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Posted: 2011.09.29 (16:04)
by zoasBE

After several sessions of mapping, playtest, organization and re-organization, in the end I have for you my own "double slash" column. The concept of columns/mappack "double slash" is the brainchild of Aidiera. The concept is basically a column full of simple maps with a specific aesthetic, and a difficulty is not very high. Columns that you can complete in one sitting. And can return to it the next afternoon, or in the future, to beat scores.

. High level of replayability (full column in one sitting).
. AGD in all maps are possible.
. The progressive difficulty curve is based on AGD'ing.


The whole mappack is a full dedication to Aidiera. He taught me the concept, and inspired me to create my own. Thank you.
EDIT: And it is a dedication to him, for the great work he is doing in the MAPPACKING community.

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Posted: 2011.10.01 (16:59)
by sayko
Downloaded and playin' it.

It quite creative as a mappack concept. Appropriate for playing in leisure times.

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Posted: 2011.10.01 (20:10)
by zoasBE
sayko wrote:Downloaded and playin' it.

It quite creative as a mappack concept. Appropriate for playing in leisure times.
thanks man!, I hope you like it. I did it with love. I think the concept is interesting, maps are cool, and without undue difficulty, so you can complete the column in one sitting, in fact this is the idea. I am proud that you spend your free time playing this pack.
I hope a file with all your AGD.
see you soon.

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Posted: 2011.10.01 (22:30)
by sayko
This was pretty lovely! I really liked it, and i will rate&comment them as you submit the on Numa.

Play this mappack, people! It's enjoyment guaranteed.

P.S: My AGD pack for all maps is attached.

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Posted: 2011.10.03 (02:01)
by zoasBE
sayko wrote:
P.S: My AGD pack for all maps is attached.
only i have to say: WOW!
you have say, I'll play, and after almost 3 hours you're posting an AGD'ed pack. i'm impressed, really impressed, but this is the // concept, play in one sitting! THANKS!
i have few questions:

1. How long exactly, took you to AGD'ing the pack?
2. Which are the most difficult maps to you?
3. And the ones you liked?
4. and finally, what map or surprised you more, or more innovative?

I'm preparing a gift for you (one userbar for your profile)
Thanks for playing, for responding, for your feedback, and fun!

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Posted: 2011.10.03 (13:08)
by sayko
zoasBE wrote:1. How long exactly, took you to AGD'ing the pack?
I'm not sure, i took breaks while playing it. But i guess it was 5-6 hours.
zoasBE wrote:2. Which are the most difficult maps to you?
From 5th episode, the mappack becomes harder. The second half was like another mappack.
7-3 : One of Twins
8-4 : Put Your, No Matter
9-1 : Unstable Paths 2
zoasBE wrote:3. And the ones you liked?
0-4 : 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
2-1 : Chiming Bells
9-3 : You've Measured Your Power?
zoasBE wrote:4. and finally, what map or surprised you more, or more innovative?
"2-1 : Chiming Bells" is a really good drone jumper.
"2-4 : Even When Going to Laugh at Me?" has got really nice mechanics.

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Posted: 2011.10.03 (14:11)
by aids
There were several great maps, but many of them were lousy.
  • 00-0 - doubleslash/stoneman/ >> I think it needs gold.
  • 00-1 - what? >> It felt unbalanced and incomplete.
  • 00-2 - an incredible stone man >> Excellent progression in difficulty. I would have preferred more symmetry with the objects though. Userlevel'd.
  • 00-3 - then you read that right >> The gold placement lacked structure, but they're getting better.
  • 00-4 - 5,4,3,2,1,... >> Didn't like it. The numbered mines and gold were silly.
  • 01-0 - chambre plein d'or >> This was also bad. Even a single drone and less gold would fix it.
  • 01-1 - avec un peu plus d'or >> Same as above. I don't think this is exactly the right way to progress in terms of organization.
  • 01-2 - encore un plus >> Nope, these aren't good. There's no coherence with the design.
  • 01-3 - maintenant beaucoup plus >> You can't just fill a map with gold and expect it to be fun or enjoyable.
  • 01-4 - tu rigole? >> Well, at least it was small.
  • 02-0 - no identity >> I'm a big fan of the NaN'd drones here. Good job.
  • 02-1 - chiming bells >> There was a huge jump in difficulty, and I didn't like it.
  • 02-2 - to clean laugh >> The hidden drones felt contrived. It would've been great without them.
  • 02-3 - a mosquito attacks >> Starting in the air was an awful idea. It severely limited route choices.
  • 02-4 - even when going to laugh at me? >> Yuck. Bad gold placement and hidden drones.
  • 03-0 - marble >> The mines on the sides irked me a bit, but this was great for highscoring. Userlevel'd.
  • 03-1 - slate >> An unorthodox approach to puzzle maps. More fun than it looked to be.
  • 03-2 - limestone >> If this map is impossible to AGD, I'll be very pissed.
  • 03-3 - granite >> Interesting concept, but neither fun nor enjoyable.
  • 03-4 - clay >> Same as above, though I'm sure it would be great for highscoring.
  • 04-0 - Luigi >> Decent map, but nothing notable about it. Just a filler map.
  • 04-1 - Yoshi >> This one was very nice. The drone paths were manageable, but it could have been more fun to highscore.
  • 04-2 - Donkey Kong >> The jump up to the exit switch was clever, but again the map wasn't highscorable.
  • 04-3 - Samurai Goroh >> On the flip-side this one was extremely highscorable and fun. Userlevel'd.
  • 04-4 - Falco Lombardi >> I wasn't a fan. Too much going on without enough purpose.
  • 05-0 - broken dishes >> I don't feel this fits in with the pack. The launchpads are strange.
  • 05-1 - good, bad, good, dizziness... >> Heh, nice map name. I wasn't a fan of starting in the air.
  • 05-2 - bankia >> The problem with multiple-rocket maps is that they group up far too easily.
  • 05-3 - unlimited cruise >> This is the type of map where I beat it and thought, "Man, this took way too long to beat."
  • 05-4 - i am your grandma >> I can't be assed to AGD this. It's not worth my time.
  • 06-0 - La Tamise >> The only bad things were the lowest oneways.
  • 06-1 - Onuphirius >> Starting in the air is rarely a good idea. I don't like this.
  • 06-2 - Le Roman de la Momie >> Superb. My only complaint is the gold looks boring. Userlevel'd.
  • 06-3 - Venise >> I didn't like the gold placement. The layout was good though.
  • 06-4 - Les Mortes Amoureuses >> Hmm, I didn't like the two rockets.
  • 07-0 - The Baptism of Dobsho >> While the thwump setup was hellish, it was a clever level.
  • 07-1 - The City of the Gone Away >> I'm highly opposed to stacked exits, but this was a pretty sweet map.
  • 07-2 - A Providential Intimation >> Messy and not fun.
  • 07-3 - One of Twins >> Ooooh, do I hate these types of levels. No skill involved, just luck.
  • 07-4 - Beyond the Wall >> Another very bad map. There isn't nearly enough room to maneuver.
  • 08-0 - strides >> Eh, felt like a gimmick map.
  • 08-1 - follow your own star >> This enemy stacking is the stupidest thing I've ever seen in a map.
  • 08-2 - lead and loud >> Tasteless layout.
  • 08-3 - whoever falls >> Skipped due to suckiness.
  • 08-4 - put your, no matter >> Dafuuuuuuq. Why isn't that chaser NaN'd?
  • 09-0 - Unstable Paths >> Motherfucking impossible, those gausses are evil.
  • 09-1 - Unstable Paths 2 >> There was too much gold, but I was hella fun.
  • 09-2 - Unstable Paths 3 >> This is a better map than I could have ever made. Userlevel'd.
  • 09-3 - You've Measured Your Power? >> Awful. Just a cop-out map.
  • 09-4 - THANKS 4 PLAYING >> You're welcome. The letter could use some flourishes.
Demos below. (I'd say around two hours to play through the whole pack.)
(84.69 KiB) Downloaded 259 times
EDIT: Thanks for the dedication, man. <3 I appreciate it.

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Posted: 2011.10.29 (19:43)
by sayko
Aidiera wrote:[*]03-2 - limestone >> If this map is impossible to AGD, I'll be very pissed.
All maps in this mappack are AGD-able. Didn't you download my AGD pack? (._.)

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Posted: 2011.11.06 (16:45)
by zoasBE
Oh Aidiera!
Always thank you later.
I greatly appreciate your criticism, make each day better mapmaker. Perhaps in future follow your advice, and make another / / column following your steps.
As sayko says, the whole pack are AGD-able.
Seriously, loved the feedback, guys!