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Postby NPLUS » 2012.04.10 (15:55)

Here is a mappack with graphic maps. These map are fully textured.
Gameplay of all the maps can be found here:

The maps:
(added authors to the level data)
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Postby runningninja » 2012.07.09 (14:29)

You're a really talented Nreality mapmaker. Keep at it.

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Postby aids » 2012.07.28 (12:23)

The main problem is that you tried to emulate different games. N is N, SMB is SMB. You can't successfully combine them. Still looked amazing though.
  • Aim Cannon >> Interesting little challenge.
  • Dungeon >> I felt the blocks could have been used better.
  • Super Mario Bros >> The promblem with this is that it's hard to fit N's objects (mines, gauss) into SMB's world. LordOfPeanuts made some really cool levels like this, but utilized the objects better.
  • Adventure Levels >> The inner drone blocks look terrible compared to the rest. It's also cheatable and has way too many enemies.
  • Cliff Dead End >> I would love to see those transparent bounceblocks used again. They're incredible.
  • Collapsing Cave >> The physics on the three big rocks are a bit wonky, but this is creative.
  • Follow the platform >> Didn't seem worth it to finish.
  • Ice Map >> Tough map, but the sliding physics were a good addition.
  • Laser Wall >> Meh, I cheated it and it was still pretty hard.
  • Multiple Hindrance >> Phew. The first falling thorns were very decieiving, and the last squisher was tough.
  • Odd Graphics >> I don't like this. The rocky drones are bad, and the bounceblocks are nothing new.
  • Rolling Stone >> The stones needed to roll slower.
  • Roof Monster >> Such a fucking difficult level. One ghost would have been enough.
  • Speedy Map >> Nothing that creative or fun.
  • Super Mario World >> Kinda hard to get used to, but once I did I loved it. Userlevel'd.
  • The Great Map >> Wow, tough. I don't really like it.
  • Up and down >> Blah. It needed to have gold and not be linear.
  • Boss Battle: Amok >> Cool to watch, but cheatable.
  • Boss Battle: Crocomire >> Weird map. Didn't make much sense.
  • Boss Battle: Kraid >> Not fun at all. The color palette is gross as well.
  • Crushing Objects >> Fuck this much. Such shitty gameplay.
  • Disable Sparknessboss >> Good, but I didn't like the rocket.
  • Dont clubber N >> Terrible map. Piece of shit squishers are too fast.
  • Flying Battery >> N doesn't have savestates, and therefore it shouldn't have maps like this.
  • Keep out of left >> Too much going on. I wanna see you use lava better.
  • Laser Wheel >> Boring.
  • Metroids >> I guess it's fun outrunning the last thing, but the three other ones were stupid.
  • Pihrana >> Had fun cheating this. It would have been a nice timing map, but the trapdoors were unnecessary.
  • Run Fast >> Fuck this.
  • Sharp Roof >> These are some of the most pointless maps I've ever seen.
  • Trap the laser drone >> One of the better maps. It could use improving though.
  • Alien Attack >> Skipped.
  • Collapsing Cave 2 >> Impossibly hard.
  • Danger in the Cave >> A trampoline in the middle would be good, and the laser moved too fast.
  • Flying Battery >> Too long.
  • Ghost Bridge >> Uncreative but fun. Make another like this.
  • Hunting Brain >> I feel like I cheated. Weird map.
  • Omega Eye >> I definitely cheated this map. It's not very good.
  • Phanto the Key protector >> Fuck it. Not wasting my time on this one.
  • Secret Laboratory >> Skipped.
  • The Watcher >> No challenge.
  • Alien Facility >> Fuck no.
  • Angry Sun >> Nope.
  • Braindead Brain >> Cheated this one too. Horrible gameplay.
  • Clear the tile blocks >> Not much to look at but it was interesting.
  • Middle Megadrone >> Skipped. (Bender heads!)
  • Projectile Dodge >> Next.
  • Alien Territory >> Also skipped.
  • Bowsers Castle >> Nah.
  • Bowsers Palace >> Blah.
Some demos.
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Postby Vanquish » 2012.10.04 (14:20)

godamnit, i really want your modding skills

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