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echoes (the weekend in the college)

Posted: 2012.02.26 (03:16)
by Sunset
because i already posted it in #n-highscores

15 maps

Re: echoes (the weekend in the college)

Posted: 2012.04.18 (13:33)
by aids
You've gotta put more effort into your packs, man.
  • alone >> Much harder than it looked, but a good jumper.
  • change of the guard >> The top was flaky, but it was insanely fun for demos.
  • collateral damage >> Boring and unfun.
  • eden rock >> Like most Sunset maps, this has little to no gameplay.
  • flying >> The drones are horrible and it's gimmicky.
  • heartbeat >> Wholly under-utilized chainguns.
  • i believe in a thing called love >> This is precisely how you go overboard on a map. :<
  • jack of speed >> Contrived as fuuuuuuuck. Don't map like this.
  • listen to the radio >> Stupid laser, but looked great.
  • put it on >> Fuck you for the last trigger. You're above that shit.
  • rainbow dream >> You are the worst mine placer I've ever seen.
  • reelin' in the years >> Nothing in this map is good.
  • the boxer >> I fucking love this. But on NUMA.
  • worldshock >> Cramped, but not too bad.
  • pixeleen >> Excellent for both highscoring and speedrunning. Userlevel'd.