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Postby bugz » 2011.09.17 (14:18)

No human beans were harmed in the making of this pack.
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Postby Chrdrenkmann » 2011.09.22 (17:21)

07-2: Harvest is by far one of the hardest maps I've ever played.
And... it's the map I've spent the most time on.
I don't like it.

submit it and I will so f*cking 5ave it.
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Postby aids » 2011.09.23 (03:01)

Hmmm, some bad maps in here, but overall impressive.
  • 00-0: Jump Error >> I was very much a fan of the cornerjump I got and the design of the level. Nice opener.
  • 00-1: Paradiddle >> This would've been fine with half as much gold. I did get a sickass speedrun though.
  • 00-2: Inhabit >> That bottom gold square is fucking hell. The rest of the map is really platonic.
  • 00-3: Deconstruction >> Not a fan. The oneways are tacky and it's very repetitive.
  • 00-4: Oaken Void (Retile of 15-3: Picturesque) >> Bleh. Needed more accessibility.
  • 01-0: Looping State Of Mind >> Fantastic, save for the gold over the drones. Userlevel'd.
  • 01-1: Bright Lit Blue Skies >> I played this on NUMA. Felt boring to me.
  • 01-2: Vaulted >> Very tricky level. Nice use of launchpads too.
  • 01-3: Avoidant >> These cornerjump maps are quite something. Userlevel'd.
  • 01-4: Not Friends >> Really boring filler map.
  • 02-0: Minos (Retile of >> I would've liked to see the drone on some sort of timer to block the exit.
  • 02-1: U Cloud (Retile of >> I found a nice shortcut over a mine. Strange level.
  • 02-2: Bullies >> Short and sweet, with good drone paths.
  • 02-3: Thermal Discouragement >> Looked pretty bad, played okay.
  • 02-4: Whale >> Straightforward level design, but I felt the rocket wasn't effective where it was.
  • 03-0: Quixotic (Retile of >> Funky map, but I couldn't enjoy it.
  • 03-1: Ex (Retile of >> Hmmm. Decent, and nice use of the rockets. 5-tile maps are getting old fast though.
  • 03-2: Nebula (Retile of >> Heheh, I knew these objects looked familiar. I really like the gauss area.
  • 03-3: Grid >> Simple, fun, and great use of the enemies. Userlevel'd.
  • 03-4: Intersection >> Lame. It's probably good for speedruns though.
  • 04-0: Fuck (Retile of >> Well, I'm stumped. I can't get up to the exit.
  • 04-1: Lies (Retile of >> This map pissed me off quite a lot. :<
  • 04-2: Jelly Vile Underbelly (Retile of "Armor Plating Tank Kill", PALEMOON, INAMORATA) >> I liked the start a lot, but it lost enjoyability as I went along.
  • 04-3: Ziohan >> Man, I loved the squeezes in this map. The mines at the very bottom were the only bad part.
  • 04-4: Comb Shells >> I didn't like this one. The gausses were too persistent and the tiles were blergh.
  • 05-0: Monkey >> Good map, I loved the floorguards. It could'be used another gold block though.
  • 05-1: Configurations >> AGD doesn't seem worth it. :/
  • 05-2: Shakes >> I hate, HATE those drones.
  • 05-3: Pythagoras' Python (Retile of >> Yuck. Horrible gameplay. Getting to the exit sucked too.
  • 05-4: Swimming Elephants (Retile of 48-0: Dance) >> Hmm, the right-hand side was rather lacking, gameplay-wise. Fun lasers though.
  • 06-0: Irony >> I totally expected there to be some hidden enemies. :/
  • 06-1: Burden >> Huh. I can't bet it. I feel like an idiot.
  • 06-2: Hula >> Another bad map. The rockets are too constrictive, and I didn't like the tiles.
  • 06-3: Transfixed >> Paltry filler map.
  • 06-4: Mildew On Rice (Retile of >> The gausses were very powerful here. I didn't enjoy it.
  • 07-0: Flat >> Fantastic. That one hard jump is more than enough. Userlevel'd.
  • 07-1: Rooms >> This is like the last one, just a wee bit more tedious.
  • 07-2: Harvest >> Bullshit level.
  • 07-3: Overlook >> I lucked the fuck out with this map. Super hard, super challenging. Well made. Userlevel'd.
  • 07-4: Aneurysm >> Pretty nice concept, but more gold would be nice.
  • 08-0: Pale >> *shrug* Not much to say about this.
  • 08-1: Climber >> Tasteful jumps, brought together splendidly.
  • 08-2: Run Away (Retile of >> Absolutely awful use of mines here.
  • 08-3: Head of an Old Man (Retile of "Hitmen", from "Food") >> Really, really bad drone paths. Not fun at all.
  • 08-4: Sharp >> This one also doesn't look good, so skipped.
  • 09-0: Floe >> I know what I have to do, but I don't think I can do it. :(
  • 09-1: New Machine (Retile of >> Awesome floorguard use, but the top part was hellish.
  • 09-2: Surgery (Tileset from >> Damnit, I died next to the exit switch. Not worth finishing.
  • 09-3: Goat >> This fucker is ridiculously hard. Why would you make it? ;_;
  • 09-4: Tea (Retile of 89-4: Mount Doom - Maximo) >> A retile of Mount Doom? No way, I'm too tired for this shit.
Here are demos for a majority of the maps.
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