take long. Both ChrisE and Atomizer will get a ded!
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Postby ChrisE » 2011.08.18 (19:28)


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Postby Sunset » 2011.08.19 (00:45)


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Postby otters~1 » 2011.08.19 (03:32)

Right now you've got one of my votes for mapper of the year. Not sure which one yet.
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Postby aids » 2011.08.19 (09:40)

I didn't like how you numbered the maps. It made me think that half of them were missing.
  • 00-Tumble >> I fistpumped sooo hard after getting this demo. While it was linear, I liked the layout very much.
  • 01-Tunic >> This map is fantastic. Simple, great tiles, fun to highscore. Userlevel'd.
  • 02-Colosseum >> The gold placement on the right side didn't feel right, but I liked the atmosphere.
  • 03-Japanese David Bowie: Part One >> Blegh. Boring tileset and not worth playing.
  • 04-Japanese David Bowie: Part Two >> The only downside to this map is its comparison to the previous one. This is gorgeous.
  • 11-Alarm Call >> The enemies were a big letdown. It wasn't fun at all.
  • 12-Honeydrop >> Nice tiles, but the rocket and gold were boooring. Bounceblocks would've helped a lot.
  • 13-Caterpillar Cavern >> Played on NUMA. Some of the gold placement was bad, but the lasers were awesome.
  • 14-Liechtenstein >> Lame map. There's no organization to the drone timing.
  • 20-Hall of Mirrors >> I wasn't a fan of the layout here. It wasn't anything different.
  • 21-Relayer >> Yuck. Gold overload and ill-placed thwumps.
  • 22-What's Going On >> From NUMA. Really nice.
  • 23-Mosquitoes >> Another shitty level. No style whatsoever, just boring gold and bounceblocks.
  • 24-8-Bit Nun Fun >> Such a great map. <3
  • 30-Saracen Garrison >> Ewww. What is this? It's like a Sunset map made of vomit.
  • 31-Irrigation >> Man, why'd you edit it? The version from Omissions was perfect. :(
  • 32-Gauda Prime >> This was somewhat slapped together. The rocket/gold area was a super bitch and the tiles were boring.
  • 33-Bricklayer >> Lazy level design. Ugly tiles and pretty bad gameplay.
  • 34-Whitecoats >> The layout was good, but gauss were not the best choice for enemies. Drones on top and a rocket on the bottom would be best.
  • 40-Algernon's Maze >> I liked this, but it needed some locked doors or maybe trapdoors.
  • 41-Everlasting Love >> Hmmm, the mine placement here was very annoying and inconsistent. I didn't like it.
  • 42-Cave Within a Cave >> Blacksonish tiles, but the enemies didn't fit very well.
  • 43-Senate >> Excellent tiles, bad enemies and mine placement.
  • 44-Metropole >> Ugh, horrible map. Nothing was good about it.
  • 50-Bolero >> Interesting level. I'd prefer if you could go either left or right though.
  • 51-Supertunic >> Much too structured to be fun. There wasn't any room for innovation.
  • 52-Tron Battle Chamber >> Again, the mine placement was annoying. Nice gold though.
  • 53-Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil >> Such good tiles, but the floorguards were glitchy and the drones were dumb.
  • 54-Jungeland >> Hideous. Awful object placement and no fun at all.
  • 60-The Longest Day / Saint-M籥-ȧlise >> Eww, special characters. This /really/ needed a laser. It's boring as is.
  • 61-Grandiloquency >> It was a good layout, but I didn't like the chaingun.
  • 62-Saviours Of... >> Yuck. Piss-poor tiles and shitty gameplay.
  • 63-...Jazz Ballet >> Again. Skipped.
  • 64-You're a Has Bean (So Get With the Times!) >> Long, tedious and ugly. And a circus peanut.
  • 70-Arkham Aquarium >> Really bad. Gausses were easy, but the drones sucked big time.
  • 71-Caught by Coral >> You could've had some sweet vertical oneways in this, but didn't.
  • 72-Subterraneans >> Once again, good except for the gausses. Drones would've been better.
  • 73-Machu Picchu >> Drone overload. Could not enjoy it.
  • 74-eNcrypted >> From NUMA. Drone overload again. If you had made some of them just surface-follower zap drones, it would be great.
  • 80-Akropolis >> Again, good tiles but bad gameplay. The drones were tacky and the chaingun was overpowering.
  • 81-Mind Over Matter >> Damnit, these suck. Gausses were /not/ the right enemy.
  • 82-Hyperghost in the Adventures of the Gruesome Truth!(ft. Godless) >> Fuck. Lasers were horrible, tiles were rough.
  • 83-The Maker, Shai-Hulud, Amidst the Sandstorms of Arrakis >> Nice little Yahoozy knockoff, but I didn't enjoy it enough to beat it.
  • 84-'So "Anchors Away!", I cried/As I tossed her body over the side' >> It took me awhile to realize I didn't need to open the locked door. This would've been great if you got rid of the gold on the anchor.
  • 90-Hell Rl'Yeah! >> Needlessly difficult. Nice teleporters though.
  • 91-Fertilisation >> A good expansion of Irrigation. The thwumps were not necessary though.
  • 92-Fuzzy Ledges >> If the exit had been on the right-hand side this would've been perfect. Userlevel'd.
  • 93-Slight Showers >> Skipped. Looks horrible.
  • 94-When Elder Gods Attack! >> Ah. <3 Though the gauss on the exit was overkill.
Well, I'd go so far to say I think Omissions was better than this. Here are some demos.
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Postby da_guru » 2011.08.25 (17:18)

That is a very gripping pack! Thoroughly interesting and worth being studied indeed. There were several aspects, which I was surprised about or that made a bell ring in my head, like "Where did I see that before?!"

1) All tilesets deserve being described as "very good" and some even as "fantastic".
2) Some tile formations were used repeatedly throughout the pack, which I liked at the beginning, but as a few, like this 2+3-tile star shape, appeared over and over, they made the map less appealing to me.
3) Somehow you always leave kind of a signature on your maps (e.g. this gold pattern of two pieces of gold next to each other/amount of gold in general/tiles in shape of tentacles (I guess that refers to ctulhu in some way, right?)/etc.), which would allow me to say "that's a Seneschal map!" without knowing before.
4) "Slight Showers" remembered me of our Power of two collab "You're Ugly", remember? (Okay except the enemies). Nevertheless I was flustered when this thought came to my mind... ;)
5) Constantly well-crafted maps, excellent replay value.

Finally: I highly recommend to play this pack - this is Seneschal at his best!

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Postby Leonidas » 2013.01.08 (02:54)

This is really a nice mappack. I love it.

From Streetsahead

From elhombredelsombrero (Traveleravi)

From Aidiera

Also from Aidiera

From Traveleravi

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